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Donate to help me save running costs!

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Planning to purchase more power efficient equipment for the servers so i don't have to bleed so much to power bills monthly. But i'd figured i've bled enough money into this so i'm open to anyone wanting to chip in.


I created a chip-in for those that would like to help out and donate. The money will go to upgrading the server to more power efficient hardware so the monthly running costs can be lowered and i can eat less grass.


<embed allowScriptAccess="always" src="http://www.chipin.com/widget/id/0f54c4bbcbba027d" flashVars="chipin_server=www%2Echipin%2Ecom" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="220" height="220"></embed>




Current Web/Database/File server -

Q6700 (to be replaced)

Asus Striker II Forumula (to be replaced)

4gb DDR2 (to be replaced)

3xSamsung F3, 1xSamsung F4

Silverstone Strider 560w


Replacement Parts -

Asus P8H77-I

Fractal Design Node 304

i5 - 2400 or whatever cheap 1155 based quad core.


And if funds permit -

60gb ssd for the gameserver


And some other plans tba

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Will donate upto $20(Before Jan 15) when I finally get down to going to the bank :>


By the way, have you thought of asking people to donate TF2 items that we can trade for real money?

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didn't think of that. who would gather the tf2 items and trade them?


i think we should let this run 1st. tf2 items would better serve as prizes for now.

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Organising pugs would be ridiculously painful. GU servers are great, but pugging on them isn't ideal.

i can get a dedicated server just for pugs without going through the booking system. wanted to do this awhile back but everyone was on AF servers anyway so i didn't bother that much

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