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  1. Fix the server loss and choke instead. Its unplayable to anyone outside HK.
  2. Summer

    Malaysia TF2 LAN Party!

    When it was in SG a few Malaysians did come down (like Saki,digi). Have you not taken a bus to kl in your life lol
  3. Summer

    Giving away a few Battlefield 4 keys

    Me spammah. Pm me an offline msg on steam
  4. Summer

    Malaysia TF2 LAN Party!

    Its great when people step up and take the initiative to have these events. I wish I could attend but Sunday is a no-go day for any guy in the armed forces here. Hope everyone going has fun, and huge ups to the venue provider and roccat for their help
  5. Summer

    latest update - roundtable

    Weekend players aint got no time for that shit
  6. Pug on server 4 and ask for advice! It also helps if youre humble and genuinely want to improve, as most newbies behave horridly and just aim to troll games
  7. Summer

    latest update - roundtable

    Some funny quotes when i was talking to dohash hi im sinatiku: yes hi im sinatiku: this update for fucking animal pub players hi im sinatiku: 'fuck comp TF2' by valve hi im sinatiku: FUCK OFF iиg smr: demo so shit in public game now κiиg smr: sg server are all taunting κiиg smr: and dancing κiиg smr: wtf hi im sinatiku: LOL hi im sinatiku: thats hi im sinatiku: animal hi im sinatiku: monkey hi im sinatiku: why pub players hi im sinatiku: all monkey hi im sinatiku: cant understand THE TRUTH
  8. Summer

    latest update - roundtable

    Parachute at the expense of pipes with the sticky ramp up damage?
  9. Summer

    latest update - roundtable

    Our pug system is pretty much unrivalled now, don't see any reason to change it for the sake of novelty. Man the base jumper thing looks so gimmicky. Probably gave the sticky ramp up so pubbers can't just float and rain down sticks
  10. I've been stuck in camp so I haven't had the opportunity to test any of the new shit, but a stream I was watching showed ridiculous shit like an almost perfectly placed kritzed sticky doing 130 damage to a medic.. Anyway I'm surprised there's been 0 discussion on this at all. Bar comp play, I heard tf2 pubs are just a shitfest of endless conga lines now so is this the end of real'fun' tf2?
  11. Summer

    I'm sorry Spammah!

    Didn't expect this from you spammah, also nata coming out from whatever mountain he was under to get involved in drama A thread probably wasn't needed?
  12. Summer

    Scrim Thread

    You could try reviving this group, though it hardly gets used since most of the players are old http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TF2ASIASCRIMFINDER
  13. Summer

    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    Haha kidding la. We all know des has sick binds
  14. Summer

    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    Okay both of you love cocks