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  1. Clashe

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    If this happens division 1 should have higher prize pools then the other 2 divisions or else it wouldn't make much sense.
  2. Clashe


    I would say find a group of friends you enjoy playing with and start from there.
  3. Clashe

    lft div 3 scout afc13

    no longer lft
  4. Clashe

    lft div 3 scout afc13

    looking for mid-high div 3 team as scout next season played in hidden egos in afc12, and a number of hl seasons (as pyro) I can help to maincall if needed logs: http://logs.tf/profile/76561198260420177 add me on steam for tryout: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198260420177/ I will not accept joke teams
  5. Clashe

    Making a fucking meme movie

    what about MGE clips???
  6. Clashe

    LFT Medic

    can u also play engineer?
  7. Clashe

    LFT S21 as Pyro/Heavy

    Hello, I am currently looking for a team to play on for this season of Highlander to play as either Pyro or Heavy. Last season I played for kC. as Heavy but they have since disbanded, and I also have experience playing 6s pugs. Currently have around 800 hours and I am growing quickly - Over 80 hours for the past two weeks currently. I have a microphone, discord, mumble as well as teamspeak, and I am able to play nearly everyday. I also frequently watch high level Heavy/Pyro demo reviews on a weekly basis so I have an alright understanding on how Highlander works. I am hoping to join a team that has been together for over a season and are dedicated/committed to improving, because I don't want to put in my hours for nothing. I am more then happy to attend scrims, MGE practice, team demo reviews and map talks, but none of that really matters if the rest of the team aren't willing. If you wish to contact me, please friend me on steam (Though I will be checking this thread periodically). https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198260420177/
  8. Hey, not sure if you are still recruiting but I'm interested in joining the team as either a soldier or pyro (don't mind being a sub). I've only played 6v6 up to this point as soldier and medic though, but feel free to add me on steam if you need to talk to me. Steam profile: