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Found 5 results

  1. Sponsor Mindanao To Fly To LAN Or Joel Bombs YOU Country
  2. Hey, So, E-sports Malaysia along with other medias and sponsors (Astro, JOMgaming, eGG etc.) in Malaysia is going to host the biggest gaming festival in Malaysia. I'm with close contact with the main organizers and they are willing to give me 24 seats reserved for us. If anyone is interested please do reply to this thread or just PM me on steam. The faster we can confirm number of participants the better as we can arrange tourney for TF2 and also have fun in general as a community. Details yet to be announced but i'm close friends with the organizers but if you guys curious here's some details that has already be announced. https://www.facebook.com/CyberFestAsia/ https://www.facebook.com/riniebinramli/videos/10155952023659994/ (This guy is the Secretary General of E-sports Malaysia) This LAN is just a bigger scale then the annual CyberFusion LAN party that is held annually in Malaysia. Details about CyberFusion:- https://www.facebook.com/asusmalaysia/posts/10153727636739116 https://www.lowyat.net/2016/114377/cyberfusion-2016-lan-party-to-take-place-this-december-past-participants-get-first-dibs/ https://voiz.asia/en/849 http://gameaxis.com/news/industry-news/e-blue-e-sports-stadium-debuts-malaysias-cyberfusion-2016/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeajKPXDzFs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RhuNJPX9u8 https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/5gsexo/cyberfusion_2016_lan_party_in_malaysia_300_people/?st=j92b6yrp&sh=c4574d36 https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/966511 The LAN will be held on 24th till the 26th November, Is a 3 days non-stop LAN party. Location will be at Empire Damasara Petaling Jaya. I don't mind helping out with food, accommodations and transport for anyone in the Asiafortress community or the Asian TF2 community in general. Unfortunately i can't speak for the players who would like to come Kuala Lumpur by flight but if you can sort out the plane tickets i can help with the rest. Please do PM if your interested. I have also been given a deadline by 4th of November to confirm the 24 seats. So if possible the sooner the better. We can sort out accommodations later. Just let me know if you're interested to join. P/S: You don't have to ONLY play TF2. It's an open LAN party. If you guys want to play another game with your friends go ahead. Let's make this event a general meet up for the community
  3. Hey peeps! Saki here I wanted to point out a few things that I’ve been asked a lot about for the past few days. Feel free to ask more questions though if anything is not clear Here we go! Etiquette/rules There will be kids at the location, some not necessarily playing TF2. I want no cussing, loud mouthing, bullying, etc. As a hat based community I expect all of you to be on your best fun loving behaviour aight? Please dress appropriately. This means no profanities on clothes and no skimpy clothing (there are children for christ’s sake). Other than that, feel free to wear whatever you like. No alcohol drinks are allowed in this event as we do have Muslims and underage children attending/ at the event. Respect each others religion please. NO smoking in the vicinity of the premises. We expect the Team Fortress 2 community to be responsible people in the eyes of the general public. This means disposing of your own rubbish as well as general behavior. Although there are eateries in the area we would appreciate it if you can refrain from littering to give our community a better impression I would appreciate it very much! You do not touch the PCs of other players without permission. Ask before you use. Spectators are free to wander around the entire Orange as long as they are responsible for any children they have brought. The organizers will NOT be held responsible for any missing children. Please be aware that there is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament occurring at the same time as this one so please respect the contestants. You may cheer and show your support for them but do NOT, I repeat, do NOT distract the contestants. Items which you want signed need to be provided. We are not running a charity. Respect all players equally regardless of their age or gender Respect the organizers as well as any decisions they have to make. Food There are several places you can head to for lunch. However, please note that food and drinks are not provided and all attendees are advised to bring enough money to cover any and all expenses they may incur. A few places are listed below:- There is a hawker center called Steven's Corner just next door to Orange. Pizza Hut is just a five minute walk across the street. KFC is also an option with a 15 minute walk. Chinese Hawker stall nearby the KFC as well. There are also drinks available in the fridge behind the counter in Orange. A General Map of location Google maps link in case no one has looked it up yet! Payment Payment can be made via bank transfer or Paypal to Faruko Do we bring our pcs/is gear provided? Yes there is! The PCs tested so far at the venue have been able to run TF2 consistantly at default high settings (default will be Chris dx9frames however!) Here's a list of the peripherals provided: Razer Lycosa Razer Deathadder 2013 A basic headset with mic No mousemat so bringing your own is a good idea! BenQ RL Monitors (75hz @ 720p , 60hz @ 1080p) PCs able to run TF2 250 fps average at default high 1080p Default cfg will be dx9frames Chris 2013 Default hud will be TF2HUD+ (Subject to change) A Badass chair Pics of shtuff!
  4. Caldoran

    SourceTV Demos

    Hey all, sorry for the delay. Here are the SourceTV demos for your reviewing and MoG/Top 10 Play needs Lower Bracket Round 1 LAN Duo vs Homely Hobos - cp_granary - 11:51 [sourceTV Demo] LAN Duo vs Homely Hobos - cp_metalworks_rc5 - 12:24 [sourceTV Demo] SotongTF2LAN vs Small Boy Team - cp_granary - 11:52 [sourceTV Demo] SotongTF2LAN vs Small Boy Team - cp_metalworks_rc5 - 12:23 [sourceTV Demo] SotongTF2LAN vs Small Boy Team (GOLDEN CAP) - cp_metalworks_rc5 - 12:55 [sourceTV Demo] Lower Bracket Round 2 Homely Hobos vs For Freak's Sake - cp_granary - 13:50 [sourceTV Demo] Homely Hobos vs For Freak's Sake (GOLDEN CAP) - cp_granary - 14:33 [sourceTV Demo] Homely Hobos vs For Freak's Sake - cp_snakewater - 14:55 [sourceTV Demo] Homely Hobos vs For Freak's Sake - koth_coalplant_b7 - 15:53 [sourceTV Demo] 6 Kings vs Small Boy Team - cp_gullywash_final1 - 13:50 [sourceTV Demo] 6 Kings vs Small Boy Team - cp_badlands - 14:34 [sourceTV Demo] Lower Bracket Round 3 Homely Hobos vs 6Kings - cp_badlands - 20:08 [sourceTV Demo] Homely Hobos vs 6Kings - cp_snakewater_final - 20:28 [sourceTV Demo] Semi-Finals Sharkbait vs coy - cp_snakewater_final - 17:17 [sourceTV Demo] Sharkbait vs coy - cp_process_final - 18:31 [sourceTV Demo] Sharkbait vs 6 Kings - cp_gullywash_final1 - 21:57 [sourceTV Demo] Sharkbait vs 6 Kings - cp_badlands - 22:21 [sourceTV Demo] Finals Coy vs 6 Kings - cp_snakewater_final - 23:59 [sourceTV Demo] Coy vs 6 Kings - cp_gullywash_final1 - 00:35 [sourceTV Demo] Coy vs 6 Kings - cp_process_final - 01:30 [sourceTV Demo] Coy vs 6 Kings - cp_gullywash_final1 - 02:08 [sourceTV Demo]
  5. 오늘 프랑스 랜 대회 Gamers Assembly가 개최되었습니다. 지금 바닐라TV에서 중계중인데(http://own3d.tv/vanillatv ), 일단 이 소식 들 대해 써 놓겠습니다. 출처 : 바닐라TV (http://www.vanillatf2.org/2012/04/lan-gamers-assembly/#more-26089 ) 일정 4월 7일 (CEST 시간 기준) 12시 30분 : 그룹 풀 리그 16시 15분 : 토너먼트. 20시 00분: 승자 결승. 4월 8일 (CEST 시간 기준) 9시: 패자조 경기. 11시: 패자 결승. 14시: 결승전 자세한 내용은 http://www.gamers-assembly.net/uploads/assets/ga2012/plannings/planning-tf2.pdf에서 보시면 됩니다(그런데 프랑스어.). 상금과 부상 우승 €1200 (1,926,792원) 5 boitiers CM Storm Enforcer par Coolermaster 1 boitier Cosmos 2 par Coolermaster 6 Norton Antivirus par Buykey 6 abonnements Canard PC 6 entrees Futuroscope FUTUROSCOPE 6 bons de reduction de 30% chez Buykey 준우승 €600 (963,396원) 6 boites Norton Antivirus par Buykey 6 abonnements Canard PC 6 entrees Futuroscope 6 KSK-3040 iBT : mini clavier bletooth pour iPad dans pochette Keysonic 3 Alimentation AURUM 400 par FSP 3 Alimentation AURUM 500 par FSP 6 bons de reduction de 30% chez Buykey 3위 €200 (321,132원) 6 boites Norton Antivirus par Buykey 6 abonnements Canard PC 6 entrees Futuroscope 6 KSK-5200 RFM Mini clavier sans fil trackpad et molette par Keysonic 6 bons de reduction de 30% chez Buykey 이번 대회 인터넷 생방송에 Warden(전 러시아팀 Team Insolence 소속)가 녹화를 맏게 되며, Pledge(유럽연합팀 Team Vertex 소속) + Admirable(전 유럽 팀포2 리그 ETF2L 메인 어드민이자, 전 유럽연합 프로게임팀 Karnage eSports 소속)가 중계를 맏게됩니다.