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Summer's rating thread

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Sorry if my ratings and comments aren't as long as you'd like them to be... but if they aren't detailed it's probably because we do not play together enough for me to analyze.




Hello Xierra, you are rather new in the scene and i've not seen you play much 6s, but i think you do play highlander and pubs quite frequently... In 6s if i remember the performance was somewhat disappointing, but granted you're a new player with plenty of time and opportunities to get better. :)


Rating: 6.5/10




One of the leaders of our highlander and "newbie-friendly" events which is good... :) in 6's pugs which we've played together you have this really annoying tendency to go heavy, whilst maintaining the mindset that you're in the right. I mean there are no fixed classes in the game, but the cookie-cutter class setup is such for a reason, simply because it is much more effective and offclassing can ruin the game for your teammates.


Rating: 6.4/10




Hmm... You've definitely improved from the first few times i noticed you pugging, as now i believe you are able to hit stuff :P


I really don't know much about you, except that you play for demoman for xD (I think), but judging from the pugs that we've played together i'd still say you're high div 3, though not div 2 yet simply because you have not fully grasped the concept of the gain which is understandable, because you're new and these things take time. I hope to see you taking on higher tier teams soon!


Rating: 6.4/10




Wah Russkan... Most solid abs in SG Tf2. I've seen you play almost every class from your AFA days, starting from soldier and trying everything until settling with the medic role, in which you're effective at. Your understanding of the game has improved so much since the days of pubbing as [RUSS]Kan, and it would be safe to say that you are either on par or have toppled Cleric as one of the top meds around.


Your strong points include your dodging ability and gamesense, but an area you could improve on is positioning. Don't get me wrong, but you have great positioning as a medic, but instead of airstrafing out of a 80 ~ 100 damage rocket, position yourself in such a way so that the scenario could be avoided entirely, so as to avoid dying in midair, or eating splash when you land. Having low health also means that your team would be forced to push more cautiously, which can slow the game down. Overall though, one of the most reliable medics and an awesome guy. :D


Rating: 8.7/10




Man Nic i'm so tired doing this at 3am in the morning but you keep asking me so i'll do it anyway... I'll never forget that time in late '09 when i started playing my first few pugs with you, Syllcy and Asta, and i requested to join Menacing Monocles but you DECLINED ME SO CRUELLY. I even passed your trials of fire (1v1 bball) and yet you still didn't accept me...


Back on topic: i've played both with & against you and you're one of the most amusing people ever, with your drunk stories and random pictures. Also a nice guy IRL though too much of a cunt destroyer. I like your dedication to whatever teams that you are on, and the willingness you show to improve. You have good aim as a scout, though inconsistent. You also need to work on your dodging; move more unpredictably so that you don't eat splash rockets and pipes, and so that you will be able to buy space for your team the way tragic does by focusing the attention away from the combo.


These are easily adjustable through scrimming consistently and understanding your opponents habits. My brain is fried at this point and if what i'm saying doesn't make sense i apologise. heh.


Rating: 6.9/10 (69 suits you and you have a lot of points deducted for the mm. rejection)



Will get back to the rest when i'm available~

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Sorry for taking so long guys. Been busy since i've got a lot of assignment submissions, AF BBQ to prepare for, and cleaning up our office.


Promise i'll do at least 3 more tonight :)

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You mean this retarded post?


rait me im rly gud at mges i alwais shot pepel rly gud


It was unapproved by some admin/mod.

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