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  1. dogofponies

    Masters of MGE Scout Registration Page

    Nickname: hyperduck Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/cutefluffyducks/ Hours of TF2 : 643h challonge username: HYPERDUCK
  2. http://teamfortress.tv/thread/17233/mge-oihguv-sucks A link to the server 10 map update. Also i would like to request for a soap dm server for practice, anyone interested in the idea?
  3. dogofponies

    DM servers

    Hi so i noticed that there is a lack of dm servers in asia of good quality, wondering if anyone in asiafortress is interested in DM servers and stuff. It is basiacally pug warmup mode.
  4. dogofponies

    Looking for Medic/ Solly main for AFC 8

    medic main here been pugging for 100+ hours add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/trolldemnoobs12125656/
  5. dogofponies

    Looking for a scout,med and demo

  6. dogofponies

    PUG Group Applications

    Name:B@ssist Steam Account Link: http://steamcommunit...emnoobs12125656 TF2 hours:248 Pugs in server 4: 10+ 3 hk servers Sizzling stats profile: http://sizzlingstats.com/player/76561198121110444
  7. dogofponies

    PUG Group Applications

    Name:B@ssist Steam Account Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/trolldemnoobs12125656 TF2 hours:226 Pugs in server 4: 5 Sizzling stats profile: nil
  8. dogofponies

    scout/demo looking for mentor

    yeh i main scout but is there a mentor that can help me get into pugs and stuff?
  9. Hi i used to have 400 hours of playing tf2 but after taking a long break, i lost all my skillz. now using a new account. p.s would like to join pugs if possible
  10. help me pls i cant hit anything as scout will like to try 6v6 as well