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  1. ping in asia dictates matches ono http://logs.tf/1933229#76561198157178818 why do i have 200 ping on afl hk singtel and why did my team make me soldier with 200 ping 4-0 http://logs.tf/1933262#76561198157178818 koreans 6-1 http://logs.tf/1933229#76561198157178818 prinny dont make me ever play on 200 ping team
  2. 9pm gmt 8 19/1/2018
  3. http://logs.tf/1928206#76561198157178818 7-2 snake ppp http://logs.tf/1928180#76561198157178818 6-2 process ppp prinny used ifon merc http://steamcommunity.com/id/enailluj/
  4. concorde /thread
  5. Saturday 10pm 13/1/18 1 map afl hk 1 map shana
  6. Team Name: Prinny Pirate Plunderers Countries: Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Japan Preferred Division: 1 Team Steam Group URL: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/1204713571367150 Team Captain(s) (Name / Steam ID / Profile URL): LERL / STEAM_0:1:69180430 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/LERLPA K1lled / STEAM_0:0:98456545 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/K1lled69 Players (Name / Steam ID / Profile URL): pandemiC / STEAM_0:0:27837866 / https://steamcommunity.com/id/pandemicxlr bio / STEAM_0:1:56326609 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072918947 Smily / STEAM_0:0:57436733 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075139194/ Rising / STEAM_0:1:166920365 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/t4ph/ moosepi / STEAM_0:1:32561601 / https://steamcommunity.com/id/moosepi banana / STEAM_0:0:67506493 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095278714 killer / STEAM_0:0:57155685/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074577098 "Nice kill Killer" said K1lled
  7. I now won't cut him
  8. LERL \ˈlər(-ə)l\ The more sophisticated version of lol Looking at Lerl's TF2 career would make anyone laugh out loud; in the short span of a year, Lerl has managed to clock in one of the most successful resumes in Asiafortress and has had arguably the most meteoric rise to the top. Despite being part of the new influx of latent talent that started in AFC 10, one that represents a new generation of Asian TF2, Lerl distinguishes himself through his rapid improvement, having become a top demoman within 3 seasons. Lerl's rise to the top symbolises the never-ending quest to win, personified in his journey from 3rd in Div 3 to one of the best teams in Asia, yet not quite the best. Every time he reached one level of success, he was forced to take on another challenge that no one else could finish. So far he has passed every test presented before him, but how does he proceed from here? The original impetus that propelled Lerl into Asian TF2 was with BRG. Already in Week 1, he was granted a taste of the high of competitive TF2 when Rednexxala casted his match against rivals TMG. Steadily, BRG established themselves as a top Div 3 team. Alas, despite being granted a free FFW by TechE, they were unable to win a single match in playoffs, being eliminated by eventual champions TMG in the lower bracket. Here, Lerl's Achilles heel has already started to rear it's head: His indecisiveness and weak mental game. In the first map vs TMG in playoffs, Lerl was playing pocket for his team. Yet upon losing that map, the team decided to switch Lerl back onto medic. While it's impossible to know how much of the decision was on Lerl, this is the first example where he displayed a distinct lack of confidence in himself and his abilities. And yet, this seemed not to matter by the advent of AFC 11. Together with longtime teammate Ifun, Lerl created the new super team for Div 2, with him showing rapid improvement in terms of deathmatching and decision making. He wasn’t a prodigy in the mold Aishou, or possessed huge amounts of natural talent but whatever innate skill he possessed when he began playing TF2, it was soon eclipsed by his work ethic. Especially during AFC 11, every night one would find Lerl scrimming with his team or playing with some sort of mix without fail; the pinoy simply loved playing TF2. As a result, TCF quickly found themselves as the undefeated champions of Division 2, only dropping 2 maps over the entire season. One to TMG in Week 2 before they had their final roster, and another to their closest rivals TechE on their best map in the UBF. The very fact that it was considered amazing that TechE managed to win a map at all, speaks volumes to the dominance that TCF displayed over its run. By this point, while Lerl was not hard carrying his team ( players like vetia, Ifun and Itache were all playing very well ), he had shown complete mastery over the rest of his peers, and his all around play was strong enough to cover his weaknesses; he was ready to face the upper echelon. Thus, the core of TCF was brought into Div 1 and forming Supa Strikas, picking up superstar scout Fwishy along the way. With their strong base play of Lerl and Fwishy, coupled with Ifun's maincalling, the team cruised to playoffs. Despite finding some trouble with AMC, the team quickly found themselves in the grand final, where xiao was waiting. Sadly, it was a swift 3-0 win to xiao , who barely broke a sweat while doing so. Behind the scenes, things were far from pleasant. Ifun's lack of motivation, coupled with an ever changing roster and almost never playing scrims, simply resulted in them being unable to properly challenge xiao despite the amount of talent on paper. Lerl's biggest strength has always been his raw deathmatching ability and gamesense. He tends to play passive roles in his teams, yet he is able to playing it to nigh perfection; knowing how to survive without heals while being a high impact player. When he has been feeling confident, he can outright carry the game for you. Furthermore, playing within Ifun's system of maincalling has definitely contributed towards his success, showing his ability to play well under clear and firm direction. Finally, it cannot be understated Lerl's drive to win and improve himself Although his motivation had a tendency to dip, he was one of the few players on Supa Strikas who was constantly playing and improving his game. By this point, it is a game of diminishing returns. His mechanical skill and ingame play is rated very highly , and rightfully so, but the one hurdle he has yet to overcome is his weak mental game. Lerl has never shown the resilience to meet every challenge boldly, instead oftimes opting to give up and accept defeat. He has never been the one who shows initiative by leading by example and persistently trying new ways to solve the proble. He simply prefers to let others make a decision without him or resort to passive aggressiveness. Without a commanding presence, Lerl's game quickly detoriates, as he enters a cycle of self deprecation. Despite all this, Lerl is still the one you should pin your hopes on dethroning the firmly established top scene. The problem is that Lerl has never been in this situation before; he's always been in a comfortable state where he's clearly the best, and if not he's always had Ifun and his confident maincalling with him. Now, the duo have finally separated , with Ifun electing to play other classes, and Lerl has to learn to stand on his own two feet. If his goal is to become a good TF2 player, he has already long since accomplished this. His goal is to become the best TF2 player he can be, and so far he hasn't fully displayed the dedication and grit to overcome the perpetual roadblocks that confront those who aim to become the best. With xiao potentially becoming even more dominant with the addition of Fwishy into their roster, Lerl has to change. If he ever hopes to beat them, he has to grow as a player and as a person, and become a superstar. When I say superstar, I'm not just thinking of good players, I'm thinking of one man armies who could legitimately win any game through their incredible talent and indomitable will; they are practically able to push, drag and force their teams through elite opponents, especially when things aren't going right. The nuance of superstars is that you know they will perform in every match and against any level of opponent. This is the difference between superstars, and good players like Lerl; he's great in terms of his stable performances and ability to rack up damage and kills, but at times not having as much impact in the kind of games from which superstars are expected to elevate their teams to greater heights. In essence, when his team won Lerl looked dominant, when they lost he seemed to go missing. While never letting his team down and continuing to be a stable source of damage, when their backs were against the wall in the he never looked like the player to kick-start the comeback for his team. Mechanically Lerl is a beast, with consistent performances across every map. He never seems to struggle but on the flip side, he never seems to be the difference maker. In other words, he always seems to be a background character when his skills warrant him to be leading the charge. In fact, Lerl at times has a tendency to underperforming or tilt under pressure; He lacks the inner strength to say "I don’t think I’m the best, but I don’t think there is anyone better" (olofm). He's great when things are going well, but when shit hits the fan, as it inevitably will against teams like xiao, what can he bring to the table? Lerl's conundrum is one that should be studied as it deals with the most fundamental problem of competition. I don't know if he will ever reach his ultimate goals, but if Lerl is to once again elevate his play to another level, and become the superstar he is destined to be, he has to first conquer himself. PS I have a blog https://k1lledblog.wordpress.com
  9. I rmb in AFC 10, the playoff prediction and overview articles really hyped ppl up for the season. In AFC 11 , I was specifically looking forward to my team being covered in that small article. Obviously there was no such thing present this season, so it would be neat to have these small little tidbits to return , if only to make us look good, and to leave a good impression on newbies.
  10. They don't realise I'm the biggest cuck of all Played on saturday 9pm 7/11 smh I prefer cheers
  11. We supposed to ban first but whatever.. konma the real mk bans gully process > snake > gran > badlands > reckoner Postponed til next week or asap
  12. <3 harvey
  13. written by K1lled and ev for fun More Asiafortress Cup Division 2 action is coming your way with teams ERA and Sapnu Puas locked in a do-or-die match for a spot in the grand finals, where team Konma the Real MK await them! Unlike the previous season, where TCF only dropped 2 maps across the whole season, there is no major favourite with each team dropping maps to another; any team can clinch the gold. Will Sapnu Puas win their match with harvey... on scout? Will ERA replicate their earlier BO3 victory? Will the honkies ever get out of Div 2? We’ll let you draw your own conclusions after we lay the teams out: Konma the Real MK Konma the Real MK is probably the team that brings the most winning DNA, emerging as the winner of the regular season and coming off a 2-0 win against team ERA. The honkies have a long and illustrious history, with their rosters always attaining top placings in Division 2. This season, their roster looks to be a sort of mixed breed of last season's runner-up TechE with some veterans to produce a unique dynamic playstyle that is always entertaining to watch. Having been together for so long, these players have displayed a great amount of chemistry which enables them to cooperate and coordinate plays at a high level when coupled together with their consistent deathmatching ability. There is no singular carry, with every player being able to win the game on a good day. Central to the dynasty are Konma and Banana, who have been playing together as a duo for years now. Konma is a passive yet intelligent player, playing a bdonski-esque role of knowing how to survive without heals, yet always having a huge impact in fights. On the other hand, Banana is a highly potent roaming soldier in his own right, with strong deathmatching and good sacrificial plays. However, he is most potent when the opportunity arises for him to snipe, being widely acclaimed for nigh-godly sniper aim. While these 2 are the progenitors of the dynasty, the new blood of dreamerung and K1lled have helped to power this team into the upper echelons of Division 2. K1lled’s consistently high damage output in addition to his gung-ho approach to maincalling gives this team that aggressive edge and style teams find hard to counter. Meanwhile, dreamerung improved leaps and bounds over the previous season and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. His aim and potency are unquestionable, as can be seen by him consistently top fragging in every game. That is not to say that mop isn’t a good player. In fact, he is one of the more experienced players, having played multiple classes at a high level and continues to pound despite playing on 200 ping. The final player is iMauriceiNoob (he has never changed his steam alias, look at his profile), having achieved third place in Division 1 last season, is still going strong with good surfs and arrows (despite his tendency to drop). There’s enough talent, heritage and experience here to beat any team. They are not invincible though, and their signature aggressive, balls to the wall style may be their downfall. The higher the risk, the higher the reward and when a push goes awry, they can fall flat on their faces. ERA Don’t let that 2-0 loss to Konma the Real MK fool you, ERA is still a very dangerous team with the potential to win it all. ERA was founded by Striker in the off season of AFC 11 and looked very different back then, with their starting lineup having Ghosty on medic and Striker on scout. However, what was then an uncertain project has turned into a championship contender with a stacked roster filled with experienced players. The aforementioned leader, Striker, is the cornerstone of the team has played at a high level on many different classes. This season alone he has played roamer, pocket and currently medic. No matter what class he’s on, he can be counted on to perform. The talent of Slayer, Surf and momotan (ie tharnos) is widely acclaimed and for good reason, they have a wealth of experience as compared to the other players and have been considered top players season after season. Although their chemistry as a unit could do some work, individually all of these players do and are expected to perform in order for their team to win. (and like have you seen them godlike dm omg) Slayer and Surf have won Division 2 before in AFC 10 with Fruit Salad and are back to win it all once again. Momotan has always been known for his legendary mge and deathmatching ability on soldier and has translated them seamlessly to scout. Having been benched during playoffs by TechE, former Overflow leader pozi is back to show that he can stand with the greats. It cannot be denied that he has improved greatly over this season and plays his role as pocket scout to a high level, consistently getting many kills. Finally, rounding up their roster is yet another first place finish, this time in Division 1. Floaty is not only a Division 1 Champion, he is also an amazing jumper. His jumping and playmaking ability is unrivaled in Division 2 and it is this fact that allows this team to excel. His unique and fast approach to bombs ofttimes throws enemy gamers into confusion, never quite knowing when that big bomb will come in until it’s too late. Unlike the other teams who lean heavily to either side of the spectrum, ERA lies mostly in the middle, not particularly favouring an aggressive nor passive style while still capable of both. Their style is designed specifically to allow their playmakers to shine, with the role players being disciplined for their sake. While their tactics can be predictable at times, they are executed to such a high degree that it doesn’t even matter. Tactics such as double soldier bombs at mid or bombing Floaty in during stalemates can be expected. Overall, their experience allows them to automatically attain a high level, but it remains to be seen if they can improve their chemistry. sapnu puas So team harvey on dem.. I mean sapnu puas prides themselves on playing a structured style which ensures them to consistently build rounds. As previously alluded to, the original project was to have harvey play his first season on Demoman but recent circumstances regarding one of their Australians, sage, has meant that harvey and repulse have reprised their “main” classes of Scout and Demoman respectively. The obvious name that sticks out has to be the team’s pocket: Itache. Having had a dominant season with TCF, winning first place, has been somehow dragged out of retirement to prove that he is no one trick pony. His recent victory means that he is one of the main sources of excitement surrounding this team for playoffs and rightfully so, his godlike deathmatching ability and being the heal tank translated into his team being a few rounds away from beating ERA. Together with repulse, they make up the main damage output of the team. Speaking of repulse, despite mainly playing Soldier in recent times, he is no slouch on Demoman and has had numerous top placings previous seasons. Playing with such a heal-heavy pocket, repulse has the experience and gamesense necessary to know which fights to take and how to survive. He can be relied upon as the backbone of this team. apples and harvey have both dabbled in OZF and played IM so their exposure to different styles of play will come in handy. apples is a well-known player, having won Division 2 with Fruit Salad and has played Division 1 with AMC before. He plays his flank scout role intelligently and coordinates with his roamer to great effect. harvey is back on scout for playoffs and plays his pocket scout role dutifully. He doesn’t have the biggest numbers, nor does he have insane dm, but he has the discipline to use his brain to win games by choosing to take intelligent fights where he has an advantage of some sort. Don’t forget his ability to utilize classes like spy to surprise opponents. Coming in to fill the roamer spot is Corto, an who most recently attained third place in Division 3 with The Mighty Smurfers last season. It remains to be seen how much he can adjust to the roamer role in a short span of time. Last but not least is the medic with tons of OZF experience smeso. Having been playing since OWL 10 in 2013, he brings a fresh set which has shaped the team’s unique identity. Always staying alive, relying not on movement but on smart positioning. While nudity is not appreciated in Asiafortress, their team certainly is! In comparison to the previous 2 teams, Sapnu puas is a lot more regimented and strict and this can be seen in their play during stalemates. Unlike the typical Asian style of blowing things up with a soldiers sac or an Uber trade, this team prefers to use other forms to slowly build up advantages. Tactics such as running an offclass like sniper, spy or even heavy have been utilised to a great degree in the past. Teams will find it hard to catch their players off guard as each player knows exactly what role they are supposed to play. While it may appear more boring to the casual observer, it cannot be denied that they play it well and this is why they’ve made it this far into the season. However, the chemistry built up over the season has been compromised slightly with the recent roster changes. If Sapnu puas manage to snag the title right from under everyone’s noses, we might be obliged to then send a pic or two.. It is undeniable that these 3 teams are the best in the division. With the lower bracket finals taking place tommorow, make sure you tune in to the match and see which team will emerge victorious for a final chance for the gold! And of course, let's hope that we get close and exciting games. After all, where’s the fun in a 5-0 tmg-esque stomping ground?
  14. saturday 9pm konma bans reckoner e r a bans gran process decider
  15. Postpone next time