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  1. We are currently looking for: - Roamer Scout - Pocket Soldier As well as subs for every class (Medic sub most needed) Requirements: - Discord for communication (Share your Discord tag) - New or experienced players welcome - Available on Saturday evenings (About 9-11 SGT) for scrims Contact me or D'netric if you're interested or have any questions Thanks
  2. Throjnx

    Looking for people to join our new 6s team

    P.S: Please also send your Discord tag so we can add you, as we are going to be using microphones to communicate
  3. Me and a friend of mine are currently looking for players to join our team. We're new to competitive and welcome new or experienced players to help us start our competitive career. Minimum Requirements: - At least 200 hours in TF2, but we'll look into your gameplay if you're below 200 - Experienced/Inexperienced players welcome - A short demo of you're gameplay (Optional, but highly recommended) - Discord, so we can communicate together Roles available: - 2 Soldiers - 1 Medic reserve - Any other reserves are also welcome Send a request (or your demos) to http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198253247815 We hope to hear from you soon Now closed. Thank you for helping us