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  1. A Potato

    Looking For Players!

    Hi, I'm currently looking for players who'd like to join my highlander team and are also willing to play as sub. My team uses Discord to communicate. Currently we're short on Demomen, Heavies ,Spies and Pyros If you're interested add me to discuss >my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198192388718 Hope to play with you soon [NO LONGER LOOKING ,SORRY]
  2. A Potato

    Looking for a HL Team (Engie Main)

    hi! would love to talk to you about joining the team or not
  3. A Potato

    Looking for a HL team I main engineer

    Hi! I was wondering if you're still interested in highlander ,and if we can talk about adding you to the team or not.
  4. A Potato


    No I don't
  5. A Potato


    Hello everyone, my name is potato, I'm a Filipino spy main with about 1200hrs on TF2, I've started my TF2 life as a trader, it took a while to find my main. I'm still in highschool, doing school work and such, though it doesn't really conflict that much with my gaming life (unless exams) I really really wanna start playing comp ,pub servers are getting way too "easy" for me nowadays. :/ I live in Macau, which is near Hong Kong, I mostly play in Singapore pubs, I play in HK servers from time to time ) Hope to meet some great people and have some great moments throughout my tf2 career :>