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Found 3 results

  1. After joining for AsiaFortress for a few months and using the AFL servers quite regularly, I was pleased that these server provides the STV demo replay files for download, which should be in bakemono.servegame,org/demos/index.php But recently,some of these useful replays seems to be missing in this website, either it is not recorded, not saved, or any other reason that might cause the problem. This might not be a big problem at first, but when matches and leagues like UGC Highlander comes along,as the STV demo should be supplied by the main team if the admin requests for it. Is there another way of retrieving such demo files, or is anything about the server? Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Badaimer.
  2. gozieson

    Replay servers???

    It seems that all the local replay servers in the game have vanished for some reason. Lowyat servers are the ones who normally have replays on but the server function seems to have vanished for some reason. They could have done so to reduce the lag caused by the system, but it's a shame really to have this great system taken away. Now the only servers who still have replays on is a saxton hale server and a moviemaking server. I seriously want replay servers back on as soon as possible cause how often have you had great moments captured in-game and you want to save it to show to others later?
  3. gozieson

    HiGPS, strategies for TF2 players

    This is HiGPS (Heavy is General Problem Solver). He plays in Norway and mains sniper, and a very good one at that. He currently streams videos of him playing in UGC Highlander Silver division and also has an episodic series featuring weapons in TF2 and how to properly use them. Here is an example of his latest episode showing off replays of other players whom they sent to him to discuss the pros and cons of using certain weapons in TF2 and how to properly play a class. Keep in mind that the replays were sent to him and he uses them for discussion purposes only. For more info on his streaming schedule or to check out more videos of him, you can check out his twitch.tv page or youtube page. He also has a twitter page. Enjoy!