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Found 46 results

  1. Scout main here, looking for a team. Drop me a friend request/comment at https://steamcommunity.com/id/rubyycats/
  2. Recruiting

    Looking For Players For Team Salmon Dudes (strikethroughed roles means full) Main Demo Main Medic Main Soldier <--- Most Needed Main Scout <--- Most Needed Sub Scout Sub Soldier <--- Most Needed Sub Medic Sub Demo <--- Most Needed NO REQUIREMENTS Newbies are very welcomed We will scrim at least once a weekend ( subs will have chances to scrim too ) We will also go for UGC League 6s and AFC if we have enough commited team members Contact me (Gibus Oni) or JUBKev (Click the name if you aren't bright enough to understand)
  3. Looking

    Feb/25/2016 Hello, I'm AP4LLO a scout main, who's looking to joining an already existing or upcoming 6s team. I do not consider myself good at TF2, because my game sense still needs a lot of improvement, but I think I can aim fairly well, according to pub standards (Which is not enough to call me good). I'm currently above 600 hours, and I have played a few games of Newbie Mixes, so I am aware of the competitive atmosphere. Though I live in Japan, which might give me high ping, I am used to being able to navigate around it, and play at decent level (Pub standards) and I consider myself a Pub Stomper. If your are looking to add me, we can train/pug/meet-up any day but every Sunday 11:00 (Saturday 9PM EST) will work best for me, because I can play for a longer time. Again, I am nowhere near good, however, I think my eagerness and my goal to constantly get better at TF2 will help you greatly at teaching me. I do not mind if I am placed as a sub either; as long as I improve at TF2 I will be happy. If you do accept me here is my steam profile; please send me a message on my steam and I will read it as soon as possible: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/AP4LLOTF2/ Thank you for reading this message -AP4LLO --Update-- Feb/28/2016 I've been watching a lot of 6s matches as well as tutorial videos created by invite players. I feel as if my game sense has improved over the course of a few days. I taught myself how to find uber advantages and I also trained myself to not tunnel vision and over extend. I've been practicing TF2 in a range of 4 to 13 hours per day, and I feel like I am rapidly getting better. Please add me into your team, I am still waiting and as always thanks for reading. -AP4LLO
  4. Experienced tf2 player with over 2k hours looking for a team where i can main on preferably, if all else fails a sub slot would be fine. Hopefully there is a sniper, scout or soldier main slot. If not every other class is fine as im decent at all classes. Add me or drop me a message Steam Id : STEAM_0:0:29801570 https://steamcommunity.com/id/MEMEeconoME
  5. Hello, My name is Lan (landiusk), I am currently an Engineer main who aspires to be a scout main. I have decent hours on scout, but I reset my stats a while ago, so it may not show it. I do not have experience in 6s, however, I have experienced a few 6s maps in Highlander (Gullywash, Product, Sunshine). I am able to speak fluent English, and I can play any day of the week, usually in the afternoon. If you are willing to pick me up, please leave a comment on my profile, as I may ignore your request if you don't. Please contact me @ http://steam community.com/id/landiusk http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086755182
  6. We are currently looking for: - Roamer Scout - Pocket Soldier As well as subs for every class (Medic sub most needed) Requirements: - Discord for communication (Share your Discord tag) - New or experienced players welcome - Available on Saturday evenings (About 9-11 SGT) for scrims Contact me or D'netric if you're interested or have any questions Thanks
  7. Recruiting

    ᗝίLOOKING FOR PLAYERSίᗝ -Crst4l R3ference- Hello, I am looking for experienced or new players to come and join my Highlander team. Requirements: At least 50+ hours on your main. A Mic (Will not be used soon) A good sense of humor. Age: 13+, Since I am 14 myself. Add me if you are interested: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Astatine_/ Spy & Sniper special requirements: Atleast 500+ hours on tf2 10+ Pugs or Lobbies (I might Reconsider if you are good.) CLASSES OPEN: Scout,Soldier,Demoman,Engineer,Heavy,Spy,Sniper, and Medic.
  8. Name : Lego Hours : around 180 in scout,300 in soldier Extra : I reset my steam stats because i once played on a farming/idle server and it screwed up my stats,so heres a link to my older stats My logs : http://logs.tf/profile/76561198175935671 Preference : A team that scrims atleast once in a week. I'm kinda new to the asian competitive scene so i would prefer joining a division 3 team. Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175935671/
  9. I am trying to get into competitive to improve my skills. Please invite or add me to talk about teaming and such I am very reliable when playing scout as i have been playing tf2 for over 2 years. Will be able to 1 vs 1 you to proof or show if i might be up to your standard
  10. Looking

    Anyway i am coming back to tf2 with my favorite and my main class : Sniper been away from quite some time and would like to be on a team again. anyway, here's my steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hw3/ steam id : STEAM_0:1:80451098 hours on sniper : 169.6 hours hours on the tf2 : 1070 (as of september 13, 2015) Thank you in advance if anyone of you kind teams will take me in as their sniper Also i could also play scout so if you wanna contact me on that one please add me, Thank you.
  11. Hey guys. Japan looking for a HL team to play with. ill do scout or sniper, preferably scout. I have experience and my ign is Nu66ets Look forward to playing with yall
  12. Recruiting

    We're a newly formed 6s team looking for players! Match & mumble servers will (most likely) be in Singapore. Current roster: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098626589 http://steamcommunity.com/id/ifun http://steamcommunity.com/id/reindeer- (myself) We're pretty flexible with our positions, so it doesn't matter if you're a scout, demo, solly, or med. If you're passionate and looking for a team, give us a shot! Add me or post here if you're interested.
  13. Hey I'm White Obama I'm currently looking for some scout tips and tricks or a mentor =3 I have over 30 hours in scout, 20+ if you check my stats because I've resetted my stats 3-4 times already. My weaknesses are flanking, aiming and dodging. I don't know if I have any more weaknesses but some tips about the ones I've listed would be gladly appreciated =) To a mentor, I am willing to improve and I promise to put in 100% effort. Thank you for reading my post, have a nice day Here's my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fef113e/
  14. I am looking for recruitment of a 6s team Classes that I am good at: Spy, Roamer, Pyro, Demoman Classes that I am normal at: Scout, Medic I know the details of 6s and I have 6 years of experiences in Tf2, I can be a good teammate of your team surely Playtime: All times during holidays [ 1:00PM-12:00AM ] No Schooldays Mon-Fri Steamid: http://steamcommunity.com.id/richietsui/
  15. Demo

    I'll be uploading my POV demos from AFC9 here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIyo4FUJl9Mg2agfg2F97PKLMslGTbWhG
  16. Looking

    Hi thanks for giving me the time of day, I am looking for a 6's team, i have 1500 hours+ on TF2 and 400 hours+ on scout (including alternate account). I speak fluent english and easy to talk to . looking to have some fun. contact me at my steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031814073/
  17. Looking

    Hi, and thanks for stopping by. I'm a scout main looking to join a low/mid level 6v6 team. I have 680 hours on TF2, and about 110 hours on scout. I have a mic and can communicate in English. Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/asianb0yh/ Add me if you want to discuss.
  18. Recruiting

    Looking for a scout main, add me : http://steamcommunity.com/id/h4ms/
  19. Looking

    Hey there everyone, I'm Tsuki / a boat / whatever my steam name is. I'm looking for a team to play in the asia fortress league. I already am in a HL team in UGC and am subbing in 6s as scout. Im quite new to the 6s scene but i've pugged alot on shana. I mge quite often. I don't have great dm but i have a slightly better gamesense. I can't think of anything else now. Add me and ask questions if you want to. http://steamcommunit...m/id/naruyash12
  20. Video

  21. I'm an average TF2 player, but can switch status to Pro in a blink I mostly play as Scoot, but can play any other class if needed Name: Alex Location: PH Age (If it matters): 16 I prefer to speak in English, so... yeah... send me an invite if you're interested (P.S. I'm desperate, I like playing comp.) https://steamcommunity.com/id/alexthealex To make up your mind, here's some apples, I'm not bribing you or anything:
  22. Hello there my name is Sky. I play scout and I live in the Philippines. I really want to get into competitive gaming. I want a team that speaks English so that we can understand each other. So after my intro here it is. I'm looking for a Team with good members. Not only skill but also the attitude of the members. I really want a team that is forgiving because I am not perfect and am not the best player out there. I also want a team that loves to communicate, have fun and compete. I am dedicated to play competitive gaming and will try to do my best in each and every one of the game we play. If you have a server, I would love to play with the members so that we can improve and learn the play-style of each other. So if you want me to be in your team or if you are recruiting members, please add me. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112294579
  23. hello i am Apollo15 http://steamcommunity.com/id/ConwayLucas/ add me if you have any thoughts about me i may not be the most talented, but at least i can get a full 10 killstreak per life in normal valve servers, pubs, so on. but know this, I HAVE 0 COMP EXPERIENCE. and my mic is faulty since my computer's very quick, but has a faulty mic plug. i live in Hong Kong (yes, the sleeping dogs place.) add me up if you got any enquiries, and i wish you all good luck is your future endeavors.
  24. hello i am Apollo15 http://steamcommunity.com/id/ConwayLucas/ add me if you have any thoughts about me i may not be the most talented, but at least i can get a full 10 killstreak per life in normal valve servers, pubs, so on. but know this, I HAVE 0 COMP EXPERIENCE. and my mic is faulty since my computer's very quick, but has a faulty mic plug. i live in Hong Kong (yes, the sleeping dogs place.) add me up if you got any enquiries, and i wish you all good luck is your future endeavors.