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    • Looking for a div 2 scout for afc 14 
      My team, ABNA, is tentatively looking for a main scout to be rostered for afc 14. 
      REQUIREMENTS Chill attidude Have a steady schedule for weekday nights Has a mic and is willing to use it on discord And of course, Div 2 level.  OTHER NOTEWORTHY THINGS Players from all over the world are welcomed as long as you are comfy with your own ping We are from South-East Asia. We will have scrims on every Wed,Thurs,Sat and Sunday We are english-speaking   If intrested, please contact me on Steam or Discord(Neosizzle#8082)

      EDIT- found. thanks for looking into this tho
    • Was talking with my father this afternoon about competitive gaming, and he mentioned something which made me raise my eyebrow.  Apparently in some double elimination tournaments, in cases where a team got sent to a lower bracket by losing a match to the winner of the upper bracket, and then that same team goes back to face them again in the finals, the lower bracket winner has to win twice, while the upper bracket winner only has to win once, as it is a double elimination  tournament after all.    "The rationale is that since the tournament is indeed double elimination, it is unfair to have the W Bracket champion eliminated with its first loss. Therefore, while the W Bracket champion needs to beat the L Bracket champion only once to win the tournament, the L Bracket champion must beat the Winners' Bracket champion twice."   Under this rationale, there are probably a lot of cases where teams only got eliminated once but lost anyway. The AFC ruleset doesn't address this, so it makes me wonder if it's an oversight or perhaps there's some good reason somewhere why we don't do it the same way here? If the grand finals don't count towards double elimination, we may as well switch to a single elimination format for the whole playoffs, because why should one team be lucky enough to lose but come back from it, and not another?    Here's an example: In season 21, Froyo lost to Ronin in the upper bracket finals. They played the lower bracket finals, and beat Street Hoops, before going back to face Ronin again, and winning 2 BO3 series in order to win the Season 21. Similarly, in the following season 22, Ronin lost to Froyo in the upper bracket finals, before winning the lower bracket finals. Facing Froyo again in the grand finals, they beat Froyo in one BO3, and then in the deciding BO3 Froyo won the last 2 maps to win the season.   TL;DR playoffs should either be fully double elimination, or fully single elimination.    
    • AsiaFortress Cup 13: Conclusion After the dominating Division 1 Grand Finals witnessed last week, AFC13 has officially come to a close. Congratulations to the Korean powerhouse Alphadog for closing out the season in a relatively close matchup against Abnormal Sodium; to A%% for proving their chance to win Division 2 to be 100%; and for ت for their clean victory versus the Prinny Pirate Plunderers. We have once again received your feedback from the thread, and have taken all the feedback posted seriously. The admin team would once again like to remind everyone in the community that abusing glitches and exploits are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and action against the abusing team will be taken. In the following off season to come, we have some events planned for the community, including a potential AsiaFortress Ultiduo cup, so be sure to keep and eye on the forums for further updates!
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    • If this happens division 1 should have higher prize pools then the other 2 divisions or else it wouldn't make much sense.