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Found 14 results

  1. I have started a team with some of my friends and in need of a scout and demo! Div - 3 Just add me up - http://steamcommunity.com/id/RayXay/
  2. Looking

    Hey Guys Im Looking For A Team yes i am new to the world Of tf2 competitive cuz i just discovered it now -.- Anyways yeah im looking for a 6v6 team i will put the info that i always see on requests and hopefully i will be invited to one im really active Steam IGN: [Trade.tf]Synchronized Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SirSync/ Favourite Classes: Speeh,Solly,Sniper,Engie,Scoot Hours In-Game: 825 hrs F2P or P2P: P2P Why you would like to join? well so i was a really active pub and skilled server guy well but its not the same as the competitive in CS:GO I always see a guy doing a conga or kazotsy kick people are just too friendly so well im really friendly to these types of people so instead of being a crazy tryhard i join them. But I wanna see how much i improved with tf2 after all these years (yeah ik 825 hrs doesnt sound like a year well my laptop broke so yeah) On a Competitive team How could you contribute to the squad? As A Spy Main i Report when a enemy ubercharge is ready and if possible i will take him out also with the engie's sentry I Am Really Active Even In Mondays-Fridays Just pls Dont Go To battle on like morning cuz i will be in school I Will come back home in 4pm Yeah guys thats me I Hope get an invitation Really helps my career as a tf2 player cya guys
  3. Looking

    my steam link ;D : http://steamcommunity.com/id/howToplayCsGoX/
  4. Hello I'm mrminewolf an active tf2 player who is learning to make videos and streams monetary I want a low level team to train with I am pretty good I main sniper and medic I use stock weapons most of the time with occasions razor back or quick fix I care zero about cosmetics and more about festive or strange stocks and that's pretty much it thanks for hearing me BAI!
  5. Hi i am Skacerine I have been playing 2 years of scouts and i want to start going into competitive. I am looking for a team that i can start off with or be with until the end Tell me if you are interested in recuiting me Past experiences: Highlander with Nonagon 9 and Silverlinings Its been 1 year since i last played highlander I will be up to training and you can test me to my skills.
  6. Hi everyone! So I would like to introduce myself to the new Asiafortress community as Okashii-Sama. My closest friends call me Rochelle which is a nickname. Do call me Okashii if you want. I'm new to the competetive scene and am mostly familiar with PUGs and Scrims. Currently our team is small with only two of us, but we are sure to get more! It is nice to meet all of you guys Here is a link to my friend's page, Kampfy. We look forward to meeting the new peeps around here P.S I mostly play Medic and Kampfy plays a mix of Scout, Spy and Sniper.
  7. (Closed)
  8. Hey guys. So our team recently got our main roster set up. We're looking to improve by scrimming. If you have a team or is in a team, we would love to scrim against you guys. We're looking for any level of teams really, except teams that know that they will roll us 5-0 in 10 minutes. We are a new team, and although we are not bad players, we are definitely nowhere near the best. If you're interested in scrimming, click the link below, and add our team leader. Add this guy if you want to join as backup, or if you wanna scrim against us! http://steamcommunit...id/milkynoodle/ If you wanna join, or want more info about us here is the link: http://asiafortress....9858#entry29858 NOTE: Please don't be dicks when talking to us. USE ENGLISH TO TALK PLEASE
  9. Name: 7 cuties Country: Singapore Steam Group: http://steamcommunit.../groups/7cuties Skill Level: Div 3 Availability: Preferably weekday nights (possibly weekends)GMT +8, Weeklies: -- Contacts: jopperstaluf Other Info:
  10. Name: justiN. Preferred Classes: Scout Preferred Skill Level: I think I'm probably Div 3? Maybe mid Div 3 I guess? STEAM COMMUNITY PAGE: http://steamcommunity.com/id/trickeryyy Other Information: I'm a chill guy, won't rage, 17 this year so somewhat busy with exams but still have some time to play pugs, scrims, or just mge and dming. gonna get a mic soon for mumble! Can usually scrim or play at night from 7-??? anytime (GMT+8) on weekends mostly, weekdays would be after 11p.m. Thanks for reading!
  11. Recruiting

    "Hello there so I don't want people to be bored out of our own introduction...so we start it out very straight. We're a bunch of fun men. We love tf2 and hats. We don't have requirements for our clan. I hope you and our skills will be honed together. Thank you for your time. Class Taken: Medic and Scout Class Needed: Demo Playing Times: 1 PM- 4 PM Preferred Skill Level: Any Division Group Steam Community Page:http://steamcommunit.../groups/unibroz Team contacts: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ifun http://steamcommunit...322434566644332 Other Information:We do 6's for the thrill and fun out of it.
  12. Hey there, I've just recently gotten more involved in the Highlander scene to the point that I would like to create a new highlander team. We are still trying to obtain a few members to fill in a few specific class slots that are still empty. Our Steam Group can be accessed via this site: http://steamcommunit.../groups/gozieHL Right now here's the list of classes taken up by the players: http://steamcommunit...51022542724477/ Basically, we're missing a Demo, Heavy and Engineer for the time being. And I would also like to get a roster of 15+ so that the whole team can scrim against each other and we can point out which members are good in which classes and the weaknesses they'll have to work on. Also, hopefully those who have signed up for the team would be able to stay on the team for a while as we wait for UGC Asia to start.We will also be changing the team name once we have a full roster in place. Hope you guys will be interested in joining, I mean think of the scrims.... ...and the keys Edit: Once we have a full roster, we can start scriming. We will initiate scrims on weekends at around 9 p.m. (Most probably on Saturday or 3 p.m. on Sunday). We can also start up pubstomping sessions on random server during the weekdays for the fun of it. XD Edit 2: We are still missing a demo, the rest of the classes are mainly taken up but subs are welcome.
  13. Looking

    What's up guys, Schmile here. I'm an experienced Spy and Engineer with vast knowledge about tactics, strategies and techniques available to those two classes. I hope I can get in a team that plays HLD so that I can improve my skills and have friends to play with http://steamcommunity.com/id/schmile You can check out my profile. Feel free to add me and play with me!
  14. I (am a Newbie)have recently joined the 'comp' (PUGGING) scene here in ASIA and meet a ton of new and interesting ppl, aswell as the occasional....unfriendlyness to new players ! These guys were just like you : Starting out in the competitive level, cus they really like this game. These gUys are not going to know all about the new Procedures in Pugs or basic Tactics, but the more they play in Pugs or scrims the more they can improve and give back to the community ! So give the new players the chance in Pugs or scrimmages plus: TF 2 has survived a HECK of a long time, mainly cus its a awesome game and cus of the commited community. But it will primarily continue to develop with a fresh and GROWIng player base ----> give the newbie the balllllll ! Just had to throw tht out there SUp ?