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    im trash at pugs and mge.

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  1. n4ver


    I don't
  2. n4ver

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    I would disagree on the 4th place winnings. If a team gets to 4th it means that they got to playoffs without winning a single BO3. Implying that the only wins they got were against lower skilled teams that were of the same division.
  3. n4ver

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    I personally feel that rostered members should atleast play 1 match to receive their badges, as well as limiting the roster size to 8 players. This is to encourage people to actively play in the league instead of roster riding playoff teams. Playing against 2 pyros on salvage last holds is frustrating to play against and feels pretty cheap to use. flame particles clutter the screen which lowers frames even on high end PCs. Pyro should be reduced to 1. Player transfers from a higher division team to a lower division team should be heavily discouraged as to prevent sandbagging; which can be seen through the disbanding of 3 division 2 teams during the season and having "higher tiered players" influencing how the lower tier divisions pan out. Controversial opinions but this is what i think. Also close div 1 and 2 challonge brackets
  4. n4ver

    Round 6: A%% vs Game Over

    A%% win product 3 - 0 http://logs.tf/1966499 A%% win reckoner 5 - 0 http://logs.tf/1966519 No mercenaries used by both sides. Lego subbed in for GO6 when one of their players lagged out. Veron subbed in for A%% when one of our players lagged out. posting match scores because demera is offline. ggs
  5. n4ver


  6. n4ver

    LFT Scout

    arent u that guy that played video games
  7. n4ver

    Asia Fortress Cup 13: Conclusion

    grade A meme my dude
  8. n4ver

    Toxic community

    what atoxic cdommunity
  9. why are we using reckoner and not general
  10. Replace reckoner with sunshine Have a 4th division between 2 and 3 for top div 3 teams. This will help lower the skill difference between the bottom and top of div 3