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Found 3 results

  1. altaria


    Hey,my name is altaria can't find anywhere to post this so sorry if this is irrelevant to the jump servers Since most of the old jumpers left,asian jumping didn't work out as well as it used to be.Me and a few of the tempus regulars are organising an event like the recent classes 101 by asiafortress academy,except it's focused on helping and mentoring newer jumpers to improve to the next level as well as raising awareness of the jump scene in asia. We've pretty much gotten everything ready except for publicty,which was denied by most sources,so i'd like to request the asiafortress staff to post an announcement about the event. If interested,pls add me @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/OrganicFarts/ and i'll message you the details of the event.
  2. maps, configs, anything. let them be known here and i'll do something about it :>
  3. natapon

    Jump Server

    Jump server has been updated with new maps and maplist. IP is asiafortress.mooo.com:27050 New Maplist jump_4starters_rc1 jump_abuq jump_annex_v5 jump_aridia jump_aviator jump_ayers2_a8 jump_ayers_v2 jump_azure jump_baqu_a2 jump_bigbutt_b1 jump_bomb jump_bounce jump_cheval jump_collab jump_dystopia jump_edgebug_b2 jump_elysium_v3 jump_endurance_rc2 jump_everest_a2 jump_facility jump_heaven_a3 jump_hopstep_a3 jump_hotcoffee_b1 jump_impact jump_joa_v2 jump_junk_a4 jump_junk_solly_b1 jump_kilo jump_klanana jump_lite_a0 jump_littleman_v3 jump_majoras_a3 jump_momentum jump_mouser jump_natural_b2 jump_propel_fixed_v2 jump_quake_beta4 jump_QuBa jump_rebound_v3 jump_redplanet_v2 jump_rook_beta jump_silly_a12 jump_soar_a4 jump_style jump_tholos jump_twist_beta jump_underground_final jump_who jump_yucca rj_rckteer_adv_v2 jump_sync jump_dink_b2 jump_duey_v2 jump_emulation_alpha jump_ExileNPals jump_flow_alpha2 jump_fruh_a1 jump_foundation_a2 jump_future_rebuild jump_glow_v4 jump_hangar_18 jump_jurf_a2 jump_legion_beta3 jump_lion_a3 jump_pushittothelimit_b3 jump_sexydev_v3 jump_sharp_b3 jump_squared_b2 jump_synth_a2 jump_taylor_swift jump_torii jump_asdf jump_aurora_a3 jump_air_beta2 jump_around_cr jump_cake_b2 jump_contact jump_demolition jump_devils_redo jump_drexen jump_drexen2 jump_fisyx jump_gman_beta_4 jump_hobo jump_hobo2 jump_ice_v4 jump_junk_a4 jump_koi jump_muffin_b4 jump_nbn_b4b jump_puni_a4a jump_pure_b2 jump_revenge jump_ring jump_ring2_a5 jump_scorpion_b1 jump_sheer_final jump_speed2 jump_tissue jump_tsao_final jump_up jump_volcanic jump_what jump_daylight jump_drenched jump_frayb_a4 jump_over_beta jump_shiver jump_sync jump_termywermy_beta2 conc_AandO_b1 conc_arc_b1 conc_retry_a11 conc_school conc_speed_b1 concmap concmap2 concmap3 concmap_cave concmap_exist defrag_pizzanbeer defrag_xelerate quad_meow quad_rocket12 quad_shock quad_tyrant_tf2 quad_tyrant2_tf2 Old Maplist jump_bigbutt_b1 jump_ABuQ jump_allstars jump_annex jump_aridia jump_ayers_v2 jump_ayers2_a8 jump_BAQu_a2 jump_cake_b2 jump_cellshaded_b4 jump_cheval jump_devils_redo jump_dink_b2 jump_drenched jump_dystopia jump_elysium_v3 jump_everest_a2 jump_glow_v4 jump_heaven_a3 jump_heavy_b1 jump_ice_v4 jump_junk_a4 jump_junk_solly_b1 jump_khoa jump_kilo jump_koi jump_klanana Jump_majoras_a3 jump_momentum jump_noob2_ab jump_pagoda jump_QuBa jump_rebound_v3 jump_rook_beta jump_rush jump_sexydev_v3 jump_sharp_b3 jump_sheer_final jump_silly_a12 jump_skip_b3 jump_soar_a4 jump_speed jump_style jump_tholos jump_tissue jump_trix jump_vendetta rj_rckteer rj_rckteer_adv_v2 rj_training_v3 rocket_tower_jump jump_bomb jump_collab jump_legion_beta2 Jump_beef Jump_littleman_v3 jump_adventure jump_noob_a1a