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  1. b10

    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Player Ban

    Bring back Aza the hack detector and investigator
  2. b10

    AFC11 Server Bookings

    Name: bio Team Name: 2yrs Team Playing Against: The Chess Foundation Server Area (SG/HK): SG Server # (0/1/2/3/4/5): 01 Booking Start Time: 10th March, Friday, 9:15pm GMT+8 Booking End Time: 10th March, Friday, 11:15pm GMT+8 Any Remarks: -
  3. b10: any update? xd lerl: asking nasis team lerl: we fighting them this week lerl: so have to coordinate b10: okiii lerl: ok we can friday march 10 gmt +8 9:30 alright ill post on forum Confirmed match time Friday 10th March 9:30pm GMT+8 b10: hi hopps as of now repulse is away so he cant post on forums, requesting permission to post schedule on his behakf Hopps: sure Got permission from div admin to post on behalf of leader for scheduling
  4. b10

    AFC 11 Transfer Window 1

    Player Name (with Steam ID & Steam URL): KSc / STEAM_0:0:19184218 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/KSenC/ Mafu / STEAM_0:1:35643645 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/mafutsk/ Original Team or Not Currently Participating: 2years Destination Team: none Destination Team Division: none Justification or Additional Notes: removing from roster Player Name (with Steam ID & Steam URL): Winstone / STEAM_0:0:65630974 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/pewpewxd/ duel / STEAM_0:0:42478406 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045222540/ brandon / STEAM_0:1:20425040 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/nmyarskzn/ kier / STEAM_0:0:42845644 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kierage/ Original Team or Not Currently Participating:none Destination Team: 2years Destination Team Division: 2 Justification or Additional Notes: replacement for the players we are removing from the roster. Some of our original players will also not be available between March and April.
  5. b10

    AFC11 Server Bookings

    Name: bio Team Name: 2yrs Team Playing Against: The Mighty Gibuses Server Area (SG/HK): SG Server # (0/1/2/3/4/5): 1 Booking Start Time: February 26 8:45pm GMT +8 Booking End Time: February 26 10:45pm GMT +8 Any Remarks: -
  6. b10

    Round 3: 2years vs Aetiology

    gullywash 5-5 tie http://logs.tf/1646452#76561198072918947 snakewater 5-0 to 2yrs (4-0 and 1-0 separately due to wrong config at the start) http://logs.tf/1646469#76561198072918947 http://logs.tf/1646475#76561198072918947 Merc used for 2yrs: vetia gg
  7. b10

    AFC11 Server Bookings

    Name: bio Team name: 2yrs Team Playing Against: aetiology Server Area: SG Server# : 1 Booking Start Time: Sunday 19th February 1:45 pm GMT+8 Booking End Time: Sunday 19th February 3:45 pm GMT+8
  8. b10

    AFC11 Server Bookings

    Name: bio Team Name: 2yrs Team Playing Against: Steal Your Job Server Area: SG Server Number: 2 Booking Start Time: Saturday, 11th Febuary 8:45pm GMT+8 Booking End Time: Saturday, 11th Febuary 10:45pm GMT+8 Any Remarks: --
  9. Being in the army can be a terrible thing. You’re always bored, tired, bored of being tired or tired of being bored, and the only solace you have is the weekend, where you could still be bored. To find some relief in this terrible time, the weekend team of 2years was formed. With a majority of its players stuck in camp during working days, the team itself hasn’t had much opportunity to practice, but given they’re all experienced players (read “sandbagging”), they’ll definitely give Division 2 a run for its money! we dont sandbag all of us do not like to us real life rifle
  10. b10

    Frag Clip :D

    Asked Saki to make one for me and here it is, thanks alot again buddy :] as well as Tensei for helping with the song mashup ^^
  11. Team Name(s)/Number(s): Team Weeaboo (2 of Group A) Role (Player/Mentor/Backup/Backup Mentor): Mentor 1. Was the event overall a positive experience for you? Yeap 2. What did you think of the event timing? (Too early/too late/too long?) I think for 5 games 2:30 is an alright timing, however any delays would probably result in backups almost always being needed since dinner for certain players could be an issue, so perhaps making it earlier or spreading it over 2 days would be better 3. In what areas do you think we did right for the event? Prior information to the event is sufficiently detailed, teams were evenly balanced for the most part as well 4. What are the things which could have been done better? Not much other than maybe time issues stated in 2. 5. How much do you feel like you've improved after playing in the event? (Player/Backup) How much do you feel the newcomers in your team have improved during the event? (Mentor/Backup Mentor) I can say for sure the technicalities such as rollouts and terms used for places are a definite improvement, teamplay wise not as much but that comes with practice 6. How do you feel about the mentors/players who were assigned to your team? Me (bio) and slayer were pretty much very chill and trying to help for the most part, but I have to admit to raising my voice at certain players for reasons such as not listening to repeated comms, mentees overzealous shouting at one another etc. Hope these were faults that needed more to be addressed My mentees albeit their problems were pretty spirited and most of them researched 6s beforehand so props to them, they also were willing to listen which I am happy about, regardless of whether they implemented them or not. 7. Any other suggestions/feedback? A certain amount of hours should be implemented. This is because if we let players with eg. 100 hours participate they probably need to learn more about tf2 itself rather than 6s first. Any additonal mentoring needed for this would probably stifle or delay the matches as well, as what I personally experienced. Lastly thanks to the admin team for organizing this , really great job out there