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  1. Soulperception

    The heavy's nerf

    Tf2 had an update recently, could someone check the correctness of this? If the heavy can no longer drop a sandvich and regain half of his health, the heavies may need to have a change of tactics o.O
  2. Soulperception

    Soul's guide to pub medic (v0.5)

    Soul's guide to pub medic (v0.5) Abstract: "Some of you might just be like me, not really that keen into pugging. Some of you may just be regular pubbers, and you wonder how to win.You then recall that medics are the key to winning games. Given that there’re no other medics on the team, you instantly switch to medic.You build up your ubercharge to a nice 95%, only to get trapped and get raped by stickies.You then wonder, “How am I supposed to play this class well when it’s a 12v12?”." I've made a medic guide that appeals to the newer medics that are learning to play tf2 well. The guide, is however, not complete yet, as there may be many other points which i have yet to include. I'm also welcome to comments and constructive criticism, and I'm looking forward to improving this guide! Version: 0.5 Download link: http://bit.ly/SoulMedicGuide Todo list: -Title screenie -Screenshots for other sections -More explanation for selected sections -Update guide with future medic updates -Add section: "The Medic's Enemies" Acknowledgement: Edits: Pladicus, b1,cleric Thanks for pointing out the flaws and room for improvement so that this guide can be refined! Illustrations (to be updated): Master Blaster Thanks for taking time off to help me capture some screenies!
  3. Soulperception

    Asiafortress Second Koth_Ultiduo Tournament

    You can manually record demos by using the "record" & "stop" console commands. You may also want to install P-REC that'll automatically help you record demos and save killstreaks. (Link: http://orangad.com.ua/) I'm not sure if STV demos will be released for everyone though. :/
  4. Soulperception


    reinstall tf2
  5. Soulperception

    Hello, Help people

    Could you perhaps rephrase your question? I do not understand what you are trying to ask.
  6. Soulperception

    Is there a way to quickly switch between huds with a config?

    As far as I know, there could be a script that helps you execute two different HUDs, but my scripting skills aren't there yet. Did you do some googling?
  7. Soulperception

    Please allow the Boston Basher :(

    Just to correct you, It is allowed in AsiaFortress, it isn't allowed in AFL/Pug servers. One possible reason they disallowed it in AFL was probably since AFL wanted scouts to actually go out and deal/take some damage (i.e. scouting) and come back for healing, instead of staying with the medic. AFL doesn't just let classes use an unlock that other leagues have already implemented. The unlock under scrutiny will undergo some discussion, so if you still insist that the boston basher should be allowed, go ahead and give a few good reasons, I'm sure an admin will hear you out
  8. Soulperception

    Singapore TF2 gathering

    ami invited?
  9. Soulperception

    Help with rocket jumping

    To jump far without height, do the same rocket jump to a wall as you would against the ground. The sideways explosion will give you length instead of height. Rocket jumpers are quite useless imo, you should be seasoned with the stock rocket launcher. (Unless you want to have some fun with goomba-stomping )
  10. Soulperception

    Help with rocket jumping

    @deliaren I have only bound the script to the mouse2 key. Again, you can jump it your own way by pressing the jump, duck and shoot keys in any order you want.
  11. Soulperception

    Help with rocket jumping

    A bind will solve your problems. The following script is taken from the edited version of natapon's competitive config files (http://code.google.com/p/tf2compconfiguration/): Otherwise, if you do not want to be reliant on scripts, you may need to make sure that your keyboard/mouse are functioning properly and your fps is slightly high. With practice, you will then be able to produce rocket jumps quite consistently. Good luck
  12. Soulperception

    Medic's Syringe gun rate of fire

    fine. :'(
  13. Soulperception

    Medic's Syringe gun rate of fire

    Hi again =) I'm sure that many people who play TF2 enable auto-reload. However, there might actually be some benefits for making the effort to hold down reload. The following tests were performed with tournament settings, and was repeated 3 times. A demo is recorded for each run, and then replayed in the demoui frame-by-frame to record the start and end ticks. Not holding reload: Holding reload: Given that 10 syringes are fired every 1 second, holding reload will make you fire at a rate of 8 to 9 syringes every second. As shown, holding reload can slow down the rate of fire (although not that significant), which may 'save' ammo. However, the opponent will not be able to die as fast. Any comments?
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