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  1. Octoyaki

    Division 2

    Team Name: UMU Player Name: Mance SteamID64: 76561198190535741 Logs: http://logs.tf/2127113#76561198190535741 Week 3 http://logs.tf/2127129#76561198190535741 Week 3 Player Name: Himari SteamID64: 76561198086901206 Logs: http://logs.tf/2165191#76561198086901206 Lower Bracket Finals http://logs.tf/2165219#76561198086901206 Lower Bracket Finals Player Name: Starvox SteamID64: 76561197991918886 Logs: http://logs.tf/2165191#76561197991918886 Lower Bracket Finals http://logs.tf/2165219#76561197991918886 Lower Bracket Finals Player Name: Starli SteamID64: 76561198138883788 Logs: http://logs.tf/2165191#76561198138883788 Lower Bracket Finals http://logs.tf/2165219#76561198138883788 Lower Bracket Finals Player Name: Nameloc SteamID64: 76561198153209264 Logs: http://logs.tf/2160018#76561198153209264 Lower Bracket Semifinals http://logs.tf/2160048#76561198153209264 Lower Bracket Semifinals Player Name: Dmn SteamID64: 76561198263090613 Logs: http://logs.tf/2165191#76561198263090613 Lower Bracket Finals http://logs.tf/2165219#76561198263090613 Lower Bracket Finals Player Name: Veron SteamID64: 76561198096457803 Logs: http://logs.tf/2165191#76561198096457803 Lower Bracket Finals http://logs.tf/2165219#76561198096457803 Lower Bracket Finals Player Name: Alpy SteamID64: 76561198108851779 Logs: http://logs.tf/2127113#76561198108851779 Week 3 http://logs.tf/2127129#76561198108851779 Week 3 Player Name: Sannyside SteamID64: 76561198044136090 Logs: http://logs.tf/2122009#76561198044136090 Week 2 http://logs.tf/2122031#76561198044136090 Week 2 Player Name: Megu SteamID64: 76561198261853505 Logs: http://logs.tf/2122009#76561198261853505 Week 2 http://logs.tf/2122031#76561198261853505 Week 2
  2. Octoyaki

    Round 1: UMU vs ExtremeSaigonese

    Hi there, Extreme Saigonese has forfeited to UMU for this week's match. All the best to Extreme Saigonese for the rest of the season!
  3. Octoyaki

    Round 3: The High Road vs Chordus

    THR won Product 3-2 4F won Prolands 2-0 THR used zysf as a merc with permission from 4F. GGWP!
  4. At least two of my team members and myself will be attending LAN! Can we get some information on PC rentals? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, a friend and I are keen on getting started on ultiduo. Neither of us have comp experience though, and we're not even sure if there are any servers in Asia for newcomers to practice ultiduo on. If anyone has any advice/recommendations, we'd be grateful. Thank you!