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  1. For those who may not know, for afl HongKong's PUG server, only 14 slots are opened to public. This creates the problem of hk players who want to play can never join the server for 3-4 maps in a row. As far as I know, SG's one has 20 slots opened. I know that different server's hardware give different capability, yet I doubt it can only handle 14 players. By letting admins to join last, slots can be squeezed out. I have seen once there were 17 players fit in. Setting up another server is not a solution, the active puggers around are at the level of about 16 to 20. I dont think we have enough players for 2 pugs. People have been asking hk admins about this, but they told us the only one who has power on this is nata. I know many of you SG guys may not care much about this But hopefully nata will deliver.
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    Netgraph for AFL HK Servers

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    Getting a new mouse

    The problem of most of the other mice is sensor inborn acceleration issue only G400, DA, Microsoft WMO IMO IME, and razer abyssus. I think G500 has the sensor at the front part of the mouse which may or may not cause u any issue but the sensor is not flawless. I personally own a G400s and I should warn u that the cable is ultra thin and G400 is famous for having broken cable. In fact the reason why I own a G400s is because my previous G400's cable wire is broken and I luckily got a replacement of G400s as warranty. (Now they refuse to replace G400 with G400s anymore)
  4. Even in Asia finding acceptable servers for both teams is a headache...
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    2nd attempt!
  6. Additional plugin function to +1 for poor Kuma who load maps too slow to get +1 and eventually sit from badlands to snakewater I used to be granary pro(I mean no one picks me on badlands), now I know every texture on snake/process
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    I will play more IF I load fast enough to get +1 by the server! (or have a bigger name so I will get picked when I am free pick, seems not likely to happen though)
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    Dont be harsh
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    If you always get something like over 120 or something, yet is unstable then u may try capping it
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    mercenaries cup local derby!

    It will be casted?
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    Rating Thread Redux

    No idea who you are so... 10/10 to get this thing moving (loop) 10/10 -1 for hard to pronounce name -1 for weird buildings on profile pic -1 for airshot on croissant 7/10
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    vods with commentaries

    Would love to see this happening. I will watch them
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    Summer's rating thread

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    coz spammah got third, he deserves some credits
  15. All winners will also receive an invitation to play in Division 1 friendly scrims for them to gain useful game experience. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA