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Found 4 results

  1. Exypnos

    Engineering Guide

    Hello there. My name is Exypnos, some may know me, some may not, but that's not the point. I have an Engineering Guide that I can share with you guys. The link is below. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=196570204
  2. gozieson

    HiGPS, strategies for TF2 players

    This is HiGPS (Heavy is General Problem Solver). He plays in Norway and mains sniper, and a very good one at that. He currently streams videos of him playing in UGC Highlander Silver division and also has an episodic series featuring weapons in TF2 and how to properly use them. Here is an example of his latest episode showing off replays of other players whom they sent to him to discuss the pros and cons of using certain weapons in TF2 and how to properly play a class. Keep in mind that the replays were sent to him and he uses them for discussion purposes only. For more info on his streaming schedule or to check out more videos of him, you can check out his twitch.tv page or youtube page. He also has a twitter page. Enjoy!
  3. I (am a Newbie)have recently joined the 'comp' (PUGGING) scene here in ASIA and meet a ton of new and interesting ppl, aswell as the occasional....unfriendlyness to new players ! These guys were just like you : Starting out in the competitive level, cus they really like this game. These gUys are not going to know all about the new Procedures in Pugs or basic Tactics, but the more they play in Pugs or scrims the more they can improve and give back to the community ! So give the new players the chance in Pugs or scrimmages plus: TF 2 has survived a HECK of a long time, mainly cus its a awesome game and cus of the commited community. But it will primarily continue to develop with a fresh and GROWIng player base ----> give the newbie the balllllll ! Just had to throw tht out there SUp ?
  4. Soulperception

    Soul's guide to pub medic (v0.5)

    Soul's guide to pub medic (v0.5) Abstract: "Some of you might just be like me, not really that keen into pugging. Some of you may just be regular pubbers, and you wonder how to win.You then recall that medics are the key to winning games. Given that there’re no other medics on the team, you instantly switch to medic.You build up your ubercharge to a nice 95%, only to get trapped and get raped by stickies.You then wonder, “How am I supposed to play this class well when it’s a 12v12?”." I've made a medic guide that appeals to the newer medics that are learning to play tf2 well. The guide, is however, not complete yet, as there may be many other points which i have yet to include. I'm also welcome to comments and constructive criticism, and I'm looking forward to improving this guide! Version: 0.5 Download link: http://bit.ly/SoulMedicGuide Todo list: -Title screenie -Screenshots for other sections -More explanation for selected sections -Update guide with future medic updates -Add section: "The Medic's Enemies" Acknowledgement: Edits: Pladicus, b1,cleric Thanks for pointing out the flaws and room for improvement so that this guide can be refined! Illustrations (to be updated): Master Blaster Thanks for taking time off to help me capture some screenies!