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  1. cuteboyyy


  2. cuteboyyy

    Someone help me in choosing a keyboard to buy

    hp default keyboard
  3. hsp.tf:27050 (connect hsp.tf:27050) [hsp hk multipurpose server]
  4. JP servers are a no go for the SG players, cause we all have 100 ping (+-). I am finding out the suitable servers to play in and i will posting the IP to this servers soon.
  5. cuteboyyy

    [MC5] Round 2: for freak's sake vs. 6 princes

    halu 020314 do sunday night ... players got commitments
  6. cuteboyyy

    [MC5] Round 2: for freak's sake vs. 6 princes

    hi halu , proposing sunday evening good? 020314 3pm GMT+8
  7. cuteboyyy

    Ban Appeals

    Potato many times you dc AS MEDIC and the same shit reasons you always mentioned. Why dont i see you subbing out when you are playing offensive classes? Stay banned please.
  8. cuteboyyy

    overedited but HOLY SHIT WHAT

    very very nice well done shounic!
  9. cuteboyyy

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    I apologise back then as i already mentioned, i can be ragey in the past which i admit but people do change don't they? As much as i am trying not to be as ragey as compared to the past, i was in the wrong to take away your demoman slots because i think you are too shit , given that its AFA and its the place for learning. (I dont remember who you are , but i do remember i definitely did 1 of those things) Its unfortunate that you left the competitive scene because of the toxic environment. I too experience the same shit (way worst) last time when i came in as a newbie. Why cant you do the same? Yes, i admit that i am one of the players that are too focused in winning pug (***which i addressed on my first post that it shouldn't be the case and it should be a learning ground for newer players***). <= POINT re-emphasised by am_ TBH, the environment of pugs haven't change since 17 months ago imo. Anyone can come and post anything wrong that i did in the past , go ahead, i wont stop you. I dare to admit it. Really, if pug is all about individual game play and focus on winning, its never a learning ground in the first place. In order to change that, it takes the ENTIRE community to do it pro-actively rather than forcing these newer players into mumble. If they feel that the community is welcoming and non-toxic, they will definitely get in mumble without being asked and laugh and talk cock sing song. The current pug status : 1) Can't feel the bond among all the players (cliques everywhere) 2) Newer players not taking initiatives to reach out for assistance. 3) Old players should pro-actively make friends with newer players to make them feel welcoming. **To note : Please don't pinned everything on the admins and older players, we are humans after all, it takes 2 hand to clap. If we try but you newer players don't even try, how? how? How to improve? ** ***To note the previous point : In order for that to happen, the way of approach by the older players reaching out to the newer players can be changed. (To older players : Not making yourself seem so hostile) It seems like the newer players can't talk criticism and get rage at when making mistakes. (Prove me wrong) We can be nice and helpful, ragey at times, but its a 2 way thing you see. *** 4) Pug is the same as before. Just gather in mumble at AFL PUG , go to red or blue (your respective team) and try to comm with your teammates and pug at the same time, ask where is your mistakes and bla bla bla, pug and learn at the same time? Try, i said try. **I am still waiting for newer players that are trying the competitive scene to ADD me and ask for scrim only if i am available. I am waiting for both older players and newer players to pro-actively form a mix according to their level and maybe asking me so that i can help out at the same time. I am waiting for the time when i feel that pug is more of a learning ground rather than individual players playing their own game just wanting to win the game or going sniper 24/7 just to have fun. Right now, can't see it .** **AND PLEASE, we are humans after all, don't expect so much from the admins and the older players. We have commitment outside as well.** Correct me if i am wrong.
  10. cuteboyyy

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Anyone , just anyone even the newer players learning can make friends with us and make a mix of the newer and better players. Anyone. I don't see any initiatives yet so far but its an idea for you people out there.
  11. cuteboyyy

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    @summer : I got creep to play in the mix + some of the korean players like dol & others so that the mix scrim is different from the earlier ones.
  12. cuteboyyy

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Owen i give u a clear cut example. You : Go work somewhere when you don't even know THE BASIC. You : After SO MANY times telling you where you make your mistakes you still make it. You : Showing attitude in work when people are trying to correct you. Getting banned not agreeing with the admins? Be specific. The admins can be wrong at times. Case by case basis.