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  1. natapon

    Chapter 3

    "cuttt, lets wrap it up boys, break for 30", himari called the cameraman over "is the footage good floaty, will teejay approve?"
  2. when logs are broken, please provide details which servers were used
  3. asdas

    1. coconut


      hey u nvr response! wot is dis

  4. natapon

    PUG Group Applications

    template updated (refer to first post). any applications with outdated templates after this post will not be considered.
  5. screenshots to elaborate, so we can see what you are seeing
  6. natapon

    PUG Group Applications

    you are far from ready, go read the guides first
  7. natapon

    PUG Group Applications

    updated template, read carefully.
  8. natapon

    PUG Group Applications

    edit your post to include a link to your ban appeal
  9. natapon

    Hi C:

    you have rice? smb owe me 4 bags
  10. natapon

    Utility/Jump Servers Feedback

    some updates were made to the jump server. let me know if anything breaks.
  11. natapon

    Whitelist Application

    apply here http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3693-pug-group-applications/
  12. natapon

    PUG Group Applications

    To join our PUGs simply join the group and read the guides properly. Click here for the AsiaFortress Pickup Games group There will be little leniency for committing offenses explicitly written as forbidden in the guides.