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    No life story,asiafortress,why would you want to know ?
  1. FagEx


  2. FagEx

    Masters of MGE Soldier Registration Page

    Nickname: FagEx Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FagEx/ Hours of TF2: 1409 (as of post) Challonge username: FagEx
  3. FagEx

    Coming Soon: Masters of MGE

    Won't it be funny if tharnos enters his own competition and wins the prize which comes from himself.
  4. My Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/FagEx But I currently have my exams up till this Thursday (15th May) And I'm interested in getting mentored after the 15th May So are you willing to mentor me?
  5. Alright, starting a new thread, old one got locked and I now need new mentors too As the title says, I need mentors for that over-jerking boston kid, american siao ka and the demo I would appreciate if you would want to mentor me and I'll try my best to learn. As I'm new and we all need to learn somewhere right?
  6. FagEx

    URGENT: Poll for CU@LAN

    You mus be abuv 1 cm to enter. And need a mental age of below 1 Can you make it xD?
  7. FagEx


    Nah, oneasiagamer item servers are up
  8. FagEx

    someone send help

    Lol come my house lah! jk
  9. FagEx

    someone send help

    Lol cyan, how are you in this situation? Whai you can't play TF2?????
  10. FagEx


    Heyo! Enjoy your stay!
  11. FagEx

    Lf< Soldier and Demo mentors

    Which yurisunshine are you? There's 2 Can add me? Cuz I can't tell who you are
  12. Imma looking for mentors to help improve the ability to scam other people of their sunbeam team captains kill people as that crazed american patriot and the scottish guy. Although, I don't know how mentoring works, so kindly brief me what to expect
  13. FagEx


    Oh hi absolute We have the same class interests!
  14. FagEx


    Hello Saki! Whai you remove me from your friends list xD? Hey Caldoran! I saw a FedEx truck drive past my house vroooom. Name hit me xD
  15. FagEx


    Ahahahahaha, I blame my friend -.- . He copied my name, and his dm is a lot better than mine . So sorry if you think I'm good cuz you played him.