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  1. Hi I'm Connor find me here I have 300 hours on tf2 and have 30 hours on both demo and medic. Experienced gamer with a decent mic. I have school though so.... But anyways I'm just looking for a team.
  2. Connordinho

    ~RECRUITING~ Heavy, Engineer, & Medic Mains

    I'm a medic main but I dislike healing one person at a time I have 30 something hours on medic hopefully it'll be okay for you. I do have school but I can get around during weekends or after it's over at 3:00 8+gmt
  3. Connordinho

    LFP Recruiting Members

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/Connordinho007/ this is my profile btw I don't exactly make up for your recuirements on time wise but I am an experienced gamer By the way I think I have a pretty good sense of humor
  4. Connordinho

    LFP Recruiting Members

    Hi My name is Connor and I'm 14 I am a demo and medic main. I do not meet the 50-hour requirement but I'm really close with over 300 hours on TF2. You can recruit me because I am a well rounded play but my roaming skills aren't the best so I'll naturally stay near a teammate. add me