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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, if anyone of you lives in KL or something me and Saki PROBABLY going to meet up to catch up with a couple of drinks and grab lunch at A&W near Amcorp mall/Taman Jaya LRT station. If anyone else lives nearby and free on Saturday 15th July let's plan for a small gathering. No obligations. I'm just catching up with a good friend of mine after a long time and it's been a while since i had some good A&W root beer floats and curly fries! Yumyumyum
  2. b10

    Frag Clip :D

    Asked Saki to make one for me and here it is, thanks alot again buddy :] as well as Tensei for helping with the song mashup ^^
  3. SakiIsa

    Frags =]

  4. SakiIsa

    Flipping payday ninjas

    http://redd.it/2kfjhh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afwHb4cX6eM
  5. LOVELY poster created by our very own Cell Team Fortress 2 LAN Party This 31st August 2014, the Can't Aim community is going to be hosting a LAN Party at Orange eSports Stadium at Prima Setapak 1. Come over show your cosmetics, strange and/or shiny kill-streak weapons and meet up with all the local Team Fortress 2 players. Say hi, share all the joy and laughter or just mingle around and get to know all the players in the community. Date: 31st August 2014 Time: 11am - 7pm Venue: Orange eSports Stadium Setapak Registration Fees: RM 10 A minimum of 36 players is needed to join this event. The registration fee is RM 10 split into two parts, va down payment of RM 5 to be made before the registration closing date and the remainder RM 5 to be paid on the spot. However, you will not be paying for nothing! If you come over for this event, sign in your name and sign out; you will receive TWO in-game keys FOR FREE! That's right! FREE! Just come over register yourself, play for fun and get two Team Fortress 2 keys for free by just having fun with us! For you to be entitled to get the keys all you have to do is come to the event, pay the registration fees of RM10, sign in your registered name and steam profile and sign out. The next day our organizers will send you a trade offer or add you to trade the keys. It's THAT simple! The maximum number of player isn't really set yet. The more players who can attend the merrier this event will be. However, 3 days before the event (on 28th August), we will be closing registration. If there isn't any extra we will leave it as 36 players. So invite friends, share with others and spread the news. The more players the better! To any player that pays the registration fees of RM10 two days before the event, they will have the privilege of booking their own seat based on the floor plan we have attached. If you plan to sit beside your friend or even your special ones, you will be entitled to get choose wherever you guys desire on the map. You can message either SakiIsa or Faruko in regards to the method of payment. Players are allowed to bring their own gaming gears like keyboards, mice, headphones, and mouse pads and their own custom configs and huds in a thumbdrive but please take care of them yourselves. The organizers and sponsors will not be liable for any personal belongings misplaced during the event. We will be hosting this event from 11am till 7pm. We will be conducting two events. The first will be a pub session. This is where all the participants who attend will be pitted against each other in Team Fortress 2's most famous public server maps such as 2Fort, Dustbowl, Goldrush and the last map will be based on voting. Stacking? There will be no such thing as we will be scrambling the teams as soon as there are enough players on each side. The second event will consist of a highlander mix. The map will be Badwater. All 36 players (if there are more we will accommodate) will be divided to 4 teams and we will pit them against each other in a round robin. For this highlander mix, there is no best of 3 or double elimination format. All team will go against each other. On the other hand, prizes will not be given to the team with most wins. This event focuses more about exposure and introducing a competitive aspect to newer players and/or players that haven't considered playing competitive before. What prizes are available to be won you ask? Well thanks to e-Club and Roccat we have some amazing prizes to give to the best players of each individual class based on votes by the players. The best voted player of each class during the highlander tournament will be receiving prizes from the following list:- BEST SOLDIER: TEAM FORTRESS 2 RED SOLDIER ACTION FIGURE x 1 (valued at USD30)* BEST HEAVY: TEAM FORTRESS 2 RED HEAVY ACTION FIGURE x 1 (valued at USD30)* BEST DEMOMAN: TEAM FORTRESS 2 DEMOMAN ACTION FIGURE – BLU x 1 (valued at USD30)* BEST PYRO: TEAM FORTRESS 2 PYRO ACTION FIGURE – BLU x 1 (valued at USD30)* THE REST OF THE 5 CLASSES: Roccat Lua mouse x 5 (valued at RM130 each)* *you may discuss among the other winners if you wish to switch around the prizes. However, switching the prizes is subject to each individual’s mutual consent. The organizers of the event will not be responsible for any disputes that may occur. That's not all! The player that is most enthusiastic, energetic, charismatic, full of joy will be rewarded with a TEAM FORTRESS 2 BALLOONICORN PLUSHIE (valued at US25)! If you have fun, scream, yell at the top of your lungs, keep it fun, respectful and practice good sportsmanship and you will be rewarded with the cute ballonicorn! The entire event will be casted and be live streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/sakiisagames So, what are you guys waiting for? Get your friends and family and join in the fun! The minimum number of players we need is 36 but the maximum is not yet set. So the more the merrier! Invite anyone you know, get your free keys and join in the fun! For any questions, enquiries, suggestions or even if you willing to help you can always contact SakiIsa and/or Faruko or just post a comment/ reply to this thread. See you at LAN! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1q2kaFcOPxFZG2ViErqW4u_PCPnmo1w5YBCzANKc1EQo/viewform?usp=send_form Register using this form in the link above! Map will be up soon!
  6. Team Fortress 2 LAN Update!! Hey guys! As you may or may not already know, there's a LAN going on in Malaysia for Team Fortress 2! This post is just to update you guys about some finer details about this LAN which you guys may not be so clear about. The day's itinerary are as follows:- 10:30am - 11:30am - Registration 11:00am - Briefing and encouraging words from SakiIsa 11:30am - 1:30pm - Pubs and randomness 1:30pm - 2:00 pm - Lunch break 2:00pm - 6:00pm - Highlander 6:00pm - 6:30pm - Voting for best players in LAN There will be some gear provided. However, you CAN bring your own gear if you so desire. The list of players who have already registered so far are as follows:- warpigs - Paid 2ndcombat - Paid kidkid - Paid baba - Paid nerojack75 - Paid Caldoran - Paid baddyz - Pay on arrival gr - Paid Swift - Pay on arrival Sogeking - Paid Fanzone - Paid Luminosty - Paid error - Paid torr - Paid digitaliron - Pay on arrival Sosquadruplo - Paid jR - Pay on arrival lona - Pay on arrival Phantom - Paid nagy - Pay on arrival Dark Incarnate - Pay on arrival cRy - Paid ariff - Paid westdar - Paid Shang Zheng - Pay on arrival Atolea Jinx - Paid Game Central Station - Pay on arrival 14 - Paid Killer - Paid Phoenix - Pay on arrival The Anonymous Wolf - Pay on arrival Poopiness - Pay on arrival mhaz_1110 - Pay on arrival gozieson - Pay on arrival Aron - Pay on arrival Sikey - Pay on arrival See you guys at LAN!!!
  7. Hey peeps! Saki here I wanted to point out a few things that I’ve been asked a lot about for the past few days. Feel free to ask more questions though if anything is not clear Here we go! Etiquette/rules There will be kids at the location, some not necessarily playing TF2. I want no cussing, loud mouthing, bullying, etc. As a hat based community I expect all of you to be on your best fun loving behaviour aight? Please dress appropriately. This means no profanities on clothes and no skimpy clothing (there are children for christ’s sake). Other than that, feel free to wear whatever you like. No alcohol drinks are allowed in this event as we do have Muslims and underage children attending/ at the event. Respect each others religion please. NO smoking in the vicinity of the premises. We expect the Team Fortress 2 community to be responsible people in the eyes of the general public. This means disposing of your own rubbish as well as general behavior. Although there are eateries in the area we would appreciate it if you can refrain from littering to give our community a better impression I would appreciate it very much! You do not touch the PCs of other players without permission. Ask before you use. Spectators are free to wander around the entire Orange as long as they are responsible for any children they have brought. The organizers will NOT be held responsible for any missing children. Please be aware that there is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament occurring at the same time as this one so please respect the contestants. You may cheer and show your support for them but do NOT, I repeat, do NOT distract the contestants. Items which you want signed need to be provided. We are not running a charity. Respect all players equally regardless of their age or gender Respect the organizers as well as any decisions they have to make. Food There are several places you can head to for lunch. However, please note that food and drinks are not provided and all attendees are advised to bring enough money to cover any and all expenses they may incur. A few places are listed below:- There is a hawker center called Steven's Corner just next door to Orange. Pizza Hut is just a five minute walk across the street. KFC is also an option with a 15 minute walk. Chinese Hawker stall nearby the KFC as well. There are also drinks available in the fridge behind the counter in Orange. A General Map of location Google maps link in case no one has looked it up yet! Payment Payment can be made via bank transfer or Paypal to Faruko Do we bring our pcs/is gear provided? Yes there is! The PCs tested so far at the venue have been able to run TF2 consistantly at default high settings (default will be Chris dx9frames however!) Here's a list of the peripherals provided: Razer Lycosa Razer Deathadder 2013 A basic headset with mic No mousemat so bringing your own is a good idea! BenQ RL Monitors (75hz @ 720p , 60hz @ 1080p) PCs able to run TF2 250 fps average at default high 1080p Default cfg will be dx9frames Chris 2013 Default hud will be TF2HUD+ (Subject to change) A Badass chair Pics of shtuff!
  8. Fixed rockets colliding with other projectiles and getting stuck in the world Fixed a bug with the Soldier's Fresh Brewed Victory taunt and the Power Up Canteen Fixed the Demoman not being able to equip The Grandmaster Fixed a bug where Professional Killstreak items were being displayed as Specialized Market Listings for Specialized Killstreak kits for the following items have been removed and will need to be relistedStickybomb Launcher, Minigun, Direct Hit, Huntsman, Backburner, Back Scatter, Kritzkrieg, Ambassador, Frontier Justice Fixed character audio being cut short when characters clap during the Conga taunt Unusual taunts that are tradable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market The Classic can now accept Enemies Gibbed strange parts The Manmelter can now accept Allies Extinguished strange parts Added mp_spectators_restricted server convarPrevents players on Red/Blue from joining team Spectator if it would exceed mp_teams_unbalance_limit Updated the HTML display in the MOTD to use shared Steam browser control Updated the materials for The Dalokohs Bar Updated the equip_region for the Soldier's Stash, Exquisite Rack, The Pencil Pusher, and Antlers Updated the localization files Updated pl_cactuscanyonStage 1Reworked the geometry of the back stairwell route leading to the final cap Stage 3New design of back yard underpass area Added new building and route near the underpass New geometry for Red battlements and spawn exit by the first cap Added new exit from Red spawn leading to the raised middle rock outcrop by the barn Reworked Red spawn exit by capture point 2 Removed rocks and added a new structure by the final cart push Cart now takes longer to pass through the building at the end of Adjusted spawn times Adjusted Health and ammo packs Temporarily crashed mac and linux clients on launch but fixed as of 1 hour before this post! Dat new cactus.
  9. SakiIsa

    Stream moments :D

    I still am having fun with this bwhahaaha
  10. SakiIsa

    Frag clip 9 =]

    Frags from January. Catchin up with moar frags and AFLAN talk soon!
  11. SakiIsa

    I have a spare sentry!

  12. SakiIsa

    Cant Aim Volume 1

    Thanks faruko a flip ton for finishing what I gave up on. It didn't come out anything expected but I'm legitimately happy with how faruko played htis out. Thanks bud =] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnzT3glEUz8&feature=youtu.be 2 best friends decide to point and click in a shooting game =]
  13. Hello hummingbirds! Here be the updated whitelists for review! Hope they are tidy enough 6v6 https://www.dropbox....m_whitelist.txt 9v9 https://www.dropbox....m_whitelist.txt For 6v6 and HL :x