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  1. HI

    Hello, and welcome! You can read our guides to competitive TF2 over here Add me on steam if you need help.
  2. Hi

    Greetings, and welcome!
  3. "Dead bodies, splattered brains, bloated bodies may not really appeal to the mass public, but then again, you’re not me. Each suicide was a new job for me, something to look forward to. Mixed in a sea of corpses, Bryan, Jade and I set out to rediscover the true meaning of the beginning of death and how fragile life can be when pushed off the edge. We will bring you to the world where someone’s death is our desire and how dark and fun things can get on this nerve tugging adventure." Adelante, aka the robot, aka Nicholas Ong has written a horror-fiction book, available on Google Play Books. Buy, read it, tell all your friends about this wonderful book written by a singing, sentient AI.
  4. Hello, and welcome!
  5. Add me on steam, I'll help you out with any questions you have. Steam profile link is below
  6. Nice video
  7. Man, this makes me want to bet although I'm not a gambling man,
  8. This is correct.
  9. Hi

    Hello, and welcome. We have plenty of meat pie for your enjoyment.
  10. Restarting steam usually fixes problems like this, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Download WTFast, install the trial version, if it works, consider subscribing.
  12. These are the only keycaps worth having.
  13. Hahahaha. That last part is hypnotic
  14. Video

    Starring cloverella and jigglesaur
  15. Hey

    I say salutations. Salutations, Non Player Character.