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  1. Hey guys. So our team recently got our main roster set up. We're looking to improve by scrimming. If you have a team or is in a team, we would love to scrim against you guys. We're looking for any level of teams really, except teams that know that they will roll us 5-0 in 10 minutes. We are a new team, and although we are not bad players, we are definitely nowhere near the best. If you're interested in scrimming, click the link below, and add our team leader. Add this guy if you want to join as backup, or if you wanna scrim against us! http://steamcommunit...id/milkynoodle/ If you wanna join, or want more info about us here is the link: http://asiafortress....9858#entry29858 NOTE: Please don't be dicks when talking to us. USE ENGLISH TO TALK PLEASE
  2. 1. pl_badwater 2. pl_upward 3. koth_viaduct 4. pl_barnblitz 5. cp_gullywash
  3. Name: MPARROTG (Gary) Preferred Classes: SOLDIER Available Playing Times: Depends which day, on average 7pm-11pm (GMT +8, HKT) Preferred Skill Level: UGC HL Asia STEAM COMMUNITY PAGE: http://steamcommunit...561198072330374 Other Information: Knows Zev and Gabriel and other IS ppl quite well