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  1. r3sty

    Need some help regarding sensitivity and dpi

    sensitivity has been and always will be personal choice. any suggestions otherwise is a road down to nowhere. why? you may have a small range of motion on your desktop. you might have shit fps. you may have big hands. you might track aim. maybe you flick shot. do you claw grip? the possibilities are endless. start low, work your way up in small increments. comfort is what makes or breaks anyone aim.
  2. r3sty

    Donate to help me save running costs!

    wot? you have my deets
  3. r3sty

    PSA: Offclassing in AF pugs

    my pipedream would be a creation of veteran pugs with the enforcement of mumble usage. it is not a knock on noobs but to maintain a higher level playing field because of the lack of actually team 6v6s as teams only assemble every other cup and dissemble like fucking voltron. there is a satisfaction of playing with a team that knows wtf is going on and doing a well executed play. current pugs players play like a dissembled voltron. protip: don't play like that kids. one pug i remember fondly was on badlands with two mute scouts. even after taking mid, the scouts would be nowhere then onwards to spiral where we took it but low on numbers with only me pocketing the med on grey bridge. i was constantly on the mic asking for where are the scouts and help start the cap on point. but nah, one scout from bumfuckwhoknows types out "pls stop complaining can ah?" my brain it explodes, and now i doesn't afraid of anything. tldr; you fucking ruined VOLTRON
  4. r3sty

    Concerns about attitudes of players

    kids need to stay indoors and finish their homework before school tomorrow. after school there's extracurricular activities to go to. once that is done then tuition. after tuition head back home and eat dinner. after dinner go to sleep as they have school tomorrow. moral of story, majority of our players are kids and as we all know kids have learning disabilities cause they need to go to school and all. tl;dr; kids fuck shite up
  5. r3sty

    Lobby server setups?

    1. join local pugs 2. use mic 3. don't use sign language
  6. sooooo, after a couple days we have yz50 being picked up by mixup and ruwin's return to the lineup as i'm assuming to pick up the medic gun once again? shade has joined mr.jesuspipes on don't stand. don't trip, the team formally known as lg has picked up roaming guru blaze and kbk on medic duties. pyours team laser beams has grabbed seagull, -AA- allstar justin and buick possibly for demo? xensity is back in invite with two legends from complexity namely demoman solidsnake and roaming god relic. elsewhere chessclub did not fall apart but employed the likes of boomer (roamer/demo) and an aim machine voo or oov (a solid player from THPS) on scouting duties (rumoured to be medic?) on paper, esea invite s13 looks to be very entertaining.
  7. another tidbit of info, nick "thefragile" leon former legend that took up the medigun has been spotted fishing for a team.
  8. pyyyyouuurr left mixup and joined a new team: laser beams http://play.esea.net/teams/69988 current team, lange, pyyour, seanbud, zbryan. side note, pyyour playing demo. wutttttttt..
  9. r3sty

    Summer - AMA

    currently running default dx (so i think its 9?) with chris fps highframes. will be trying out dx9frames to see if there's any difference. strange thing is, on my old system this crash isn't happening. using same launch options with dx81.
  10. r3sty

    Summer - AMA

    had that after the last update (saturday? 16/11), i did a -autoconfig on launch command line thing, started up the game ran fine. re-inserted command lines and removed dx8 from the list. so far no crashing. edit: four typos and do you know why adam and eve were white? ever took a rib from a black man..
  11. b4nny is building another team under the name don't stand with cyzer, lansky, shrugger & taggerung (from chessclub i think) http://play.esea.net/teams/69987 meanwhile mixup lost ruwin (no current team yet, possible retirement) with no obvious replacement yet http://play.esea.net/teams/51672?tab=roster dave_ac doesn't have a team yet, possible retirement. browhales disbanded and yz50 with yet again no team.
  12. brought in dummy to fill in b4nnys spot while clkwrk returns?!
  13. seems to be a major shake up of invite teams as enoryt dropped b4nny, cyzer and dave_ac from LG !