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Found 13 results

  1. altaria


    Hey,my name is altaria can't find anywhere to post this so sorry if this is irrelevant to the jump servers Since most of the old jumpers left,asian jumping didn't work out as well as it used to be.Me and a few of the tempus regulars are organising an event like the recent classes 101 by asiafortress academy,except it's focused on helping and mentoring newer jumpers to improve to the next level as well as raising awareness of the jump scene in asia. We've pretty much gotten everything ready except for publicty,which was denied by most sources,so i'd like to request the asiafortress staff to post an announcement about the event. If interested,pls add me @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/OrganicFarts/ and i'll message you the details of the event.
  2. Hey I'm a 1.8k hour scout main interested in playing in the local competitive/pug scene but i don't think i'm at that calibre of play yet. Thus i'm looking for someone that is interested in coaching/mentoring me in the ways of pugging and in hopes help me get into a decent team. I haven't got any pug experience so take that into consideration :<. I'm looking forward to replies on this thread of you can simply add me on my steam account. Last but not least, have a good day.
  3. Good day, As we all know Asia Fortress Cup is just around the horizon. Given my free time that I currently have I was thinking I will just volunteer myself to mentor anyone whose new to the competitive scene and wants to learn. I'm willing to mentor any class that you want to play or even your mentor entire team or guide you on how to captain your team. Preferably 6v6 but i don't mind if you need some help with highlander. If you guys want to question my credibility then go ahead. I may not be the best in the game nor be a division 1 medic nor have amazing DM but i can certainly help out the newer players shed some light into the TF2's competitive scene with some of my experience. Just post here your steam profile and i will add you and we will work out a proper time/schedule. We will review maps, demos, positions, etc. I will gladly appreciate if you don't add me as my friend list is getting full and i'm really lazy to do spring cleaning for my list. P/S: I'm doing this with out-most sincerity to help out newer players or lower division players to get better at the game. Please refrain from any trolling, bias, condescending, narcissistic, autistic or anything relevant in this thread and or during, before, after mentoring sessions.
  4. elmo0o


    hi lookin for scout mentor new to asia pug scene happy with any mentor
  5. Hi i used to have 400 hours of playing tf2 but after taking a long break, i lost all my skillz. now using a new account. p.s would like to join pugs if possible
  6. i am currently looking for a mentor to help me into all the administrative aspects of tf2. i would be very grateful if someone were to help me out with this. with the fact that i am new to asiafortress pls pardon me if i am posting in the wrong area and kindly help me out thks.
  7. I wanna be da drunk Cyclops and da American eagle guy or the boston boy, but I don't know howz :<<< so plz teach meh!!
  8. Hey everyone. I used to be a Div 1 scout but am currently now a regular pug player. I've realised that the AF community is growing but lacking in guidance. There are players who has not read any threads in this sub-forum while others are unable to get further help beyond reading guides. With that, I'm going to be taking a few Core mentees for 1 to 1 training, I will highlight their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. For whatever reason that I'm unable to take everyone, you may tune in to the stream to listen. I may not be one of the better scouts in TF2 but we'll just have to deal with that. The stream I refer to will be on: http://www.twitch.tv/k1infran This will be on a weekly basis and with time, you will improve enough to comprehend why I rage in pugs. Heh Oh btw, I welcome all divisions of players as long as you fit the following criteria What you will experience: - Friend list for 1 on 1 Q&A. - Pick a few best replays of the week, and we will go through together. - If I'm free, you may request me to spectate live. - You will learn how I play in PUGs/Scrims. (Mostly PUGs as I do not have a team) - I MAY include other classes but not too confident atm. - You MAY be streamed on twitch.tv IF I receive too many requests. (highly unlikely) What I need from you: - 101% EFFORT during this. - Willingness to improve. - Take your own initiative to record demos. - If possible, find out your weaknesses beforehand so we may work them out faster. As much as I do not like putting a roof above players, I personally believe there is a potential limit in everyone. Thus, once I feel I am unable to give anymore advices, you will be Graduated. If this is what you have been looking for, you're welcome to leave your name in this thread and add me directly on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/k1infran/ Once chosen you will be notified directly through steam
  9. Hello Asiafortress! My name is basic and I've played soldier, scout and medic at many levels in North America on teams such as Apocalypse Gaming, Nexzil Gaming, and Submit a Ticket. http://play.esea.net/users/445593 I am currently finding myself with a lot of time in the ungodly hours of the morning so I was hoping some people here could make use of it I can play all classes (save demo) at a high IM/Main level in North America (not sure the AF equivalent) and I'm looking to mentor 3-4 players. Message me for more details http://steamcommunity.com/id/bsc- I would like to all mentees to be players who are currently actively playing with a team. Thanks!
  10. harm

    pug life

    just some thoughts. some of our veteran guys have been organising afa's for awhile now, and that's great. i just feel that instead of one off events each time, this could be an everyday thing. how's this possible? during pugs. that's the best way to improve the new wave of players. just by having 1 or 2 vets on each team talking would help the team a lot already, this way the new guys won't be so lost, and hopefully they'd pick up on the reasons for calls made; and in turn understand the importance of talking to each other. (voice cmd is more than enough for pugs) it's up to the vets to see how much they want to explain their comms, whether to say, "get back already" or "get back, positions are bad, they have better uber". micro mgmt would also help, e.g telling your scouts to push flank as you push choke, or telling the team that they're defending last and not to push out. pugs happen on a daily, and communicating each time, over time, would defo improve the pug scene and in turn the 6s community. there's no point being frustrated with the new kids in pugs if you don't bother communicating with them. and having small groups of mentor/mentees is quite honestly a waste of time, or rather an inefficient way to do things. why help 1-2 when you can infect the minds of so many every time you pug. i understand that at the end of the day pugs are pugs. the mentality of most vets(or at least myself) is, i already have a team, i comms when i scrim, and i pug to relax. but in order to have more teams/scrims in the community, newer players will have to learn the game quicker, and the best way is thru teaching them in pugs. i know i haven't been actively comming in pugs till late, and sometimes i just want to listen to music and unwind while playing; but i'm trying my best now to help out the best way i can.
  11. Hey it's bran/giovannie/nmy/xuyw/noobplayer123 I feel like taking 1-2 mentees again and working with them till they get to div 1 level. Will try to engage the help of my team in this... project? Classes: Any really, I play anything anyways. Requirements: You play 6s regularly I should have seen you around before You don't have a worse attitude than me You will take your own initiative to improve Don't harass me like I'm your mom Benefits: You will become better You'll get to sit in and listen to comms of a _div1_ team You will get to ask questions on how to improve You will get verbally abused by me You will become better Interested? Add me up, steam profile in signature. Not a troll post- go. p.s. 9:02 PM - spammah - www.gaming420.com: but ur looking for non-retards 9:02 PM - @brangiovannie: defo
  12. gozieson

    HiGPS, strategies for TF2 players

    This is HiGPS (Heavy is General Problem Solver). He plays in Norway and mains sniper, and a very good one at that. He currently streams videos of him playing in UGC Highlander Silver division and also has an episodic series featuring weapons in TF2 and how to properly use them. Here is an example of his latest episode showing off replays of other players whom they sent to him to discuss the pros and cons of using certain weapons in TF2 and how to properly play a class. Keep in mind that the replays were sent to him and he uses them for discussion purposes only. For more info on his streaming schedule or to check out more videos of him, you can check out his twitch.tv page or youtube page. He also has a twitter page. Enjoy!
  13. spammah

    spammah willing to mentor

    Hi there, As stated in the topic, I can mentor 'you'. Any and all sorts of players, veterans or rookies, are invited. Pizzawow Pickled_Orange Jared_Hippo Manly_jesus Styruhfoam Darkie deliaren bright Zeet LiLPr0 EDIT: Add me on Steam.