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  1. Gibus Oni

    Round 5: Herbal Tea vs Toucans'

    Herbal Tea won Gullywash 3-2 http://logs.tf/1953354 Toucans won Snakewater 2-3 http://logs.tf/1953382
  2. Gibus Oni

    Round 3: Herbal Tea vs Boss

    Herbal Tea won Product 3-1 http://logs.tf/1940490 Herbal Tea won Prolands 5-1 http://logs.tf/1940514 No Mercs used in Herbal Tea Demos : Product- https://demos.tf/147480 Prolands - https://demos.tf/147488
  3. Gibus Oni

    LFT AFC Div 3 as Soldier

    Im looking for a team to participate in AFC Div 3 I have these criteria 4k+ Hrs in TF2 Little Pug and Scrim experience 2k elo in MGE 800+ hrs in Soldier Have Mic and Speak English I hope that a good div 3 team will choose me and help me to improve My steam profile link ----> Gibus Oni
  4. Gibus Oni

    LFT Roamer for AFC 12 [Closed]

    [Closed] Ok, before we start my bullshit. I want to clarify that i have a team named Salmon Dudes (SALDS) for UGCLeague. However my team leader specificly does not want to participate in AFC. So yeah... I'm looking for a team who wants to participate in AFC Div 3. I will play for the roamer Here are my details 3.7k hrs in TF2 | 700+ on Soldier Have some competitive experience 1.9k Elo in MGE Never entered a single season of any kind (4s this year soon) Here is what i expect from the team who wants me No toxic personalities from any member of any kind Able to accept a person who doesnt talk much Able to accept what im weak at and will help me to improve my mistakes A team who will scrim weekly on weekends A team who will participate in AFC 12 Div 3 Add me in steam ---> Gibus Oni
  5. Looking for Mentor For the following classes Pocket Soldier Roamer Soldier Soldier General aim - reading strafes, hitting direct feets etc. I hope for a good soldier mentor who is able to teach me and point out my mistakes. For aiming, i'd like a mentor who has 2k elo in mge. Thank you very much.
  6. Team Name : The Salmon Dudes We just started to make a team and sucessfully searched for many willing players. We are also very new comps players and have very little experience in competitive TF2. Now we are looking for teams to scrim with. Only Add me (Gibus Oni) "Link" to schedule 1 or more scrims Time : 20:30 - 22:00 GMT +8 [in 24 Hour Format] Day : Weekends Only We will be using Only Comp maps used in AFC
  7. Gibus Oni

    LFP Any 6s Player

    Looking For Players For Team Salmon Dudes (strikethroughed roles means full) Main Demo Main Medic Main Soldier <--- Most Needed Main Scout <--- Most Needed Sub Scout Sub Soldier <--- Most Needed Sub Medic Sub Demo <--- Most Needed NO REQUIREMENTS Newbies are very welcomed We will scrim at least once a weekend ( subs will have chances to scrim too ) We will also go for UGC League 6s and AFC if we have enough commited team members Contact me (Gibus Oni) or JUBKev (Click the name if you aren't bright enough to understand)
  8. Gibus Oni

    LFT Roamer

    Looking for any Div 3 team or new team to kickstart my path to becoming a div 1... I have 3500 Hours in tf2 500+ on Soldier Have little pug experience I want to join a team which does scrims at least once a week Add me or Message me "Link" if you want me
  9. Gibus Oni

    LFT Roamer

    Hi I'm Gibus Oni I play the roamer I have 2900+ Hrs in TF2 I have some experience in pugs and such Steamid : steamcommunity.com/id/gibusoni