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Found 78 results

  1. xq Row.

    Legacy from 2009-2010

    Few weeks ago, I found old my demos and rollback TF2 files on my old HDD. I tired to test them and found some of them are still works! I felt kind of nostalgic and rememebered having most momentum days of competitive TF2 scenes. So I want share my passion and want to say grateful for these-days players, so I record and upload to YouTube. #Legacy from 2009-2010 And here is the playlist of tournamet POVs. Picked up play-offs. #FJTF2 Season7(2009) #FJTF2 Season8(2009) #AsiaFortress Season1(2010) #AsiaFortress Season2(2010) Rollback TF2 files are not perfect. Missing files(ERROR object and purple texture) are shown on screens. And these games were played on Starhhub(SG) or HK servers where my ping was aroud 100, so a bit laggy though. My life-time result of competitive TF2 is below. ・Japanese Toournaments and Leagues 2008.09 FJTF2 #4 Div1    1st Xq 2008.10 FJTF2 #5 Div1    2nd Xq 2009.10 CyAC TF2 Ladder League 1st Xq 2008.11 FJTF2 #6 Div1 2nd Xq 2009.03 FJTF2 #7 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 FJTF2 #8 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 TF2BBALL #1 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.11 FJTF2 #9 Tournament 4th slp(Mix team of asia countiries) ・AsiaFortress AsiaFortress Season1 1st slp AsiaFortress Season2 Dvi1 3-4th Pancakes AsiaFortress Season4 Div1 3rd NFR(sub) P.S. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone have been supporting to me, especeially : ozr Cheerio tax himajiso Azuki syu nnnta nnnx spammah Cheese havok cleric LALJ
  2. syRka

    New edit here :)

    yo ! Make a few edit on Team Fortress 2, hope you enjoy it !
  3. larkyy

    LK rush clips

    [media][/media] https://youtu.be/EUCD_weY5dA some scout rush clips enjoy )
  4. b10

    Frag Clip :D

    Asked Saki to make one for me and here it is, thanks alot again buddy :] as well as Tensei for helping with the song mashup ^^
  5. frostic

    Well done lexxy

  6. Hank

    My s21 highlights

  7. SakiIsa


  8. SakiIsa

    Frags =]

  9. yolobard

    (l4 old frag vid) public 30

    hey i remember a frag vid from several years back which i'm 99% sure came out of asiafortress, of a bunch of 6s players getting huge airshots n stuff on pub players there were two videos i think, like public 29 and public 30 or something, the 2nd one was better made i think. had a punk/hardcore-ish soundtrack if that helps, like piano and guitar and vocals and then the singer screams a bit. the bottom of the screen was this slow reveal over the whole vid of everyone's names, and whoever's clip it was, their name was highlighted pls i need u help
  10. SakiIsa

    Frags =]

  11. SakiIsa

    Flipping payday ninjas

    http://redd.it/2kfjhh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afwHb4cX6eM
  12. Spiky Cactus

    cool med pick [soldier]

  13. Shounic

    overedited but marilyn sucks

  14. iridescentFUZZ

    How to shot gun

    Starring cloverella and jigglesaur
  15. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, And yes I happen to be in this one so I'm pretty stoked too <3
  16. SakiIsa

    Stream moments :D

    I still am having fun with this bwhahaaha
  17. Spiky Cactus

    another shitty fragshow