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  1. Justintayz12345

    Grand Finals: ت vs Prinny Pirate Plunderers

    hi Ler l
  2. Justintayz12345


    I'm suing you for plagiarism. My lawyers will contact you within 7 working days. I will fight until I've taken everything you own. Good day sir
  3. Justintayz12345

    AsiaFortress Cup 13: Conclusion

    AFlan pog
  4. Justintayz12345

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    more articles/hype on the main page perhaps, oftimes people are only in the know of the ongoings in the season that they are participating in. This is especially so for Div 1 players not knowing anything about div 3, and vice versa. And generally, more hype is a great thing for image, especially for newer players. I know it personally read AFC 10 writeups , and got stoked. In fact, being in a write up was a motivation for me. Of course I probably should have written something, but having articles on main page is really cool.
  5. http://logs.tf/1984836#76561198157178818 prinny win product 3-2 http://logs.tf/1984871#76561198157178818 esg win process 3-2 http://logs.tf/1984906#76561198157178818 prinny win snake 3-2 I went from 120 to 30 ping omegalul
  6. Justintayz12345

    AFC 13: Transfer Window 2

    Add: Player Name (with Steam ID & Steam URL): Sun / STEAM_0:1:57613320 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075492369 Original Team or Not Currently Participating: Anuj Fan Club Destination Team: Prinny Pirate Plundererers Destination Team Division: Justification or Additional Notes: Remove: Player Name (with Steam ID & Steam URL):Rising / STEAM_0:1:166920365 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/t4ph/ Original Team or Not Currently Participating:prinny Destination Team: Destination Team Division: Justification or Additional Notes: LERL TOLD ME TO DO THIS
  7. Prinny won reckoner 5-0 http://logs.tf/1967670#76561198157178818 (loaded wrong config, played out the last round but no logs) Prinny won product 3-0 http://logs.tf/1967689#76561198157178818
  8. Justintayz12345

    AFC 13 Cast Requests

    Match Week: Any Cast Team Name (if any): Stream Link: twitch.tv/k1lled_tf Casters: me Teams being casted:
  9. Justintayz12345

    Round 4: Prinny Pirate Plunderers vs sapnu puas

    5-2 both maps to the Prinny Pirate pluuuuuuundeeeeereeeeers http://logs.tf/1948080#76561198157178818 http://logs.tf/1948097#76561198157178818 Didn't use mercs ha
  10. Justintayz12345

    Round 2: eat sleep game vs Prinny Pirate Plunderers

    ping in asia dictates matches ono http://logs.tf/1933229#76561198157178818 why do i have 200 ping on afl hk singtel and why did my team make me soldier with 200 ping 4-0 http://logs.tf/1933262#76561198157178818 koreans 6-1 http://logs.tf/1933229#76561198157178818 prinny dont make me ever play on 200 ping team
  11. Justintayz12345

    Round 2: eat sleep game vs Prinny Pirate Plunderers

    9pm gmt 8 19/1/2018
  12. Justintayz12345

    Round 1: Prinny Pirate Plunderers vs Quantum Force 5

    http://logs.tf/1928206#76561198157178818 7-2 snake ppp http://logs.tf/1928180#76561198157178818 6-2 process ppp prinny used ifon merc http://steamcommunity.com/id/enailluj/
  13. Justintayz12345

    [DIV 3] Top players in div 3?

    concorde /thread
  14. Justintayz12345

    Round 1: Prinny Pirate Plunderers vs Quantum Force 5

    Saturday 10pm 13/1/18 1 map afl hk 1 map shana