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  1. MeguLyX

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    Let's be honest here, almost nobody would use their subs in a match, especially in playoffs (exception to a Div2 team because their leader got banned *wink*). Limiting the roster to 8 just limits the amount of people receiving the badge. There are so many instances where a team has online subs and even ROSTERED PLAYERS (AFE), they choose to use mercs. What's this about "if you use a merc, I get to use a merc too." Complete misuse of the concept. As I suggested before, limit the amount of subs in a division. It's obvious that the higher division you're in the more time you need to spend practicing. The players that spend more time in the game are typically also in higher divisions. Div3 should be set to 12 people, div2 10 and maybe div1 at 8. There shouldn't be any excuse for div3 leaders to say that 7/12 people in your team can't play the whole week. People would know that the person played or roster rided for the badge. There's really no need to prevent people who don't play to get the badge. It's up to the team leaders to decide anyway.
  2. MeguLyX

    Grand Finals: Delayed Last Minute vs A%%

    Why are we the away team edit: thanks for changing
  3. MeguLyX

    [DIV 3] Top players in div 3?

    Woah woah woah don't be the next jok3r Inb4 2nd place
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    Can we stop 6s?
  5. MeguLyX

    Round 4: Delayed Last Minute vs A%%

    Match to be played sat 9:30 gmt+8
  6. Pug = Pickup Game, where you play 6s with a bunch of random people for fun shana= Nietono no Shana, which is one of the pug servers
  7. 1. Don't pug in Shana 2. Watch videos on 6s 3. Don't pug in Shana 4. Read ALL the rules 5. Don't pug in Shana 6. Go pug in Pure Novice 7. Don't break the rules if not you'll get a ban ez 8. Then pug in Shana
  8. MeguLyX

    Toxic community

    I don't see how the community is toxic, please give me a good example of someone
  9. MeguLyX

    [DIV 3] Top players in div 3?

  10. MeguLyX

    [DIV 3] Top players in div 3?

  11. With last week's Division 3 Grand Finals, AFC 13 has finally drawn to a close! Congratulations to AYAM PENYET for proving that Division 3 did, in fact, DID NOT stand a chance. We've heard your feedback (unless you haven't posted it, in which case head over here) and taken it into consideration, so stay tuned for changes coming to a league near you!
  12. Many people feel like the roster limit is a problem, and here may be a better way to fix it. Since theres so many participants in Division 3, might as well increase the player count, as it won't make much difference. The commitment level of each player should be lower in the lower divisions, so having sub slots are necessary. As for Division 1, the commitment and time put in has to be more, so I don't really see a need for so many subs (maybe 8?). Maybe the admins can restrict the roster limit based on division.
  13. MeguLyX


    Maybe try mixing against div2s
  14. Hope they accept a Div3 Demoman :^) edit: gg family got holiday