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  1. AP4LLO

    Looking for asia lobby and teams

    What do you main?
  2. Hey, I'm AP4LLO (Scout Main) and I have around 800 hours in tf2. I've tried to get into the competitive scene before, but found it very difficult. I decided to give it another shot, by asking for help from a mentor. As previously stated, I am a scout main and I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to teach me the role of the scout. However if you're less interested in that, I have two other friends who also want to joint comp tf2 so if you could teach us the roles of 6s that would be nice. tl;dr + more info: Info (me): 800hrs Scout main (flexible) Free during weekends Little to no competitive experience Info (team) 3 players Me 1 soldier 1 scout Free during weekends Little to no competitive experience If you want to change the time please ask me If there are any questions please ask me Thanks for reading
  3. AP4LLO

    Classes 101: Scout Week Registration

    --edit-- I just realized that I have plans, so unfortunately I wont be able to join. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. -edit- My bad. Sorry, I misunderstood your post.
  5. AP4LLO

    Looking for new members for 6s team

    If you're still recruiting scouts, please look at my asiafortress thread: http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4531-6s-scout-recruitment/ I hope you find all the people you need, and I also hope you choose me as your scout. Thank your -AP4LLO
  6. AP4LLO

    6s Scout Recruitment

    Feb/25/2016 Hello, I'm AP4LLO a scout main, who's looking to joining an already existing or upcoming 6s team. I do not consider myself good at TF2, because my game sense still needs a lot of improvement, but I think I can aim fairly well, according to pub standards (Which is not enough to call me good). I'm currently above 600 hours, and I have played a few games of Newbie Mixes, so I am aware of the competitive atmosphere. Though I live in Japan, which might give me high ping, I am used to being able to navigate around it, and play at decent level (Pub standards) and I consider myself a Pub Stomper. If your are looking to add me, we can train/pug/meet-up any day but every Sunday 11:00 (Saturday 9PM EST) will work best for me, because I can play for a longer time. Again, I am nowhere near good, however, I think my eagerness and my goal to constantly get better at TF2 will help you greatly at teaching me. I do not mind if I am placed as a sub either; as long as I improve at TF2 I will be happy. If you do accept me here is my steam profile; please send me a message on my steam and I will read it as soon as possible: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/AP4LLOTF2/ Thank you for reading this message -AP4LLO --Update-- Feb/28/2016 I've been watching a lot of 6s matches as well as tutorial videos created by invite players. I feel as if my game sense has improved over the course of a few days. I taught myself how to find uber advantages and I also trained myself to not tunnel vision and over extend. I've been practicing TF2 in a range of 4 to 13 hours per day, and I feel like I am rapidly getting better. Please add me into your team, I am still waiting and as always thanks for reading. -AP4LLO