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  1. http://twitch.tv/CappingTV will be casting
  2. Mitch

    AFC 13 Cast Requests

    Cast Team Name (if any): CappingTV Stream Link: http://twitch.tv/CappingTV Casters: Snazzy Heebs Zildjian Aqua ALT Mikcow and Maybe Яednaxela Remarks (if any):obviously we're mostly Australian so the timezones can be a bit dodgy.
  3. Whaddup you rang? We've been trying to talk to TFTV (I'm a bloody staff), it ain't happening. TFLIVE / CappingTV is our best bet for international coverage. I could try and talk to TFTV again, but chances are slim. From the side of CappingTV we've been quite open to cover matches that show interest to people, and our Oceania casters are quite fond of the Asian scene. We hope that we can continue to help out AsiaFortress and hope that the admins continue to support us in doing that. TFTV though don't seem to be interested. However it would be a nice suggestion to have a journalist to update people (like concor). your really funny lol
  4. CappingTV will be broadcasting this match tonight - http://twitch.tv/CappingTV GL HF
  5. Mitch

    Round 2: TEAM FORTRESS 2 vs This Team

    CappingTV are intending to cast this match, http://twitch.tv/CappingTV
  6. Mitch

    AFC12 Cast Requests

    Cast Team Name (if any): CappingTV Stream Link: http://twitch.tv/CappingTV http://twitch.tv/CappingTV2 Casters: changes from time to time
  7. CappingTV are intending to cast this, Casters: Snazzy and Bunneez Analyst: Aqua Cameraman: Mitch twitch.tv/CappingTV
  8. Mitch

    Round 6: 2years vs Technology Eclipse

    CappingTV will be covering this match, casted by YourWishes and Bunneez, produced by Mitch I love my phone, it loves to do fucking tricks on me
  9. Mitch

    Round 2: Shufflee vs nubsquad

    From what I saw, both teams forfeited the match as k1ng was too busy swearing at eachother, it ended up as 5 a piece.