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Biggest Gaming Festival (LAN party) is happening at Damansara, Malaysia

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So, E-sports Malaysia along with other medias and sponsors (Astro, JOMgaming, eGG etc.) in Malaysia is going to host the biggest gaming festival in Malaysia. I'm with close contact with the main organizers and they are willing to give me 24 seats reserved for us. If anyone is interested please do reply to this thread or just PM me on steam. The faster we can confirm number of participants the better as we can arrange tourney for TF2 and also have fun in general as a community. 

Details yet to be announced but i'm close friends with the organizers but if you guys curious here's some details that has already be announced.



https://www.facebook.com/riniebinramli/videos/10155952023659994/ (This guy is the Secretary General of E-sports Malaysia)


This LAN is just a bigger scale then the annual CyberFusion LAN party that is held annually in Malaysia.

Details about CyberFusion:-










The LAN will be held on 24th till the 26th November, Is a 3 days non-stop LAN party. Location will be at Empire Damasara Petaling Jaya. I don't mind helping out with food, accommodations and transport for anyone in the Asiafortress community or the Asian TF2 community in general. Unfortunately i can't speak for the players who would like to come Kuala Lumpur by flight but if you can sort out the plane tickets i can help with the rest. Please do PM if your interested. 

I have also been given a deadline by 4th of November to confirm the 24 seats. So if possible the sooner the better. We can sort out accommodations later. Just let me know if you're interested to join. 


P/S: You don't have to ONLY play TF2. It's an open LAN party. If you guys want to play another game with your friends go ahead. Let's make this event a general meet up for the community :)


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Nice to hear some response. I was having an idea where we will maybe get like a PUG system during the LAN event and have players facing each other. 


If we not able to get 24 players then we will just make do with the number of players we have there. I was thinking if there isn't like a set team going maybe we can get the players gather over there and have like a PUG system going. Example we get like div 1 player and seed him/her as the captain then we do like a random team generator and get 4 teams to go against each other. The players will be seeded by their skill and class. (This is just an idea if we have interested players but unable to form a team together in time)

Also, it's a BYOC party but if you guys have trouble bringing your rig over i can help you guys look into PC rentals. (You can also bring your consoles)

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14 hours ago, altaria said:

any news on costs? or a rough estimate?

If you don't mind me asking where are you from? As for now the only thing you have to worry about is the flight ticket. I think i'm able to help with accommodations and also transportation wise. Worse case i can say prepare at least 200 ringgit malaysia for transport+accommodations. Event tickets i'm also in talks with the organizers to see if i can get better price for us

7 hours ago, ev is a name too short?? said:

do we have to bring monitor as well? or just pc+peripherals

monitors as well but like last year's event they had some monitors standby for the event. i can check with the event organizers and update you on it.

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On 10/28/2017 at 11:16 AM, Octoyaki said:

At least two of my team members and myself will be attending LAN! Can we get some information on PC rentals? Thank you!

Sure. Currently talking to a friend of mine and discussing the right price. Will get the best quote by end of this week most likely. It should be around 50-100 ringgit per day

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42 minutes ago, GongTheCrafter said:

I'm definitely going. Also is the party happening for all 3 days?

Yup. 3 days non stop gaming.


Add me on Steam. Compiling the list of confirmed players. 

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