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Found 98 results

  1. Z1U5

    Looking for a team

    Looking for a team that doesn't pressure too much. I have school so can't play everyday.(Will try tho.) Main scout and can play medic and heavy decently.
  2. HighestAces

    Looking for A HL Team

    I Wanted to play HL for a long time so if you are interested add friend me and chat with me and i will let you know if i wanted to join.I play a good Soldier since im soldier main but I can also play a decent demo,scout and spy https://steamcommunity.com/id/HighestAces
  3. HighestAces

    Wanted to play HL

    I Wanted to play HL for a long time so if you are interested add friend me and chat with me and i will let you know if i wanted to join.I play a good Soldier since im soldier main but I can also play a decent demo,scout and spy
  4. basiic

    LFT Sniper/Spy

    Hey, I'm looking for a slightly new team I have some comp experience. I play spy and sniper, I can all-class, but I'm not really good with stickies or projectiles in general. I have 200+ Hours on sniper and spy (same with scout) and 3000 Hours on TF2 Feel free to add me or comment down below. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135777638 https://steamcommunity.com/id/basiictf2/
  5. basiic

    LFP Highlander [closed]

    TechTonic 9 Looking for Highlander Players, experienced/non-experienced We are currently looking for a: Soldier,Scout,Medic,Pyro,Demoman,Heavy Requirements: 50+ Hours on your main, and 500+ hours on TF2 You will need a mic to communicate Add Me or my Friend Me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/basiictf2/ Friend: Closed
  6. AsiaFortress Highlander Q&A Thread Have any doubts or queries about AsiaFortress Highlander? Post your questions here and we'll answer them! Frequently Asked Questions will be recorded and updated below for easy reference. Be sure to read them before posting a question because we may have answered it before! As more and more Highlander events get rolled out, we expect to see more questions flowing in, so keep 'em coming! Guidelines for Posting Ensure that your question is related to Highlander, and not 6v6 or other formats If you have multiple unanswered questions, please edit the last unanswered post instead of making a new post Check the FAQ section before posting a question; It may already have the answers you're looking for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1. "What is the IP address for the AsiaFortress Highlander server and how do I connect to it?" You can connect to it by typing "connect pug.asiafortress.com:27020; password aflmatch" into console. For the Hong Kong server, use "connect pughk.asiafortress.com:27019; password aflmatch" instead. 2. "The HL server's plugin/whitelist/etc. is broken! What do I do?" Please report all glitches and technical issues in the bug reporting thread. Do not forget to include all the details, including the time the problem occurred, and which server it happened on. 3. "I have a suggestion/feedback to make! Where do I post?" You can post your suggestions or feedback by making a new thread in the Suggestions, Feedback and Contributions board. We greatly seek and value your input! 4. "I'm looking for a team/for a player to join my team! How do I do so?" We have a recruitment board for you to post a thread advertising that you're looking for a team or a new player for your team. Be sure to specify whether it's Highlander, if you're looking for a team or a player, and what class(es) you can play or are looking for.
  7. The Senate

    Looking for highlander team,

    i am looking for highlander team. I main engie and have 835 hours in game.
  8. c01db01

    LFT, 6s and hls experienced

    Experienced tf2 player with over 2k hours looking for a team where i can main on preferably, if all else fails a sub slot would be fine. Hopefully there is a sniper, scout or soldier main slot. If not every other class is fine as im decent at all classes. Add me or drop me a message Steam Id : STEAM_0:0:29801570 https://steamcommunity.com/id/MEMEeconoME
  9. I'm a spy main looking for a highlander team to be joined in. Informations : 400 hours on spy from Thailand my SteamiD : http://steamcommunity.com/id/ArnoSFM/ Add me if you're interested. (I can mge if you want me to)
  10. _Conxious

    LFP Recruiting Members

    ᗝίLOOKING FOR PLAYERSίᗝ -Crst4l R3ference- Hello, I am looking for experienced or new players to come and join my Highlander team. Requirements: At least 50+ hours on your main. A Mic (Will not be used soon) A good sense of humor. Age: 13+, Since I am 14 myself. Add me if you are interested: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Astatine_/ Spy & Sniper special requirements: Atleast 500+ hours on tf2 10+ Pugs or Lobbies (I might Reconsider if you are good.) CLASSES OPEN: Scout,Soldier,Demoman,Engineer,Heavy,Spy,Sniper, and Medic.
  11. Hi i'm 14 from Thailand and i main Spy in TeamFortress2 I'm looking for a GOOD competitive team ! My achivements : - 200 Hours on Spy - Nearly 500 Hours on TF2 - I can be really aggressive and passive - I can trickstab really well - I can 1v1 test if you want me to Here is my SteamID link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/ArnoSFM/ Thanks for reading !
  12. [CURRENTLY RECRUITING TEAM MEMBERS] (New or Experienced) [Team Over Caffeinated] Hi, I'm careless cookies I am currently making a highlander team and looking to recruit some players. [standards] We don't have any special standards you have to meet in order to apply. If you'll attend scrims and pay attention to announcements on our group page, you're up for the spot! [Applications] Applications are simple. Add me on steam tell me what class you want to play and you're in! Careless Cookies: https://steamcommunity.com/id/carelesscookies/ We currently have a demo and a medic so unfortunately you won't be able to apply for those classes. (You may be able to sub though so don't be afraid to hit me up)
  13. Hi I'm Connor find me here I have 300 hours on tf2 and have 30 hours on both demo and medic. Experienced gamer with a decent mic. I have school though so.... But anyways I'm just looking for a team.
  14. Clashe

    LFT S21 as Pyro/Heavy

    Hello, I am currently looking for a team to play on for this season of Highlander to play as either Pyro or Heavy. Last season I played for kC. as Heavy but they have since disbanded, and I also have experience playing 6s pugs. Currently have around 800 hours and I am growing quickly - Over 80 hours for the past two weeks currently. I have a microphone, discord, mumble as well as teamspeak, and I am able to play nearly everyday. I also frequently watch high level Heavy/Pyro demo reviews on a weekly basis so I have an alright understanding on how Highlander works. I am hoping to join a team that has been together for over a season and are dedicated/committed to improving, because I don't want to put in my hours for nothing. I am more then happy to attend scrims, MGE practice, team demo reviews and map talks, but none of that really matters if the rest of the team aren't willing. If you wish to contact me, please friend me on steam (Though I will be checking this thread periodically). https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198260420177/
  15. kaien

    Spy Looking for Team

    Looking for a highlander team. 1000+ Hours in Tf2 250+ Hours in Spy https://steamcommunity.com/id/darkstabby/stats/TF2 <-- Main Account Can play Pyro as well.
  16. AimBotTer is a starting comp team. We currently have 2 people, and we are still looking for more. To join, just fill in yours: -Name -Hours of tf2 -Main class (and sub as well) -Why you wanna join -Mic (and headphone) Hope you all have a good time in my team Right now, we are looking for demo or scout main.
  17. A Potato

    Looking For Players!

    Hi, I'm currently looking for players who'd like to join my highlander team and are also willing to play as sub. My team uses Discord to communicate. Currently we're short on Demomen, Heavies ,Spies and Pyros If you're interested add me to discuss >my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198192388718 Hope to play with you soon [NO LONGER LOOKING ,SORRY]
  18. Both of just looking to get into the competitive scene to get some experience. We don't mind any team at all, regardless of the rank or it being new We hope you accept us!
  19. GamonThirteen

    Looking for Players Highlander

    I am no longer looking for players My steam profile
  20. Both of just looking to get into the competitive scene to get some experience. We don't mind any team at all, regardless of the rank or it being new Please accept us!
  21. Crackdogrock

    LFT as sub preferably

    I have played in ugc highlander before, I would like to try out Asiafortress so I would like to participate as a sub preferably. I play scout, soldier, demo, spy, heavy, medic. You can find me here http://steamcommunity.com/id/GiannaGlow/
  22. I am looking for a Highlander team and is willing to play as spy with 548 hours logged into Team Fortress 2 currently and 70 hours as spy. I can play spy and soldier but I'm already in a 6's team as soldier. As spy I like playing passive not going or any cool trickstabs, that's just my playstyle if you're wondering. Add me if you are interested : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossesonly/
  23. Lenny (Engie Main)

    Looking for a HL Team (Engie Main)

    I'm an Engie-Main I only 111 hours in this acc. but if you try and go to my description and look at my real account, I have about +1250 hours in Tf2.I have experience in Tf2 comp, I was once in a team but we were drop because of our leader being a bit inactive. I am usually online on saturdays and sundays and if you have games or fights everyday, I could serve as a backup. I understand the concept of my class and I am hoping to go full comp to get my mind of off something heart-breaking I'm also hoping to improve and overall be better. Thanks guys!
  24. Bossotronio

    LFT Spy

    Hello, my name is "Bossotronio", I am in a 6v6 team already but I want to try out highlander as spy. I currently have 474 hours logged into tf2. I currently have 70 hours logged into spy. I am new to highlander. I am basically looking for a low level team. If you are interested then please add me : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossesonly/
  25. Good day, Can i suggest few things:- A. Threads where we can easily find active team that we can find for scrims or to discuss etc. Just a link of list of players in the team, their desired division and link to their leaders to contact for scrim B. We also get a dedicated thread for free agent players looking for team. Like get a nice organized list. Sticky a first thread of the list and a link to the player and the players that is looking for team etc. can post their detail. C. We can use these old threads as an example of my suggestions http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1569-free-agent-list/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29-clan-contacts/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1261-recommendation-thread/ I kinda like the recommendation thread. We used these previous threads as a guideline but we can talk on how to improve them like get the first OP to compile list for easier navigation etc. Thanks for hearing.