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  1. fun tournament play it all in a day edit map pool will play again
  2. Players are not allowed to switch classes or join Spectator as soon as the match begins. Are we not allowed to switch between the soldier and medic roles?
  3. Team Name: AlreadyGG Player 1 Name: Puzzled Player 1 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/agentc/ Player 2 Name: Kol Player 2 Steam Profile:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997062697/ Backup Name (Optional):rr Backup Steam ID (Optional):http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000449519/
  4. Morgan

    Possible ways for asiafortress to improve

    i call spammah a retard but he calls me a bozo so there is lots of love but also hate and we would like to mate
  5. Morgan

    Possible ways for asiafortress to improve

    best way for AF to improve is for administrator to type /quit in server console
  6. Morgan

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Hi i write long walls of text that is inaccurate and inflammatory then lock thread so people cant counter my illogical argument
  7. Morgan

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    excessive chest hair is wrong
  8. Morgan

    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    The Peter Principle is a management theory which suggests that organizations risk filling management roles with people who are incompetent if they promote those who are performing well at their current role, rather than those who have proven abilities at the intended role. It is named after Laurence J. Peter who co-authored the 1969 humorous book The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong with Raymond Hull. They suggest that people will tend to be promoted until they reach their "position of incompetence". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Principle This is not intended to be Sarcastic,Dramatic or a personal feud.
  9. Morgan

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    1) Maybe if the original setup for casting that I had proposed and requested was actually provided, we could have had 2 people sharing the casting load per match instead of one guy going at it solo. This would have greatly reduced the fatigue of my casting team and they would have been able to cast more matches. I dont expect you to understand this until you've tried casting as its not the easiest of jobs. #Mindblown 2) Maybe if you had taken my proposals during the LAN on how to keep to the scheduled timings and minimize the delays the event would not have stretched to 3am instead of ending at 9pm. You would not have faced a shortage of casters if you were not so stubborn and resistant to intelligence. Most of the original people we had lined up to cast were too tired or had already gone home by the time the final matches were being played. Therefore kindly do not blame me for the lack of casters but take some responsibility. #Mindblown2 3) Maybe if you took to talking to people nicely instead of treating them like they are your servants, more people would be willing to help you. #Mindblown3 4) Maybe if you had taken more of the time you spent worrying pre event about my casting team and directed it to organizing, the problems which led to the shortage of casters would never have surfaced. #Mindblownomgmakeitstop ========================================================================== Erio: Puzzled go make the teams ready up they cant hear me they are wearing headphones. Puzzled: ok pass me the mike I will get them to ready up Erio: No go approach 24 players individually because I will not pass you the microphone Puzzled: Why dont you just pass me the microphone and I will have them all readied up in 2 seconds Erio: No I want you to do as I say because I am Erio and its my mike Puzzled: Ok whatever ( Walks Away ) (Erio screams into mike for 5 mins fruitlessly) (Teams take additional 10 mins just to ready up) #Mindblown #WAF =======================================================================================
  10. Morgan

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    Seeing as myself and my casting team either personally casted or arranged for casters for almost every single necessary map i fail to see the point you are driving home. However I would have expected nothing else but ingratitude and insults from you as usual if you had not hypocritically " thank you for everything you did puzz " at 3am in the morning.I would also like to point out that you failed to mention the numerous other things I did for AFLAN.SG on site itself. PS. Since it is an open book, I would like to sincerely thank you for stepping on my feet 17 times. The pain really helped to keep me awake. Also I would like to say nice history of your rewritten post below which was kindly pointed out to me through a cloud of laughter. I guess you realized there were about 50 people who saw me not "sitting in my chair doing nothing" if I got your behind closed doors insults right. eriotic Posted Today, 10:32 AM Morgan, on 24 Mar 2014 - 03:18 AM, said: hahahah selective hearing I see you casted. what's next? if the community only consist of 7 people in mumble, yeah okay.. nice community. when we were out of casters, were you the one running around finding them? you wanted to be in charge of onsite casting... do your job. I would prefer to talk to you personally, but since it's an open book here, I'm just gonna say it here. Thank you for 'helping'.
  11. Morgan

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    Hi Erio! I would say thanks for everything but heard you've been telling the community I sat around and did nothing! Glad to see such high levels of appreciation on your end!