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  1. Bring back Aza the hack detector and investigator
  2. process 7-2 to t9k http://logs.tf/932224 logjam 3-1 to t9k http://logs.tf/932301 gg
  3. 0000: hi bio 0000: sunday 9pm? b10 [isla <3]: cannot 930 ah b10 [isla <3]: or u guys need 9pm b10 [isla <3]: ? 0000 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join. 0000: 9.30 should be fine 0000: but must on time ok 0000: fishee needs to sleep 0000 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join. b10 [isla <3]: ok Sunday 19th july 9:30pm GMT+8 confirmed
  4. Proposing Sunday 19th July 9:30pm GMT+8 Server: AFL
  5. gran_pro 8-3 to Cute Beast http://sizzlingstats.com/stats/389618 metaworks 4-0 to Cute Beast http://sizzlingstats.com/stats/389624 ggwp hobos used hedwig as merc
  6. Match confirmed on Sunday12th July 9pm GMT+8 Server: Trilogy
  7. Proposing tentative Friday 10th July 2015 9pm GMT+8
  8. Confirmed GG thanks for game
  9. cRp: Heyy, we can play our match on Sun 9pm gmt+8 kdd [isla <3]: alright sure, u guys can play on afl or shana? cRp: I want to play on trilo kdd [isla <3]: can give me IP? Ill check with my team and get back to you cRp: We have 100 ping on afl and shana cRp: I'll give you when i arrive at home kdd [isla <3]: okay Date and Time: Sunday 9pm GMT+8 confirmed Server: Tentative Trilogy Server, not confirmed yet
  10. Granary 4-3 to _9000 Gullywash 5-2 to _9000 GG, thanks a lot for being scrim buds and good luck for the rest of the cup
  11. EDIT: I think teejay u post on wrong thread. For the _9000 vs Homely Hobos match, match will still be at 5 April Sunday 9:30pm GMT+8 / 10:30pm GMT+9
  12. oppai: LOL b10 [Enju Aihara!] LF Tags: 26 b10 [Enju Aihara!] LF Tags: match can play on 4 April Saturday 9:30pm GMT+8 or 5 April Sunday 9:30pm GMT+8 b10 [Enju Aihara!] LF Tags: ? oppai: wait oppai: er oppai: 5 April Sunday 9:30pm GMT+8 Date and Time confirmed: 5 April Sunday 9:30pm GMT+8 Servers: AFL
  13. Process 5-0 to Homely Hobos http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/29611747686315595/254F9A22CB139AD3E1B85B84E17E07C753B2B58E/ Snakewater 5-0 to Homely Hobos http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/29611747686316007/2F67450FB8463B328FCADF01632CED2EC3B5CF20/ GG Thanks for Game
  14. shanek: beeoh shanek: tomorrow 9:30 shanek: oh and you wanna scrim toinght? b10 [Enju Aihara!] LF Tags: ok sure friday 27/3 930pm GMT+8, im assuming afl servers are fine haha shanek: ya ofc Date and Time confirmed: Friday 27/3 9:30pm GMT+8 Servers confirmed: AFL Servers