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    TF2, cooking, economics, Techy stuff, Headphones, People , Emoticons 8D


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    I'm a asian that sounds like a westerner :3

    Born Taiwan, Lived in Australia, japan and Hong Kong before malaysia.

    Talk to me :D

    I like people :D

    And smiley faces :D

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  1. SakiIsa


    Just dropped by to say this was the chillest dude @ LAN, Glad to hear from you mang.
  2. The saloon page is actually https://saloon.tf/match/549/ For reference Go teams!
  3. SakiIsa


    Hey there and welcome aboard! Looks like you have some insight into the game already which is great Feel free to join the pugs in server 4 and maybe apply through the whitelist after a few games. Do also consider some games at Nietano no Shana pugs if you feel like playing against some newer players as well Cheers and have fun
  4. SakiIsa


  5. SakiIsa

    Saying Hi

    Have no clue who you are and no steam profile to reference or contact you. You should edit this if you're keen mate.
  6. SakiIsa

    TF2 Update 2/6/2015

  7. SakiIsa

    Moving and Questions

    You should have no problem at all fitting in or in fact shining skill wise here. Taiwan should give you decent connection to the HK and Japanese servers and communities. Down here in singapore shouldn't be a problem as well (though will still depend on your ISP somewhat routing sucks round the region). You probably are aware how pugs and the like work already but give the guide a read anyway as our system is automated so you may want to remember a few things. Cheers and have a good time both in Taiwan and future games!
  8. SakiIsa

    Is there an age requirement?

    There isn't one mate, Just give your thoughts an extra second before you say 'em to make a good impression and you'll be fine like everyone else =] Give the pug guide a read though !
  9. SakiIsa

    Looking for Main Scout, Roamer, Pocket and a demo for sub.

    I wish you the best recruiting! Cheers!
  10. SakiIsa

    AsiaFortress Cup 9!

  11. SakiIsa


  12. SakiIsa

    Democall (The AFL Project)

    I don't know what he's planning but if he manages to finish (let alone collect demos from lazy people) I wouldn't mind it on my channel.
  13. SakiIsa

    Team Smizzle Hizzle

    Are you looking for a team or making one mate? you seem to have made posts for both.
  14. SakiIsa

    LFT Highlander Sniper, Scout

    Hello there fellow head clicker! A small guess is you're asking for a Highlander team since the huntsman is banned in 6s in the asiafortress league (unless of course you plan to join a ugc team!). Best of luck!
  15. SakiIsa

    Frags =]