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Found 67 results

  1. HELLO guys this is a post for all lft players to combine their needs into a single post :3
  2. h3lix

    LFT scout div 3

    1800 hrs in game
  3. jajaaajajajajajajajajjajajjjaja
  4. K2DJ

    Newbie looking for a team

    Hi I'm lookin for a 6s team i can be medic/scout/pocket I'm new so if u r forming a newbie team please invite me here my steam account to contact me https://steamcommunity.com/id/kay2djay
  5. Hey, I'm Asuna from The 6 Gents in div 3 of afc12. I am planning to make a frag video, or highlights from players in Division 1-3. Please upload your demo with ticks on via Dropbox, Mega...etc. IMPORTANT PLOTS ---> 1. Only accepting clips from OFFICIAL MATCH IN AFC ONLY! 2. Only accepting 4 killstreak+, airshots, amazing picks, huge plays...etc. 3. Please do not upload normal frags. 4. Each person is only permitted to post at most 5 frags or highlights. 5. Please do not be mad if your demo file is not chosen and made into the video. Please follow the structure below in order to submit your frags: Player Name: Type of Highlight: Demo File Ticks: Player Division: Demo File Download Link: Is This Clip From Asia Fortress Official Match Only? A: Example: Player Name: Asuna Type of Highlight: 5 killstreaks Demo File Ticks: 44500 Player Division: 3 Demo File Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!I4gEELRQ!m4UuidlYMxZMP8eEoeTzWEf_TTtuFxH03a6ov1IDPic Is This Clip From Asia Fortress Official Match Only? A: Yes, it is P.S. : {I apologize if my editing skills is not as good as Beater since I'm only amateur :| }
  6. With this thread, i hope to create a simple way for AF players to get their skillz rated by the community, and possibly with aspects of their game to improve on. Simply post in the thread with your in-game name and main classes to invite anyone who has played with you or spectated a minimum of 3 games of you to post a review. Or if you're daring enough, you could invite your senpai to skill-rate you! Anyone can post reviews of skill levels, but please aim to be informative and detailed. A simple format has been posted below.
  7. Looking For Division 3 Scrims (6s) Team Name: 6 FINGERS Team Roster: Scout: zyronic Scout: Spades Pocket: Cyann Roamer: faultyfive. Demoman: Luna Medic: Яednaxela Add me on steam for scheduling :3
  8. RayXay

    MEDIC ! LFP!

    Need a medic and subs(scouts)! div - 3 team name - Game Over Add me - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098367344/
  9. I have started a team with some of my friends and in need of a scout and demo! Div - 3 Just add me up - http://steamcommunity.com/id/RayXay/
  10. Hey there, let's not waste any time. I am a 6's scout looking for a home/team. I have 100+ hours on scout and 1600+ on TF2. I used to play aggro scout for team Trickstabz, but sadly, they disbanded, leaving me without a team. I mainly look for Division 2 teams, for I am not good for Division 1 YET. I am based in Vietnam even though it says on my profile Japan. Key Notes: 100+ Hours On Scout 1600+ Hours On TF2 LFT Divison 2 Team (Division 1 If They Have Faith In Me) Good luck and if anybody wants to add me, click here.
  11. ThomasYTHK

    Looking for a 6v6 team as SOLDIER

    Im a TF2 player who main Soldier. Im interseted in finding a 6v6 team. Plz bring me to the 6v6 match. P.S:Im from HK(Hong Kong) my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/goldenbird1/ online time: saturday 9pm-11pm sunday 9pm-10pm friday 9pm-11pm or other hoilday time Hope U enjoy~
  12. ThomasYTHK

    Looking for a 6v6 team as SOLDIER

    [LFT]Im a TF2 player who main Soldier. Im interseted in finding a 6v6 team. Plz bring me to the 6v6 match. P.S:Im from HK(Hong Kong) my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/goldenbird1/ online time: saturday 9pm-11pm sunday 9pm-10pm friday 9pm-11pm or other hoilday time Hope U enjoy~
  13. AimBotTer is a starting comp team. We currently have 2 people, and we are still looking for more. To join, just fill in yours: -Name -Hours of tf2 -Main class (and sub as well) -Why you wanna join -Mic (and headphone) Hope you all have a good time in my team Right now, we are looking for demo or scout main.
  14. Both of just looking to get into the competitive scene to get some experience. We don't mind any team at all, regardless of the rank or it being new We hope you accept us!
  15. is teejay secretly a hentai voice actor? DISCUSS
  16. Bossotronio

    LFP Div 3 Roamer

    Our team is looking for a div 3 roamer. Requirments : Hours playing soldier : 150hours atleast Has a little understanding on how to play roamer A vocal player that can talk alot but also not too much lol Good at rocket jumping (Obviously) Can play on Saturday and Sunday night and afternoon. Also weekdays 9pm sg time Please add me if you are interested. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossesonly/ CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED DONT REPLY
  17. sphere also known by the older members of the community as 'Choo Choo' is along with me the starting scout for Majiami. As a teammate and friend of his I have taken the liberty to bring up a major issue concerning those who choose to call him Choo Choo. sphere has been apart of this community for approximately 3 years. Participating in AFC 8 and 9 he was known back then as Choo Choo. This year he has (as you can see) decided to switch his alias to sphere. Yet despite this certain people persist with referring to him as Choo Choo much to his discomfort. You may say 'it's only a name (la)' but it is so much more than that. 1) Mentally sphere has been deeply affected. As you can see from his chat logs he clearly dislikes being called his old alias. Those who have continued to call him Choo Choo has caused great mental distress to him resulting in severe insomnia (often not sleeping until the sun has already risen), inability to tell the difference between scooters and motorcycles, consistently misspelling 'stupid' and many other alarming issues. As a good friend of sphere seeing his downward spiral due to his past name has been painful to witness and I strongly advise that those still calling sphere, Choo Choo, briskly stop before his situation worsens. 2) His performance has suffered sphere who's stats normally averages at 300 Damage per Minute and 30 kills was unable to achieve those numbers in this week's match against The Mighty Gibuses. Some may say that it is because TMG are as their name suggests a mighty team but I disagree. Before this in his last 3 weeks he was able to achieve and exceed the numbers I laid out earlier. But sometime between week 3 and 4 an article rounding up Division 3 was published in which MJM's scouts were rostered as myself and 'Choo Choo' despite there being no one named Choo Choo in our registration and team directory! This resulted in a great disturbance in sphere's powers shown in his lackluster performance in casual, from originally being able to level up 30 times a week, he was only able to level up 15 times in the week after the article was published. Alas it was only casual and we all thought it would be fine and that he'd recover once it was time to battle TMG for week 4. It was ok. That is until himari stepped in for Alex during our casted match and began calling sphere, Choo Choo. From round 5 onwards we notice a noticeable drop in performance from sphere which coincided with the time himari began casting. Coincidence? I think not. As you can see names do hold a great deal of power. So for the love of Gaben stop calling him Choo Choo. Thank You - Cabbage "CabbageofLove" Koz - this was a satirical piece so don't take it too seriously everyone
  18. Stevie

    LFT Scout Div 2 AFC 10

    Hi, I'm Stev!e (Stevie). I will be moving to the asia region towards the end of july. I would like to continue playing competitive 6v6 after I move. I have been around the competitive scene for a while now and have some decent experience. I am looking for a team around div 2 but I am flexible. I currently play UGC gold 6's and in ESEA Open as Scout. I have a dedication to practice and have fun. I have 300 hours on scout (since some people really seem to care). Please add if interested. steamcommunity.com/id/st3vi3_/
  19. Bossotronio

    Looking for Subs

    Our team is called "Hoomanite", we are a newbie team but we played 5 scrims now, we are looking for subs especially a sub for our roamer but we would like subs for roamer, demoman and medic. Requirements : More than 400 hours logged into tf2 Can speak English Is able to play on Saturdays (That's when we mostly scrim like for sure) Has more than 35 hours logged into that specifically class you chose Is able to talk and communicate through mumble add me if you are interested : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossesonly/
  20. Viv_des

    LFT (New/Old doesnt matter)

    Hey, I am looking for a team currently. I have some experience from lobbies. Scout main (140 hrs) 1000+ Hrs on game. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Viv_des/ Add me if you wanna talk to me .
  21. Bossotronio

    Looking for Scrim

    We are a newbie team and all the members are new to competitive, we played pugs but we are looking for new teams to scrim against. Make sure that your team is able to play on saturday nights because that is mostly when we are gonna scrim at. Team name is "Hoomanite" and leader is "Zharga" Add me : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossesonly/ Am I posting this in the right forum, if not please tell me which one, and apologize.
  22. Bossotronio

    Scrim help

    We have a newbie team and I really need to know how to organize, schedule and setup scrims. Someone please write a paragraph showing me how to do this step by step and tell me some tips later. Oh and if you do want to scrim with us add me, my name is "Bossotronio". Thank you very much.
  23. Bossotronio

    Recruiting demoman

    I am from team Hoomanite. Our team needs a demoman that has atleast above 300 hours logged into tf2. We will play scrims and matches using mumble and you have to know how to speak english. Please add the captain if you are interested: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZhargaTV/ Note: We are a newbie team.
  24. adewipo

    Looking for Team (Soldier)

    Spend 1100+ Hours in TF2 150+ Hours as Soldier Roamer or Pocket This is my first time , Division 3 is ok . Just add me on Steam to ask more information : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198140817342/
  25. Good day, Can i suggest few things:- A. Threads where we can easily find active team that we can find for scrims or to discuss etc. Just a link of list of players in the team, their desired division and link to their leaders to contact for scrim B. We also get a dedicated thread for free agent players looking for team. Like get a nice organized list. Sticky a first thread of the list and a link to the player and the players that is looking for team etc. can post their detail. C. We can use these old threads as an example of my suggestions http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1569-free-agent-list/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29-clan-contacts/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1261-recommendation-thread/ I kinda like the recommendation thread. We used these previous threads as a guideline but we can talk on how to improve them like get the first OP to compile list for easier navigation etc. Thanks for hearing.