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  1. kol

    LAN Appreciation

    omg crimson firebird.
  2. kol

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    well said mate. this is a nice reminder to be more tolerant and welcoming to new players (we need this every now and then). all the best in CS!
  3. AFL is where i crush your dreams.
  4. bring back the best admin of 2013. me. as voted by the people. LETS POLL ON THIS BITCHES.
  5. honestly i didnt read any of the posts here but there's a simple solution. Just let the team vote ban the guy. Maybe set the number of votes to ban to 4 (majority of team) and only team mates can vote. DONE. close this damn thread now.
  6. i want admin re-instated. i will solve all your problems. GIVE IT TO ME NATA. you should give it to me if 10 people like this post! listen to the people. you dicktator!!
  7. this looks like a sabo thread. i would like to complain about sud. he always offclass sniper the whole map then we lose. ban him! then gene always spy more than 8min per map. cuteman also always play scout when he is demo main. offclass! BAN!
  8. kol

    AFCMASH - Sign-Ups

    Name: medikol Class: MEDIC Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tharnos Note: Most likely can't play the whole day so will need sub
  9. kol

    New Forum Changes and You!

    for all his work i think shounic deserves some credit.
  10. kol

    Staff updates, upcoming changes

    strange weapons never did no harm
  11. kol

    Staff updates, upcoming changes

    hell yeah gj fuzz
  12. kol

    Staff updates, upcoming changes

  13. kol

    weapon whitlelist

    pls allow strange australium weapons