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  1. SMB

    Bad news

    Just heard Lee Kwan Yew passed away. Sorry for the loss singaporean friend. He is the legend Also fuck you Ricolee for being impersonating him.
  2. SMB

    Ultiduo Servers

    good job nata. need 1 for VN :> :> :> :>
  3. SMB

    I'm sorry Spammah!

    Uncle Drew's Curry Laxatives: i just ignore man Ok I know why Nata never reply anything i ask him gg
  4. SMB

    HI! How do you start a team

    invite ppl , make a team that it =.=
  5. SMB


    is this 300 ping with those scout frag
  6. SMB

    Sniper/Scout Looking for a team!

    If 6s u can play in div 2 but hld i think u can go for div 1
  7. SMB

    scout/demo looking for mentor

    if u new i suggest u to pick 1 class and focus
  8. SMB

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Always get BRAIN first. DM A lot make u become retarded ( I been one time ) ) so i change now i become monster
  9. SMB

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    this topic is too long
  10. got no money brah (
  11. SMB

    Account hijacking/phisher report thread

    rofl some ppl still never check carefully )