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Found 49 results

  1. K A C H O W

    The Art of Main calling

    An Idiot's Guide to Main calling The Introduction Welcome onlookers and Jake Paulers to my guide to main calling. Firstly, let's defined what main calling is... Main calling a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation. the elected head of a republican state. (or in this case, a competitive 6's team.) The main caller is the brain of the team. He/she is the one that is responsible to the strategy or decisions that the team will eventually be forced to face as the situation arises. Main callers can severely be different from each other and even varying in number. Teams usually differ in selecting the main caller as members are reluctant to take such a commanding role, but I assure you, being a main caller is not as what you purport it to be. The main caller position can be both complex and simple depending on how your team dynamic is structured. Main callers are not also limited to the leaders of the team, main callers can be the most invisible person when it comes to scheduling or even any of your players. Let us assess first the types of main caller/s that a team may possess. The Types of Main Calling Dictator/Overlord A dictator/overlord kind of ruler is what'd you expect. The team delegates the leadership role to the main caller and only to the main caller. He is the one that calls the strategies and offensive maneuverability of the team, but that is what this type of main calling's achilles heel: the main caller. The team's strategy and capability can only revolve around the leader and with this, tactical miscalculations that could've been easily prevented by a counter call by another teammate would have never happened. Of course it is easy to say that a member of the team would simply call off the entire push but how would that affect the team? The team would simply be in tatters trying to provide support to both callers: the main caller who proposes a disastrous offensive and the member who would like to retreat. Either way, the team would be separated in actions and would leave the team outnumbered and divided. In competitive 6's, you have only have 5 units to control. Losing 2 units in TF2 (explanation: In theory, a 4v6 would always end badly for the outnumbered team) would only cripple your team and it takes a simple opposing call from another player to weaken your force. The only way you can circumvent this is to agree beforehand that you are the one that they will only follow. Monarchical/Kingship/Queenship It is similar to the dictator/overlord type but it differs in how it treats its members. The members in a monarchical command can offer strategy/ideas and pushes, if and only if, the main caller approves of it. The main caller has the same power of the dictator/overlord but recognizes the intelligence of his/her team and trusts their judgement to a certain degree. This is the type of main calling that I'd like to call suggestive main calling. It is a style of leadership where the upper echelons gather information from the bottom and assess its viability. As such, this is the job of monarchical main callers. They are the end all be all of the team and no suggestion would come to fruition of the main caller would not allow it. It definitely improves upon the dictator/overlord theory on how the strategy and the calculations would be better due to different people having varying outlooks on how to approach the situation; however, this is also one of its weakness. Due to the varying number of opinions, a passive/doubtful/indecisive leader would simply stall or take too much time calling strategies. In competitive 6's, time is of the essence and it is not as abundant as the number of arrows your medic missed while you're standing still. Aristocracy/Aristocratic You have two or three main callers, this in theory would be better in leading the team but becomes a logistical nightmare in game. In TF2, several players would act on different motivations in several different ways. Say you are 2v5'ing and you have an uber advantage against the enemy team of 30% (You basically have uber). You are alone with your pocket medic and you are a soldier. You have gunboats and a full clip of rockets. The enemy is chasing you and approaching fast, the question becomes will you go for the offensive or defensive? Some would say that they would rather fight, kill the medic and retreat; but others would not stop there, they would still attack the other 4 in hopes of equalizing the number disadvantage as they are scattered across the bomb avoiding the invulnerable combo. This is the main problem, the variety in solving TF2 is numerous and in these happen in seconds. Having multiple main callers would be detrimental to your team as they would be forced to call and options would only confuse the remaining players. They would not know who to follow like an ant who has lost its way to its colony. Motivational Who is this leader and why is he so noisy? This leader is the morale booster of the group, he does not really take a high command on strategy but rather on emotional factors. TF2 is essentially very stressful and demotivating if losing. Some would say that this leader is essentially useless but I'd digress. This main caller simply is unfazed by all of his surroundings and is the most calm/consistent player of the group. This leader is the guy that rises the morale of the team for you guys to fight longer. In war, it is common to see routings (disorganized retreat) made by armies disheartened/demotivated to fight. This is why the motivational main caller is such an important type of main calling. Republic I mean, coming from its name, its members have a say in matters but have different abilities. In theory, this type is where it follows three branches of its main calling. You can diversify and create more branches but that is up to you. It is the offensive, defensive and judicial branch. As a general rule, it should only be delegated to three people. The offensive branch would take the most active role as they would call the strategies for attack and where the attack will originate from. The defensive branch is in charge of escape/retreat. The judicial branch exists only to tell the final call, if and only if, both branches oppose each other; otherwise, they would not act. This is definitely a more structured approach since once the offensive has been called, retreat cannot be called by the front lines. The main caller included in the defensive branch would simply wait for the opportunity to speak if the battle has gone out for too long and it is not going to their favour. On the chance that both would call for attack and retreat at the same time, the judicial branch would merely scream, "MARCH YOU FUCKING LOSERS" or "WHAT THE FUCK, ARE YOU RETARDED? GET OUT" Mobocracy All 6 of you are the main callers, you care fuck all of the strategies and would like to destroy your team cohesion in an instant. If you would like your team to die, this is the route to choose. This is the best type of main calling that literally involves all six of you screaming at each other trying to project your ideas. If you pick this, I sincerely wish your team to die. Main calling is complex subject to touch on because all teams have players that others do not. They all have this certain characteristic of individuality that makes each team special. In adopting these styles/types of main calling, it is advisable to not be limited by these and try to find a type that fits for your team. *continuation coming up because im bored*
  2. Hey, I'm Asuna from The 6 Gents in div 3 of afc12. I am planning to make a frag video, or highlights from players in Division 1-3. Please upload your demo with ticks on via Dropbox, Mega...etc. IMPORTANT PLOTS ---> 1. Only accepting clips from OFFICIAL MATCH IN AFC ONLY! 2. Only accepting 4 killstreak+, airshots, amazing picks, huge plays...etc. 3. Please do not upload normal frags. 4. Each person is only permitted to post at most 5 frags or highlights. 5. Please do not be mad if your demo file is not chosen and made into the video. Please follow the structure below in order to submit your frags: Player Name: Type of Highlight: Demo File Ticks: Player Division: Demo File Download Link: Is This Clip From Asia Fortress Official Match Only? A: Example: Player Name: Asuna Type of Highlight: 5 killstreaks Demo File Ticks: 44500 Player Division: 3 Demo File Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!I4gEELRQ!m4UuidlYMxZMP8eEoeTzWEf_TTtuFxH03a6ov1IDPic Is This Clip From Asia Fortress Official Match Only? A: Yes, it is P.S. : {I apologize if my editing skills is not as good as Beater since I'm only amateur :| }
  3. Yeah, a casting organization making their own competition. CappingTV presents the 2017 Ultiduo Summer Brawl! This brawl will be run from the 27th to the 29th January (Friday to Sunday), All days starting at 8PM AEDT. Why did we choose to run ultiduo? We chose ultimate duo as it hasn't been played for a while and it is a pretty Australian gamemode. Why 3 Days? We wanted to make it enjoyable and make more gameplay. Any prizes? 1st place - 10 keys 2nd place - TBA 3rd place - TBA Maps The chosen maps are TBD, if you have a suggestion chuck it in the comments. *IMPORTANT* Time Differences and Ping Differences This is an Australian based cup, meaning that their would be some time and ping differences, but we are still very open for foreigners to join the cup, if we get enough teams from Asia, we may get servers nearer to the Asia region and maybe make separate times for you. Rules These can be found on the challenge bracket page here. Do you need a challonge team? We strongly recommend one so you can score for yourself, but if you cannot, contact me here. It wouldn't be a CappingTV event without a stream, so we will be casting the event exclusively here. (We should have a better quality stream now! Thanks for the feedback.) Edit: So we have taken on your feedback, and we so have made adjustments. Maps Round 1: koth_ultiduo_r_b7 Round 2: ultiduo_obsidiian_a10 Losers Bracket Round 1: TBA Losers Bracket Round 2: ultiduo_baloo Semi and Grand-Final Map Pool: ultiduo_obsidiian_a10, koth_ultiduo_r_b7, ultiduo_baloo, ultiduo_winter, koth_bunkalow or if both duos agree, any other map that isn't listed here (Must be Ultiduo based). One member from each team must 1v1 each other, who ever gets the first frag selects the map from the above maps. A lot of these maps and rounds are subject to change due to more signups The Servers Ah the servers has been a big one that we have been discussing as well, at this time we are unsure what servers we will be using but possibly Qixalites. We will keep you updated. Prize Pool I have gone out and bought the 10 keys for the prize pool, so no entry fee is required. Other Stuff We are testing a few new maps for this brawl, and we are in contact with some of the map owners and they will make sure the maps are sweet before the night Whitelist We are looking for admins to help out on the nights, contact me on our discord if you are interested If you didn't know we had rules, its on the bracket page SIGNUPS CLOSE 25TH JANUARY You must check-in to challonge 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the tourney All days are 8pm till 10pm AEDT [bracket & Rules] [signup] [Discord]
  4. So, I'm pretty new to this whole competitive like play in AsiaFortress and I'm wondering if anyone like to take me to their team and/or tell me more about this stuff. http://steamcommunity.com/id/COOLCREEPER69/ Main: Soldier, Spy Sub: Scout, Engineer, Sniper
  5. Hey guys. Looking for a solid team (dont know anything about competiv tf2 in asia, because lived in europe before). Can play at all class's exept scouts. My main class for a long time was a med call. About me: Has a huge exp. in tf2 on different lvl's. Was in div 2 europe. 3rd place of highlander UGC plat. league. Around 1900 hours in tf2. My profiles: etf2l ugc All questions here or, better, steam I am ready for srs gaming. If you dont have exp. or just a totally new team - we can try, but i dont like something like it. Have a good time~
  6. syRka

    New edit here :)

    yo ! Make a few edit on Team Fortress 2, hope you enjoy it !
  7. I main medic and looking for a team that needs one. Steam name: #ZEPHY# Please add me as a friend and contact me. Sorry, I quit Steam yesterday because I have a lot of stuff to do. I won't be playing tf2 for a long time of period.
  8. My Steam account name is Wolftamer360, I'm a teen and I have been playing TF2 for 3 to 4 years and this is also my second account. I'm a P2P and I am looking for a highlander team. I would not be able to say through voice chat but I can hear through and can type very fast, around 5 letters in half a second. My main is both the Scout and Spy and also an all rounder. Online for Fridays to Sundays mostly all day but in special occasions is most of the time.
  9. b10

    Frag Clip :D

    Asked Saki to make one for me and here it is, thanks alot again buddy :] as well as Tensei for helping with the song mashup ^^
  10. Hank

    My s21 highlights

  11. SakiIsa

    TF2 Update 2/6/2015

  12. SakiIsa


  13. CHERRY


    Saloon.tf is a Team Fortress 2 betting website I've started working on in March 2014 and it's hosting bets for most AsiaFortress matches since it entered an open beta. You're allowed to place items on your favorite team and win the ones opposing team's supporters placed - it really makes matches far more interesting. Recently we've finished Korean translation thanks to Timbre (and we're looking for a possible Japanese translator so if you know both languages feel free to post in this thread) If you have any questions feel free to post them and I will answer them. I'm also gonna be updating this thread with new matches.
  14. SakiIsa

    Frags =]

  15. Hello I'm mrminewolf an active tf2 player who is learning to make videos and streams monetary I want a low level team to train with I am pretty good I main sniper and medic I use stock weapons most of the time with occasions razor back or quick fix I care zero about cosmetics and more about festive or strange stocks and that's pretty much it thanks for hearing me BAI!
  16. Hi i am Skacerine I have been playing 2 years of scouts and i want to start going into competitive. I am looking for a team that i can start off with or be with until the end Tell me if you are interested in recuiting me Past experiences: Highlander with Nonagon 9 and Silverlinings Its been 1 year since i last played highlander I will be up to training and you can test me to my skills.
  17. SakiIsa

    Frags =]

  18. Cpt. Cranium

    Playing As Roaming Soldier for Iron

    Hello my name is Cpt. Cranium and I am an experienced TF2 Soldier who knows how to rocketjump and make formidable plays in the game. I'm looking for a rookie team to join the AsiaFortress. An Iron team would be the one I'm looking for because I barely have any experience on the competitive side. I can go for 6v6 as a roaming soldier or play as a sub anything is preferably as long as I get to play Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198105590375/ Role Applying For : Roaming Soldier
  19. SakiIsa

    TF2 update for 10/15/14

    Finally the sv pure wall hacks and stickies and all that particle uber checking crap is gone.
  20. Rochelle

    Hello everyone :D

    Hi everyone! So I would like to introduce myself to the new Asiafortress community as Okashii-Sama. My closest friends call me Rochelle which is a nickname. Do call me Okashii if you want. I'm new to the competetive scene and am mostly familiar with PUGs and Scrims. Currently our team is small with only two of us, but we are sure to get more! It is nice to meet all of you guys Here is a link to my friend's page, Kampfy. We look forward to meeting the new peeps around here P.S I mostly play Medic and Kampfy plays a mix of Scout, Spy and Sniper.
  21. neeger

    Not enough logs?

    Help... No matter how much I try, I can't find any good places to play Highlander, 6v6, etc.. All the servers I get are public. I think I need a lot of PUGs to be invited to the group, but without playing these things, I don't have a chance... I'm new to this and I need someone to help me get on my feet. Please help, seriously. You will be eternally appreciated.
  22. We, the CA community, would like to request for your feedback regarding this LAN event that was hosted on 31st August. Please head over to our Facebook event page to leave your feedback and tell us what you thought about the event. We will be uploading the pictures and video taken during the LAN event sometime this week, hopefully by today. Otherwise it will be tomorrow. We would like to thank once again those who showed their support and came for the event, especially Caldoran and nagy for taking time to come down to Malaysia as well as jR who came down from Sabah.
  23. LOVELY poster created by our very own Cell Team Fortress 2 LAN Party This 31st August 2014, the Can't Aim community is going to be hosting a LAN Party at Orange eSports Stadium at Prima Setapak 1. Come over show your cosmetics, strange and/or shiny kill-streak weapons and meet up with all the local Team Fortress 2 players. Say hi, share all the joy and laughter or just mingle around and get to know all the players in the community. Date: 31st August 2014 Time: 11am - 7pm Venue: Orange eSports Stadium Setapak Registration Fees: RM 10 A minimum of 36 players is needed to join this event. The registration fee is RM 10 split into two parts, va down payment of RM 5 to be made before the registration closing date and the remainder RM 5 to be paid on the spot. However, you will not be paying for nothing! If you come over for this event, sign in your name and sign out; you will receive TWO in-game keys FOR FREE! That's right! FREE! Just come over register yourself, play for fun and get two Team Fortress 2 keys for free by just having fun with us! For you to be entitled to get the keys all you have to do is come to the event, pay the registration fees of RM10, sign in your registered name and steam profile and sign out. The next day our organizers will send you a trade offer or add you to trade the keys. It's THAT simple! The maximum number of player isn't really set yet. The more players who can attend the merrier this event will be. However, 3 days before the event (on 28th August), we will be closing registration. If there isn't any extra we will leave it as 36 players. So invite friends, share with others and spread the news. The more players the better! To any player that pays the registration fees of RM10 two days before the event, they will have the privilege of booking their own seat based on the floor plan we have attached. If you plan to sit beside your friend or even your special ones, you will be entitled to get choose wherever you guys desire on the map. You can message either SakiIsa or Faruko in regards to the method of payment. Players are allowed to bring their own gaming gears like keyboards, mice, headphones, and mouse pads and their own custom configs and huds in a thumbdrive but please take care of them yourselves. The organizers and sponsors will not be liable for any personal belongings misplaced during the event. We will be hosting this event from 11am till 7pm. We will be conducting two events. The first will be a pub session. This is where all the participants who attend will be pitted against each other in Team Fortress 2's most famous public server maps such as 2Fort, Dustbowl, Goldrush and the last map will be based on voting. Stacking? There will be no such thing as we will be scrambling the teams as soon as there are enough players on each side. The second event will consist of a highlander mix. The map will be Badwater. All 36 players (if there are more we will accommodate) will be divided to 4 teams and we will pit them against each other in a round robin. For this highlander mix, there is no best of 3 or double elimination format. All team will go against each other. On the other hand, prizes will not be given to the team with most wins. This event focuses more about exposure and introducing a competitive aspect to newer players and/or players that haven't considered playing competitive before. What prizes are available to be won you ask? Well thanks to e-Club and Roccat we have some amazing prizes to give to the best players of each individual class based on votes by the players. The best voted player of each class during the highlander tournament will be receiving prizes from the following list:- BEST SOLDIER: TEAM FORTRESS 2 RED SOLDIER ACTION FIGURE x 1 (valued at USD30)* BEST HEAVY: TEAM FORTRESS 2 RED HEAVY ACTION FIGURE x 1 (valued at USD30)* BEST DEMOMAN: TEAM FORTRESS 2 DEMOMAN ACTION FIGURE – BLU x 1 (valued at USD30)* BEST PYRO: TEAM FORTRESS 2 PYRO ACTION FIGURE – BLU x 1 (valued at USD30)* THE REST OF THE 5 CLASSES: Roccat Lua mouse x 5 (valued at RM130 each)* *you may discuss among the other winners if you wish to switch around the prizes. However, switching the prizes is subject to each individual’s mutual consent. The organizers of the event will not be responsible for any disputes that may occur. That's not all! The player that is most enthusiastic, energetic, charismatic, full of joy will be rewarded with a TEAM FORTRESS 2 BALLOONICORN PLUSHIE (valued at US25)! If you have fun, scream, yell at the top of your lungs, keep it fun, respectful and practice good sportsmanship and you will be rewarded with the cute ballonicorn! The entire event will be casted and be live streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/sakiisagames So, what are you guys waiting for? Get your friends and family and join in the fun! The minimum number of players we need is 36 but the maximum is not yet set. So the more the merrier! Invite anyone you know, get your free keys and join in the fun! For any questions, enquiries, suggestions or even if you willing to help you can always contact SakiIsa and/or Faruko or just post a comment/ reply to this thread. See you at LAN! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1q2kaFcOPxFZG2ViErqW4u_PCPnmo1w5YBCzANKc1EQo/viewform?usp=send_form Register using this form in the link above! Map will be up soon!
  24. Team Fortress 2 LAN Update!! Hey guys! As you may or may not already know, there's a LAN going on in Malaysia for Team Fortress 2! This post is just to update you guys about some finer details about this LAN which you guys may not be so clear about. The day's itinerary are as follows:- 10:30am - 11:30am - Registration 11:00am - Briefing and encouraging words from SakiIsa 11:30am - 1:30pm - Pubs and randomness 1:30pm - 2:00 pm - Lunch break 2:00pm - 6:00pm - Highlander 6:00pm - 6:30pm - Voting for best players in LAN There will be some gear provided. However, you CAN bring your own gear if you so desire. The list of players who have already registered so far are as follows:- warpigs - Paid 2ndcombat - Paid kidkid - Paid baba - Paid nerojack75 - Paid Caldoran - Paid baddyz - Pay on arrival gr - Paid Swift - Pay on arrival Sogeking - Paid Fanzone - Paid Luminosty - Paid error - Paid torr - Paid digitaliron - Pay on arrival Sosquadruplo - Paid jR - Pay on arrival lona - Pay on arrival Phantom - Paid nagy - Pay on arrival Dark Incarnate - Pay on arrival cRy - Paid ariff - Paid westdar - Paid Shang Zheng - Pay on arrival Atolea Jinx - Paid Game Central Station - Pay on arrival 14 - Paid Killer - Paid Phoenix - Pay on arrival The Anonymous Wolf - Pay on arrival Poopiness - Pay on arrival mhaz_1110 - Pay on arrival gozieson - Pay on arrival Aron - Pay on arrival Sikey - Pay on arrival See you guys at LAN!!!