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Found 21 results

  1. Looking for Mentor For the following classes Pocket Soldier Roamer Soldier Soldier General aim - reading strafes, hitting direct feets etc. I hope for a good soldier mentor who is able to teach me and point out my mistakes. For aiming, i'd like a mentor who has 2k elo in mge. Thank you very much.
  2. Hey, I'm AP4LLO (Scout Main) and I have around 800 hours in tf2. I've tried to get into the competitive scene before, but found it very difficult. I decided to give it another shot, by asking for help from a mentor. As previously stated, I am a scout main and I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to teach me the role of the scout. However if you're less interested in that, I have two other friends who also want to joint comp tf2 so if you could teach us the roles of 6s that would be nice. tl;dr + more info: Info (me): 800hrs Scout main (flexible) Free during weekends Little to no competitive experience Info (team) 3 players Me 1 soldier 1 scout Free during weekends Little to no competitive experience If you want to change the time please ask me If there are any questions please ask me Thanks for reading
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for someone with experience for advice and help with managing a newbie 6's team with little to no comp experience. We're currently setting the foundation for the team, such as communication and rollouts, getting the main roster set up, and we have a handful of subs, so we're looking to start scriming soon. We could use some help and advice in the areas of setting up scrims, managing the roster, and eventually match criticism/teamwork advice. We would appreciate anyone willing to give advice, please add me on Steam or post here if you're willing to mentor this team. My Steam name is Enganox. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for a Mentor to teach me how to play Roamer, I plan on playing Highlander, then 6s. I am a really new player to the competitive scene, I had 2,000 hours on TF2, but didn't know that there was a competitive scene. I would like to start playing HL/9V9. Thanks.
  5. Hello,i am still quite a noob at TF2 so far i've played for 692 hours,can someone teach me scout?
  6. Hey I'm White Obama I'm currently looking for some scout tips and tricks or a mentor =3 I have over 30 hours in scout, 20+ if you check my stats because I've resetted my stats 3-4 times already. My weaknesses are flanking, aiming and dodging. I don't know if I have any more weaknesses but some tips about the ones I've listed would be gladly appreciated =) To a mentor, I am willing to improve and I promise to put in 100% effort. Thank you for reading my post, have a nice day Here's my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fef113e/
  7. Fried Miggy

    Looking for a mentor

    Hi guys I'm new, I've only played like 500 hours in tf2 right now but I've never played highlander because I just discovered it right now, can you guys help me here's my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/miggycraft
  8. Fried Miggy

    Looking for a mentor

    This is my first post, and I'm going to try my first highlander, 6v6 or 4v4 game but before that, I want a person to teach me for class, Scout, Solly, or Pyro, Thanks
  9. http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/forum/65-asiafortress-academy/ As title says , I'm in need of help for Scout Never posted here before but I am now. Not sure if a close country is needed but I'm in Singapore, currently playing on a laptop which isnt the best at all tbh... Hope I could find a really good mentor around my area to help me with scout ^-^ [i'm in a 6s team as passive scout] My profile is : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Czrael/
  10. Aquarion Gauntlet

    Looking for Scout mentor

    I'm looking for a mentor to help me improve on Scout. My combat abilities are pretty fine, but the strategies I'm lacking on.
  11. Hi i used to have 400 hours of playing tf2 but after taking a long break, i lost all my skillz. now using a new account. p.s would like to join pugs if possible
  12. Looking for a mentor with preferably 1500+ hours. I myself have around 700 but I recently reset my stats and want to hone my skill for competitive play. Need a Solly, Demo, or Medic mentor
  13. Alright, starting a new thread, old one got locked and I now need new mentors too As the title says, I need mentors for that over-jerking boston kid, american siao ka and the demo I would appreciate if you would want to mentor me and I'll try my best to learn. As I'm new and we all need to learn somewhere right?
  14. I'm looking for a Sniper Mentor, i'm thinking of improving my aiming/sniping skills in TF2. Pls excuse me if im posting this in the wrong area.
  15. Imma looking for mentors to help improve the ability to scam other people of their sunbeam team captains kill people as that crazed american patriot and the scottish guy. Although, I don't know how mentoring works, so kindly brief me what to expect
  16. Hello AF, This may sound weird but I am looking for a mentor to train with late night owing to timezone and work timing constraints . Free from 9.00 pm SGT (6.30 PM IST) and looking for scout, soldier (main) training. Regards, ashkosmo
  17. Colorfusion

    L > Mentor for scout

    Hello, I've been playing TF2 for 2 years now, I'm looking for a mentor to rope me in into competitive tf2 gaming as normal servers with 12 v 12 is really not my cup of tea nowadays. I've never played pug / 6v6 / highlanders before as I don't really know where and how to join one. I play scout mostly but still can play other classes even though I'm really bad at rocket jumping / sticky jumping. I'm currently in NS so my playing times is only in the weekends, but if you are willing to mentor me, add me up and I'll try my best to learn as much as possible from you in competitive tf2. My steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blacksnowz
  18. matrix

    mentor plz

    Mentor me plz, desperate...
  19. Garand

    LF Mentor

    I dont know where to post this, but anyways... I am Garand, roamer for Delta Delta Delta. I am looking for a mentor to help me improve as a roamer My Steam Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/haersh009/
  20. Hi. My friends and i have recently started to recruit people to start a HL team. Most of us are inexperienced in HL and most of the team are picked up from pubs. We have almost full 9 people already and am looking for ways to get more experience on "what to" and "what not to" A humble request for a mentor that is experienced in HL to guide my team along. We are willing to learn. Any interested mentor can add me in steam and we can have a good talk my steam profile is :http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039955641
  21. Pink

    Lf mentor

    I'm not sure if this the right place for this post but, i'm looking for a mentor to improve my 6's play i have been playing pugs and scrims for a awhile but, i think i hit the plateau of my skills I really wanna improve my gamesense and all that. mainly looking for a high level scout mentor, i'm also leaning into demo so a mentor on demo would also be nice..