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  1. Active 6v6 Teams Directory Last updated 15th May 2016 by Caldoran Read before using: The purpose of this directory is for team leaders to organize scrims with each other more easily Follow the format below properly or your team will not be added to the list Post a reply to this thread to update your team's details or inform that your team is no longer available for scrims Do not use the list to harass or waste the time of team leaders Format: Team Name: Country: Preferred Division: Preferred Times (incl. timezones): Team Leader: Team Leader Steam URL: Other Contact(s): Remarks: Example:
  2. Thank you for updating on the situation and deciding to declare a forfeit. I understand the difficulties of your situation and no forfeit penalties will be imposed on your team. In light of the forfeit, I announce the winners of this match, and hence Third Place in AsiaFortress Cup 9 _9000. Thank you all, and see you next season.
  3. I thought it was a joke when you shared it on Facebook. But yes I will buy a copy <3
  4. This match is long overdue. Please reach an agreement on when to play the match by 9th September 2015 (Wednesday). The match is to be played before 13th September 2015 (Sunday). It is your responsibility as team leaders to organize the match with each other. If an appropriate match is not scheduled by the deadline, then I will have no choice but to force a forfeit on the team that has not made a reasonable effort to communicate and organize with the other team's leader. Contact me directly on Steam if you have any problems scheduling.
  5. Hello, welcome to AsiaFortress. Feel free to post questions you may have on these forums.
  6. Only took 7 days. Get it here. Please inform all your teammates, especially those participating in AFC 8 to avoid forgetting to record your demos.
  7. While I find the poems very riveting, please direct all unban requests towards this thread and carefully follow the instructions to be unbanned.
  8. Oh no Saki you can actually see your wealth
  9. prec_info for instant results
  10. Yes. Again. Uninstall your P-REC unless you want your TF2 to crash as soon as everyone readies and the match starts. Thanks Valve.
  11. Thanks to all who organized it, had a really good time See you guys again soon <3
  12. See you awesome Malaysians there
  13. Hi there, welcome to AFL! Why not tell us more about yourself (e.g. what country you're from, the classes you main, how long you've played, etc)?
  14. Hi, welcome to AFL! To get started, I suggest reading these guides: Getting Started in Competitive TF2 Setting Up and Customization Guide to the AsiaFortress PUG Mod You can find more here for further reading. Feel free to ask if you have unsolved questions and doubts. All the best!
  15. logs.tf has information which is much more detailed and useful than Sizzlingstats, such as the average time to charge an Uber, advantages lost, damage taken, seeing who kills which class, etc. And honestly, I think it's better if people stopped checking the stats mid-game. Surely that can wait until the game is over?