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  3. mao


  4. Tabbi

    Q&A: Got a question? Post it here!

    how do i end up in a HL team? im new to asia fortress
  5. phantombonnie271


    hey i'd love to play on your team, as engineer i have 150+ hours on engi i live in asia my mic is pretty good and i am not toxic here's my profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/Damnbro132
  6. phantombonnie271

    i'm looking for team HL engineer

    hello, i'm new to asiafortress, i am looking for team to join, i'll play engi i have 80+ tf2center lobbies experience https://tf2center.com/profile/76561198866309027 i have 150+ hours on engineer i am asian i can also play spy. i am not toxic, promise! i have a pretty good mic and i am asian here's my steam proflie https://steamcommunity.com/id/Damnbro132/ i am a new comp player, can play on iron and open thanks
  7. jyp

    lft div3 scout or med

    I am looking for a team as a div3 scout or med. I want a team that's playing in either the current season or any future seasons. I am from North America so I will have very high ping, and need you to give me the times for matches and scrims at least a day before it happens so I can wake up early for it. If your interested, add me on steam or discord ( jyp#7983).
  8. HighestAces

    First Time in Highlander

    Hi to anyone reading this, I'm a soldier main and wanting to play Highlander. Eventhough it might say in my steam account that I have only 500 hours I have a different account that proves I have 1000+ and even if you don't believe it, I can prove myself in the game. Please add me if you are looking for a soldier.add me here:https://steamcommunity.com/id/HighestAces/
  9. Hi to anyone reading this, I'm a soldier main and wanting to play Highlander. Eventhough it might say in my steam account that I have only 500 hours I have a different account that proves I have 1000+ and even if you don't believe it, I can prove myself in the game. Please add me if you are looking for a soldier. add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HighestAces/
  10. xq Row.

    Legacy from 2009-2010

    Few weeks ago, I found old my demos and rollback TF2 files on my old HDD. I tired to test them and found some of them are still works! I felt kind of nostalgic and rememebered having most momentum days of competitive TF2 scenes. So I want share my passion and want to say grateful for these-days players, so I record and upload to YouTube. #Legacy from 2009-2010 And here is the playlist of tournamet POVs. Picked up play-offs. #FJTF2 Season7(2009) #FJTF2 Season8(2009) #AsiaFortress Season1(2010) #AsiaFortress Season2(2010) Rollback TF2 files are not perfect. Missing files(ERROR object and purple texture) are shown on screens. And these games were played on Starhhub(SG) or HK servers where my ping was aroud 100, so a bit laggy though. My life-time result of competitive TF2 is below. ・Japanese Toournaments and Leagues 2008.09 FJTF2 #4 Div1    1st Xq 2008.10 FJTF2 #5 Div1    2nd Xq 2009.10 CyAC TF2 Ladder League 1st Xq 2008.11 FJTF2 #6 Div1 2nd Xq 2009.03 FJTF2 #7 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 FJTF2 #8 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 TF2BBALL #1 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.11 FJTF2 #9 Tournament 4th slp(Mix team of asia countiries) ・AsiaFortress AsiaFortress Season1 1st slp AsiaFortress Season2 Dvi1 3-4th Pancakes AsiaFortress Season4 Div1 3rd NFR(sub) P.S. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone have been supporting to me, especeially : ozr Cheerio tax himajiso Azuki syu nnnta nnnx spammah Cheese havok cleric LALJ
  11. Uguu


    Our team in looking forward to take part in AFC Div 3 and we are in search for a new medic main! contact me on : Discord: aaron#6092 steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/FbiOpenUp99/
  12. [LitK] SirRamen


    I'm starting a new team, as figured. I'm looking for: -Scout -Soldier -Pyro -Demo -Heavy -Engi -Sniper -Spy (I'm playing as medic) (I also need a sub team) ~Requirements~ -around 500+ hours on TF2 - 50+ hours on class - Mic - Not toxic - and please if my profile doesn't work , just leave ur profile when u reply to this https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ <- My steam
  13. [LitK] SirRamen

    Div 3 Medic looking for a team

    I am a medic main with only 6t.5 Hours on medic, it may seem low. But i can playpretty decently Yes I have the requirements - Mic - Friendly - I can attend most matches If any teams wanna pick me up, heres my steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/
  14. [LitK] SirRamen

    LFP Highlander

    Hey, i wanna join ur team, although i can't use the link. Cuz it's broken for some reason, and yes. I have all the requirements - I have a mic - I'm friendly and here's my https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ steam
  15. [LitK] SirRamen

    Looking for Players Highlander

    I wanna join as medic
  16. [LitK] SirRamen

    LF SPY/MED/ENGIE MAINS(Helping a friend to recruit)

    hi, i can't access the contact link, but i wanna join as medic. I can play medic pretty smoothly Here's my steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ add me for more discussion :)))))
  17. [LitK] SirRamen


    Hey, the steam link does not work. But I'm interested in joining as medic. - I'm really friendly - I have a mic (although it has static , but u can still understand me) - I know the healing order - I have comp experience from UGC games - I can help the team , just by keeping things calm - I can come most of the time If u wanna talk to me here's my steam and discord .Ramen.#1221 https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ Thank u for the time, i will be waiting this :)))
  18. soyboy


  19. Hello Everyone I am ScremingEgle! I've been playing tf2 for about 8 years and am finally looking to get into comp! I am looking for a Highlander or 6s team! I have about 6500 hours on my main account. I main soldier and prefer roamer but i can also play pocket if needed! I dont play as much scout and demo but i can be reliable on both. I am able to play med but its def not my best class. Im very new to the realm of competitive Team Fortress 2 so im looking for a beginner team! If you would like me to join your competitive team as either a main or a sub you can find my steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/scremingegle/ you can also add me on discord with my tag ScremingEgle#1363
  20. Hello, I'm interested in joining your team. I have over 5000 hours (added up from all my accounts) I live in Korea, and I can play soldier, pyro, sniper and demo. Steam profile
  21. A Tiny Horse

    Finally decided to try and get good

    Hi I'm from Singapore and after 6 years of playing this game (2 seriously), I finally decided to get good and play competitively. I have over 1k hours of average gaming experience and I am looking to improve myself through competitive play. I main Medic and even though Soldier is my third most played class, I wouldn't say I'm good at him; I think I'm slightly better at Scout. I don't know if this is how people look to recruit teammates, but I thought I'd just give it a shot. Take a look: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007786453/
  22. A Tiny Horse

    Finally decided to try and get good

    Hi I'm from Singapore and after 6 years of playing this game (2 seriously), I finally decided to get good and play competitively. I have over 1k hours of average gaming experience and I am looking to improve myself through competitive play. I main Medic and even though Soldier is my third most played class, I wouldn't say I'm good at him; I think I'm slightly better at Scout. I don't know if this is how people look to recruit teammates, but I thought I'd just give it a shot. Take a look: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007786453/
  23. My biggest regret is foreshadowing novice pugs 

  24. AsiaFortress Cup 16 Unlocks [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool] AsiaFortress Cup 16 uses the Global Competetive 6v6 Whitelist which can be found here.
  25. AsiaFortress Cup 16 Ban List The list of banned players that have violated the AsiaFortress Cup Rules can be found here.
  26. AsiaFortress Cup Rules [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool] 1. Teams and Players 1a. Registration Teams are to register for the AsiaFortress Cup in the designated Registration Thread, adhering strictly to the format provided in the opening post of the thread. Registration must be posted by the captain of the team. Registered teams are to observe the following restrictions: A minimum of six and maximum of ten total players, inclusive of team captains. A maximum of one primary captain, maximum of two secondary captains. Captains are responsible for all aspects of team management, including but not limited to scheduling, attending matches, and liaising with AsiaFortress administration in the event of a dispute. The primary captain will be our main point of contact and the secondary captains will be contacted in the event they are uncontactable. Rostered players must not be subject to an active AsiaFortress Cup ban. Rostered captains must not be subject to an active AsiaFortress Cup captain ban. Rostered players must have never received a VAC ban for Team Fortress 2. All teams and rostered players must have appropriate names. If a name is deemed to be inappropriate, the team captain will be informed at the earliest convenience and be given until Division seeding is announced to submit a different name to the AsiaFortress administration. Should the team captain fail to do so within the given timeframe, the AsiaFortress administration will select a different name at their own discretion. Each player may only be on one team's roster. 1b. Roster Lock and Transfer Windows Upon conclusion of registration, rosters will be locked until the Transfer Windows. The first Transfer Window will take place during the fourth week of the regular season, while the second will be during the last week of the regular season. Roster changes take effect only after the conclusion of the Transfer Window. In other words, players obtained in the first Transfer Window will only be on the roster from Week 5 onwards, while players obtained in the second will only be on the roster for playoffs. In any given Transfer Window, a maximum of two players may be added to the roster. 1c. Disbanding Teams will be considered inactive and disbanded upon forfeiting three or more of their regular season matches, or upon informing AsiaFortress Administrators of their intent to disband. If a team is disbanded in this fashion, all of their previous opponents will be granted retroactive forfeit wins. We encourage teams having internal troubles to contact a Division Administrator either for aid in resolving said issues or to inform them of the team's disbanding. If Administrators deem (on a case-by-case basis) that a disbanded team has failed to take steps towards avoiding disbandment, the captain will be held responsible by being barred from captaining any AsiaFortress team for one season. 2. Tournament Format 2a. Divisions Teams will be seeded and then split into 3 divisions based on their players' experience and past results in AsiaFortress competitions. While you may indicate your team's preferred division on the registration form, be aware that this allocation is ultimately done at the discretion of AsiaFortress administration in the interest of maximising competition and is therefore non-negotiable. 2b. Regular Season The regular season will consist of seven weeks, during each of which teams will play two maps. Map ties may occur during the regular season; as such, no Golden Caps will take place during the regular season. The top four teams in each division will proceed to the playoffs. Division 1 will play the regular season in a round-robin format, where each team plays each other once. Teams will be ranked first by map wins, then (in the event of a tie) the head to head result between tied teams, then (if said result was also a tie) total round wins. Division 2 will play the regular season in the Swiss format, where the next match is determined by the results of previous matches. Teams will be ranked first by match wins, followed by map wins, then (in the event of a tie) the head to head result between tied teams, then (if said result was also a tie) total round wins. 2c. Playoffs The top four teams in each division will enter the playoffs, after being seeded according to their results in the regular season. Playoffs will be in the double elimination format. Each playoff match will be a best-of-three, with the exception of the grand finals for Division 1, which will be best-of-five. Teams will alternately ban and pick maps from the provided pool to determine what maps are played in what order. Every map must have a winner, hence Golden Cap rules will be enforced during playoffs. 3. Pre/Post-Match Responsibilities 3a. Scheduling Match threads will be posted on match.tf on the Monday of each match week. Team captains are to discuss with each other over a medium such as Steam Chat or Discord in hopes of finding a suitable time for the match. Upon agreeing on a time, team captains are to post chat logs on the match thread, clearly indicating the date and time of the match and the agreement of both teams. Should the opposing team captain fail to respond, team captains may also propose a date and time for the match on the match thread. The responsibility then falls on the opposing team to counter-propose an alternate timing on the match thread before whichever of the following timings is later: Friday 23:59 (UTC+8) of the match week 24 hours before the proposed match time Should the opposing team fail to respond by the stipulated time or reject the proposed match time without counter-proposing, the match time will be fixed at the initially proposed time. In the interests of allowing teams sufficient time to respond, all proposed timings must be a minimum of 24 hours from the time of the proposal post. If neither team leader makes a scheduling post on the match thread by Friday 2359 (UTC+8), a division administrator will post a match time on the thread. This time will be taken as final unless both team leaders are able to agree on an alternate timing and post chat logs on the thread. 3b. Match Postponement The AsiaFortress administration provides key dates prior to the season, and hence teams and players are expected to plan around them and ensure they are free at least once a week for the entire duration of the tournament. As such, postponing matches to be played at a date later than the stipulated match week is strongly discouraged. However, if absolutely necessary, approach one of the division administrators to discuss the postpone as soon as possible, and it will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If a team wishes to postpone a match, the team leader must make a post on the match thread before a time is fixed. In other words, the postpone must be done either within the stipulated response time to the opposing team’s match proposal, or in the event of the other team not proposing a time, by Friday 2359 (UTC+8). The team postponing must clearly state: When they wish to postpone to (a specific date within the following week) The reason for their postpone Chat logs showing the other team's agreement to playing the match in the indicated week 3c. Forfeits In the event that a team fails to attend or is unable to both attend and postpone any given match, a forfeit win will be awarded to their opponents. A team that forfeits greater than two matches will be treated as inactive, and thus disqualified from the tournament. A team disqualified in this way will then be treated as though it had disbanded, and will face similar penalties. 3d. Map Selection As mentioned earlier, teams must pick and ban maps for each playoff match. Bans and picks will be done from the whole mappool, with the home team banning one map followed by the away team banning one map. The away team will then pick the first map, followed by the home team picking the second and third map. In the event of a best-of-five series, the away team will decide the remaining map order. This process must be completed by 24 hours before the stipulated match time, else the division administrator will select map order himself and post it on the match thread. If this occurs, map order will then be non-negotiable; it is thus the duty of the team captains involved to ensure that the map selection process is completed in a timely fashion. If the opposing team captain fails to respond within a reasonable timeframe, contact your division administrator. A forfeit will be reported as a 1-0 for each map on the challonge brackets. 3e. Score Reporting Upon completion of the match, the team captain of the winning team is to post the results on the match thread. Score posts should clearly state the winner, scoreline, and if necessary, mercenaries used for each map, as well as link to the logs of the match. If logs are unavailable, a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of the map should be provided. Score report posts should be done immediately after match completion. Please note that scores will be finalised and no longer subject to change 24 hours from the first report post. Team captains are responsible for confirming the correct scoreline is submitted before this deadline — late disputes will not be entertained. 4. Matches 4a. Punctuality and Attendance Each team is expected to have all their players in the server by at most twenty minutes after the scheduled match time. Should a team fail to adhere to this timing, their opponents may opt to claim a forfeit win. 4b. Mercenaries In the event that a team cannot field a full team at the stipulated match time for whatever reason, they may elect to bring in an unrostered player to act as a mercenary for said match. During the regular season, mercenary usage is subject to the following restrictions: A maximum of two mercenaries may be used in any given match (i.e. a team must field a bare minimum of four players to play the match) Mercenaries may be used a maximum of six times total throughout the season. Take note that using two mercenaries in a single match will be counted as two usages. Using more will result in a team being treated as inactive, and disbandment penalties will apply. Mercenaries may be chosen without the consent of the other team if they are registered in a team participating in a lower division. Players who do not fulfil this condition may still be brought in as mercenaries, but only subject to the approval of the opposing team. In all cases, the team using a mercenary must clearly and honestly communicate both the identity of the mercenary and the reason he is being employed. In no circumstance may a mercenary be employed in place of an available rostered player. Mercenaries must be reported together with the scores in the match thread. During playoffs, a further restriction applies. A maximum of one mercenary per match may be used, and mercenary usage must be approved by the division administrator prior to each usage. 4c. Servers Any server that has been can load the latest AFC configs and maps may be used. Ideally, a server should have minimal choke, loss, stuttering and ping difference between the two teams. If a server satisfactory for both teams cannot be found, they are to use an official AsiaFortress server that provides the lowest average ping difference. 4d. Unlocks, Map Pool and Rule Set AsiaFortress competitions use the global whitelist. Please refer here to familiarise yourself with the weapons allowed. Classes are limited to two each of Scouts, Soldiers, Snipers, and Spies, and one each of Pyros, Demos, Heavies, Engineers, and Medics. The map pool can be found in the key dates thread. In the event that the server being used is not running the latest version of a given map, an older version may be played provided that both teams agree. At the time of this writing, all AsiaFortress maps are either in the 5CP or KOTH format. 5CP maps are to be played to either a time limit of 30 minutes or a difference of five rounds, whichever happens sooner. KOTH maps are to be played as a best of five rounds, with no time limit. During the regular season, map draws are allowed, hence for 5CP maps, the scoreline at the end of thirty minutes is to be taken as final. During playoffs, each map must have a conclusive winner; in the event of a tie after thirty minutes, a Golden Cap is to be played. The Golden Cap is a single round with no time limit, and whoever wins it will win the map. 4e. Pausing Each team is allowed one pause per map at any time for technical issues. These can include: Player losing connection Server issues The reason for pausing must be clearly communicated to the other team before any player on the server may pause. Each pause may last a maximum of 5 minutes unless given consent by the opponent team. Once the pause limit is up, the opponent team is allowed to resume the game. The pausing team will face penalties if they do not adhere to the pause limit. The game cannot be resumed without giving proper warning to the opponent team. 5. Offenses and Penalties 5a. Cheating Cheating of any kind in an AsiaFortress competition is strictly forbidden. Cheating, here, is defined as either exploiting unintended aspects of the game or employing third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes, but is not limited to: Using HUD elements to remove the sniper scope Changing loadout to move back a spawn while retaining Ubercharge Using glitches to deliberately exit the normally playable area of the map Any form of aim assistance In addition, receiving a VAC ban for TF2 at any time will be treated equivalently to being caught cheating in an official match, and similar penalties will apply. 5b. Alternate Accounts Usage of alternate accounts is not necessarily forbidden; it is, however, discouraged and subject to a number of restrictions. Alternate accounts may not be used to circumvent active AsiaFortress bans, nor may they be used to disguise one's identity to play in a division lower than their actual skill. Account sharing is also strictly prohibited; a single account may not be used by more than one player in AsiaFortress matches. Conversely, players are also not allowed to have more than one account participating in the same competition. Any violation of the above rules will lead to the player in question and possibly his team being subject to penalties. 6. Post Season 6a. Receiving of Medals Successful completion of an AsiaFortress Cup season earns players in all participating teams medals. To be eligible for a medal, a player must: Be rostered on a participating AsiaFortress Cup team that did not drop out mid-season Play at least TWO FULL MAPS for the team they are rostered on This rule also applies to players acquired through the two Transfer Windows. Thus, if a player decides to transfer to another team, they must play at least one match for the destination team to be eligible for the medal that team receives.
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