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  1. This is a friendly reminder to change your tag to "LOGANG" when going against a japanese nat'l team. Good luck in your games :)!

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  4. Im on mobile right now so ill format it when i get home but as title implies create a super div 3 team within the current season Indicate roles and class Pock scout: Aggro scout: Pocket: Roamer: Medic : Demo: My pick for best demoman div 3 is eclipse. Wait he's on div 2... oops
  5. The match will be played on Sunday 9:00AMPM (GMT+8)
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  7. How much is LERL(universalcerealbus) paying you for this?
  8. I made suggestions beforehand but I don't know if the admins even care about it so I'll put it here instead. Please read it. AFC12 ruleset is a hideous blot: https://asiafortress.com/index.php?/blogs/entry/36-afc12-ruleset-is-a-hideous-blot/ AFC Suggestive Ruleset [WIP] https://asiafortress.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5410-afc13-suggestive-rule-set-wip/#comment-40363
  9. Reserved for additional space.
  10. HISTORY EDIT LOG 10/5/17 - Addition of the AFC Suggestive rule set 10/5/17 - Edit Art I, Sec. 3
  11. Suggestive Rule set for AFC13 and onwards Authors Kachow [http://steamcommunity.com/id/whoisjulliane] referenced afcrules Definition of Terms Season - the entire duration of the tournament Playoffs - the final stage of the tournament. Qualifiers - the initial stage of the tournament. Article I: The Rules Above All Section 1. The administrative staff reserves the right to alter, change, and remove rules if deemed necessary. The alterations will take place immediately as soon as the rules has been modified in the rule website. Section 2. The administrative staff also has the right to make decisions under circumstances that are not specifically indicated in the rules. Section 3. In the event that a rule is invalid, misrepresented or unusable, the validity of all the remaining unaffected rules will remain and will still apply. Section 4. The administrative staff respects the confidentiality of its members during correspondence towards each other and information will not be allowed to leak outside the administrative staff. Section 5. In the occurrence that both opposing teams have entered into agreement, especially when it breaks AFC rules, the administrative staff will assume no agreement transpired and will judge accordingly through the rules. Article 2: Team Composition, Weapons and Map Win Conditions Section 1. Each team is required to have at least six (6) players in their roster during the season. Section 1.1. A minimum of six and maximum of ten total players, inclusive of team captains. Section 1.2. A maximum of one primary captain, maximum of two secondary captains. Captains are responsible for all aspects of team management, including but not limited to scheduling, attending matches, and liaising with AsiaFortress administration in the event of a dispute. The primary captain will be our main point of contact and the secondary captains will be contacted in the event they are uncontactable. Section 1.3. Rostered players must not be subject to an active AsiaFortress Cup ban. Section 1.4. Rostered captains must not be subject to an active AsiaFortress Cup captain ban. Section 1.5. Rostered players must have never received a VAC ban for Team Fortress 2. Section 1.6. All teams and rostered players must have appropriate names. If a name is deemed to be inappropriate, the team captain will be informed at the earliest convenience and be given until Division seeding is announced to submit a different name to the AsiaFortress administration. Should the team captain fail to do so within the given time frame, the AsiaFortress administration will select a different name at their own discretion. Section 1.7. Each player may only be on one team's roster. Section 2. During a match, each team must have four (4) players in their roster within a server and ready to play excluding mercenaries. Section 2.1. Mercenaries will be considered as players not in the roster of a team during a regular season. Section 2.1.1. Each team will be allowed the usage of eight (8) mercenaries throughout the full season. Section Each team can only utilise a maximum of two (2) mercenaries/mercs during the qualifiers. Section Each team can only utilise a maximum of one (1) mercenary/merc during the playoffs. Section 3. The following list will be the class limits for the season. As long as the team does not exceed the class limit, they are not breaking any rules 1 Heavy 1 Medic 1 Demoman 2 Soldiers 2 Scouts 1 Engineer 2 in every other class Section 4. All matches must follow the configuration and settings provided by the administrative staff which can be located HERE (no link yet) Section 5. The following are win conditions for all the different types of game modes. 5cp - The team with the higher amount of points wins or the team that exceeds the points of the enemy team by five (5). KOTH - The first team that wins four (4) points wins the round. Section 6. In the event that maps are differing in version, an admin must be called to judge if the match can still be played in the map. Section 7. AFC will follow the global whitelist which can be located HERE (no link). In no circumstances will any team be allowed to play with weapons listed in the global whitelist. Article 3: Scheduling and Servers Section 1. A match week is defined as the duration from Tuesday 00:00 (UTC+8) to Monday 23:59 (UTC+8). Section 2. The default schedule for matches for all division would be Friday 23:59 (UTC+8) of the match week. Section 2.1. Teams that cannot play in the proposed default schedule must communicate with the opposing team's team captain through the comments in their respective match thread and discuss other times that both team are available. Section 2.1.1. In the event that both teams cannot reach a conclusion or cooperation on schedules, both teams must play on the default schedule. Section 2.1.2. If both teams have not posted the results of the match with screenshot and logs, it will be considered as a loss for both teams. Section 3. The match schedules will be posted on Tuesday (UTC+8) of the match week Section 4. Once both teams have played, it is prudent for the winner of the match to post the match results in the match thread but the league allows anyone from the team to post match results with accompanying proof. Section 5. Disputes on match validity or proof must be given to the divisional admin that is within your division. Section 6. The server selected to be played on must have slots for nineteen (19) players. Section 7. Servers that are deemed unplayable by teams are only judged if the average ping difference between two teams is more than 80, the team may opt to contact an admin BEFORE the scheduled match with screenshots of the ping in question. It is under the jurisdiction of the admin to choose the server that would balance both teams. Article 4: Match Process Section 1. In order for the match to commence, each team must have four (4) players in their roster inside the server. Section 2. Teams must not use players that break the rules in Art. I, Sec. 1.1-1.7. Section 3. In the event that the enemy team does not have enough players or at least meet the number requirement inside the server for 15 minutes, the team must contact the division admin immediately. Section 4. Each team will have one (1) pause per map. Section 4.1. Pauses must not exceed five (5) minutes. Section 4.1.1. In the event that the pause time exceeds five (5) minutes, both teams are given the authority to unpause but the unpausing team must send a message that they are unpausing. Section 4.2. If all the pauses are utilised and a team wants to initiate a pause, permission must be given to pause by the enemy team. Section 4.2.1 Agreed/agreement pauses will be treated as a default pause and rules applying to it will still be applicable. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. THE RULES ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN REVISING THE SUGGESTIVE AFC RULE SET.
  12. My name is Kachow, Mememachine or ifun. I am a div 1 medic in AFC12. Why is Asiafortress' new ruleset a "hideous blot"? The AFC12 rule set is an indication of the entire administrative staff's negligence of the abuse and exploitation that may result from its lax creation. Compared to the old rule set, granted it was revised much more than the new one, it is more detailed and touches in many more varying factors and areas that may need reference in the regular occurrence of a tournament. I will try to dissect as much as I can with the little time I was provided by my circumstances but let's get on to the point. You can pause infinitely, as a technicality in the AFC12 Rule set I cannot quote anything here due to the AFC12 rule set lacking in pause rules. There are no areas in the ruleset that specifies the nature of pauses, how long it can be used and how many times it can be abused. As such, it brings it to my attention that this is a huge loophole that players may abuse/exploit. Despite the reports I've made and solution I've suggested, it has yet to be fixed. In what capacity does an admin have to be forced to change the rules? I was told by an admin, whom I refuse to name and is my friend, that it is not going to be abused and they cannot forsee any abuse that will be done. This is a shortsighted view by the administrative staff (I'm not saying it is their collective opinion but rather their negligent stance says otherwise). The abuse of the rule set is what must be called to force the admins to fix the aforementioned. What the administrative staff fails to realize is that the exploitation of the rules must not be the initiative force to create change but rather to prevent such exploitation to occur in the first place. Rules are set in place to protect AsiaFortress from trickery, cheating and whatever the administration deem punishable. In the AFC12 Rule set (as of 10/2/17) Lack of a server crash rule set It may seem I am nitpicking in this area but I believe that in the event that a server crashes, there must be a proceeding that must be followed. This is to avoid favouritism, inconsistency and etc. in the judgement of the administrative staff. Disclaimer: This is not a targeted attack on the admins but rather a call to action. Additional rule problems are going to be added later, I gotta go to school boyos.
  13. An Idiot's Guide to Main calling The Introduction Welcome onlookers and Jake Paulers to my guide to main calling. Firstly, let's defined what main calling is... Main calling a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation. the elected head of a republican state. (or in this case, a competitive 6's team.) The main caller is the brain of the team. He/she is the one that is responsible to the strategy or decisions that the team will eventually be forced to face as the situation arises. Main callers can severely be different from each other and even varying in number. Teams usually differ in selecting the main caller as members are reluctant to take such a commanding role, but I assure you, being a main caller is not as what you purport it to be. The main caller position can be both complex and simple depending on how your team dynamic is structured. Main callers are not also limited to the leaders of the team, main callers can be the most invisible person when it comes to scheduling or even any of your players. Let us assess first the types of main caller/s that a team may possess. The Types of Main Calling Dictator/Overlord A dictator/overlord kind of ruler is what'd you expect. The team delegates the leadership role to the main caller and only to the main caller. He is the one that calls the strategies and offensive maneuverability of the team, but that is what this type of main calling's achilles heel: the main caller. The team's strategy and capability can only revolve around the leader and with this, tactical miscalculations that could've been easily prevented by a counter call by another teammate would have never happened. Of course it is easy to say that a member of the team would simply call off the entire push but how would that affect the team? The team would simply be in tatters trying to provide support to both callers: the main caller who proposes a disastrous offensive and the member who would like to retreat. Either way, the team would be separated in actions and would leave the team outnumbered and divided. In competitive 6's, you have only have 5 units to control. Losing 2 units in TF2 (explanation: In theory, a 4v6 would always end badly for the outnumbered team) would only cripple your team and it takes a simple opposing call from another player to weaken your force. The only way you can circumvent this is to agree beforehand that you are the one that they will only follow. Monarchical/Kingship/Queenship It is similar to the dictator/overlord type but it differs in how it treats its members. The members in a monarchical command can offer strategy/ideas and pushes, if and only if, the main caller approves of it. The main caller has the same power of the dictator/overlord but recognizes the intelligence of his/her team and trusts their judgement to a certain degree. This is the type of main calling that I'd like to call suggestive main calling. It is a style of leadership where the upper echelons gather information from the bottom and assess its viability. As such, this is the job of monarchical main callers. They are the end all be all of the team and no suggestion would come to fruition of the main caller would not allow it. It definitely improves upon the dictator/overlord theory on how the strategy and the calculations would be better due to different people having varying outlooks on how to approach the situation; however, this is also one of its weakness. Due to the varying number of opinions, a passive/doubtful/indecisive leader would simply stall or take too much time calling strategies. In competitive 6's, time is of the essence and it is not as abundant as the number of arrows your medic missed while you're standing still. Aristocracy/Aristocratic You have two or three main callers, this in theory would be better in leading the team but becomes a logistical nightmare in game. In TF2, several players would act on different motivations in several different ways. Say you are 2v5'ing and you have an uber advantage against the enemy team of 30% (You basically have uber). You are alone with your pocket medic and you are a soldier. You have gunboats and a full clip of rockets. The enemy is chasing you and approaching fast, the question becomes will you go for the offensive or defensive? Some would say that they would rather fight, kill the medic and retreat; but others would not stop there, they would still attack the other 4 in hopes of equalizing the number disadvantage as they are scattered across the bomb avoiding the invulnerable combo. This is the main problem, the variety in solving TF2 is numerous and in these happen in seconds. Having multiple main callers would be detrimental to your team as they would be forced to call and options would only confuse the remaining players. They would not know who to follow like an ant who has lost its way to its colony. Motivational Who is this leader and why is he so noisy? This leader is the morale booster of the group, he does not really take a high command on strategy but rather on emotional factors. TF2 is essentially very stressful and demotivating if losing. Some would say that this leader is essentially useless but I'd digress. This main caller simply is unfazed by all of his surroundings and is the most calm/consistent player of the group. This leader is the guy that rises the morale of the team for you guys to fight longer. In war, it is common to see routings (disorganized retreat) made by armies disheartened/demotivated to fight. This is why the motivational main caller is such an important type of main calling. Republic I mean, coming from its name, its members have a say in matters but have different abilities. In theory, this type is where it follows three branches of its main calling. You can diversify and create more branches but that is up to you. It is the offensive, defensive and judicial branch. As a general rule, it should only be delegated to three people. The offensive branch would take the most active role as they would call the strategies for attack and where the attack will originate from. The defensive branch is in charge of escape/retreat. The judicial branch exists only to tell the final call, if and only if, both branches oppose each other; otherwise, they would not act. This is definitely a more structured approach since once the offensive has been called, retreat cannot be called by the front lines. The main caller included in the defensive branch would simply wait for the opportunity to speak if the battle has gone out for too long and it is not going to their favour. On the chance that both would call for attack and retreat at the same time, the judicial branch would merely scream, "MARCH YOU FUCKING LOSERS" or "WHAT THE FUCK, ARE YOU RETARDED? GET OUT" Mobocracy All 6 of you are the main callers, you care fuck all of the strategies and would like to destroy your team cohesion in an instant. If you would like your team to die, this is the route to choose. This is the best type of main calling that literally involves all six of you screaming at each other trying to project your ideas. If you pick this, I sincerely wish your team to die. Main calling is complex subject to touch on because all teams have players that others do not. They all have this certain characteristic of individuality that makes each team special. In adopting these styles/types of main calling, it is advisable to not be limited by these and try to find a type that fits for your team. *continuation coming up because im bored*
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