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  1. kigbariom

    AsiaFortress Meetup part 2.5

    I offered to give you more from my AFL winnings. All I'm sayin is that if we can get like 12 people interested we could go to a cafe and just play some TF2 and have some fun. I'll cover anyone who needs it.
  2. kigbariom


    do me
  3. kigbariom

    AsiaFortress Meetup part 2.5

    soo i geus nobody wants to play video games s
  4. kigbariom

    AsiaFortress Meetup part 2.5

    Hello all, I'm in KL right now and my current plan is to head to Singapore on May 11th or so, and spend the part of the week or weekend there and I'd like to see all your beautiful faces again. Whether it means having another BBQ, going to lan, or just grabbing some lunch I want to do it so discuss some potential plans/dates/locations below. Raziel pls bring absinthe
  5. kigbariom

    Donate to help me save running costs!

    Donated 15
  6. It'll be my keybind during all ESEA matches.
  7. I wish we were at the stage where we get mentioned like ETF2L or ozfort and not just a ''community of the week''. Oh well its a step in a very good direction.
  8. kigbariom

    Farewell AsiaFortress Friends!

    Yeah div, thanks for showing me a really nice Singaporean restaurant.
  9. kigbariom

    Farewell AsiaFortress Friends!

    I already do that Nata
  10. kigbariom

    Farewell AsiaFortress Friends!

    I'm heading off to the US now to pursue the dreams of invite level medic. I won't be returning, so I don't want to leave without thanking everyone from Asiafortress for all the fun and help over the last three years. You guys made me a good medic, I owe it all to you. I'll be repping Asiafort in the US! You haven't seen the last of Kig. Thanks again guys <3
  11. kigbariom

    AsiaFortress Academy

    Please have a rule that doesn't allow people to make fun of medics when they drop. This is one of the biggest reasons that AF has a medic shortage, because people can't give them a break when they are new. Yeah, the medic class is important, but no one will play it if everyone acts like an asshole. Any other players could frequently make mistakes and no one would say anything because it doesn't make a sizzling noise. Medics are just trying to learn how to play like everyone. Be supportive.
  12. kigbariom

    Good ol' days

    Even I am too young for this thread.
  13. kigbariom

    WTS | Signed PGTF2 T-Shirt

    Current highest bidder is Div. I will gladly throw in a shot of Kig special drink. For those who do not know, Kig special drink has changed from chocolate milk to Milo Dinosaur. I changed my mind after I had one in Singapore.
  14. kigbariom

    WTS | Signed PGTF2 T-Shirt

    Ahem correction. Starting bid S$400
  15. kigbariom

    WTS | Signed PGTF2 T-Shirt

    I would like to auction off this limited edition PGTF2 T-Shirt signed by the members of the AsiaFortress BBQ on April 7th 2012. The shirt has only been worn once, only one minor food stain, and is XL sized. Includes Natapon's seal of approvalâ„¢. Pictures Front Back Starting bid is S$200 Bidding ends April 15th and the shirt will be mailed to highest bidder within 1-64 business days.