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  1. I (am a Newbie)have recently joined the 'comp' (PUGGING) scene here in ASIA and meet a ton of new and interesting ppl, aswell as the occasional....unfriendlyness to new players ! These guys were just like you : Starting out in the competitive level, cus they really like this game. These gUys are not going to know all about the new Procedures in Pugs or basic Tactics, but the more they play in Pugs or scrims the more they can improve and give back to the community ! So give the new players the chance in Pugs or scrimmages plus: TF 2 has survived a HECK of a long time, mainly cus its a awesome game and cus of the commited community. But it will primarily continue to develop with a fresh and GROWIng player base ----> give the newbie the balllllll ! Just had to throw tht out there SUp ?