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  1. An Idiot's Guide to Main calling The Introduction Welcome onlookers and Jake Paulers to my guide to main calling. Firstly, let's defined what main calling is... Main calling a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation. the elected head of a republican state. (or in this case, a competitive 6's team.) The main caller is the brain of the team. He/she is the one that is responsible to the strategy or decisions that the team will eventually be forced to face as the situation arises. Main callers can severely be different from each other and even varying in number. Teams usually differ in selecting the main caller as members are reluctant to take such a commanding role, but I assure you, being a main caller is not as what you purport it to be. The main caller position can be both complex and simple depending on how your team dynamic is structured. Main callers are not also limited to the leaders of the team, main callers can be the most invisible person when it comes to scheduling or even any of your players. Let us assess first the types of main caller/s that a team may possess. The Types of Main Calling Dictator/Overlord A dictator/overlord kind of ruler is what'd you expect. The team delegates the leadership role to the main caller and only to the main caller. He is the one that calls the strategies and offensive maneuverability of the team, but that is what this type of main calling's achilles heel: the main caller. The team's strategy and capability can only revolve around the leader and with this, tactical miscalculations that could've been easily prevented by a counter call by another teammate would have never happened. Of course it is easy to say that a member of the team would simply call off the entire push but how would that affect the team? The team would simply be in tatters trying to provide support to both callers: the main caller who proposes a disastrous offensive and the member who would like to retreat. Either way, the team would be separated in actions and would leave the team outnumbered and divided. In competitive 6's, you have only have 5 units to control. Losing 2 units in TF2 (explanation: In theory, a 4v6 would always end badly for the outnumbered team) would only cripple your team and it takes a simple opposing call from another player to weaken your force. The only way you can circumvent this is to agree beforehand that you are the one that they will only follow. Monarchical/Kingship/Queenship It is similar to the dictator/overlord type but it differs in how it treats its members. The members in a monarchical command can offer strategy/ideas and pushes, if and only if, the main caller approves of it. The main caller has the same power of the dictator/overlord but recognizes the intelligence of his/her team and trusts their judgement to a certain degree. This is the type of main calling that I'd like to call suggestive main calling. It is a style of leadership where the upper echelons gather information from the bottom and assess its viability. As such, this is the job of monarchical main callers. They are the end all be all of the team and no suggestion would come to fruition of the main caller would not allow it. It definitely improves upon the dictator/overlord theory on how the strategy and the calculations would be better due to different people having varying outlooks on how to approach the situation; however, this is also one of its weakness. Due to the varying number of opinions, a passive/doubtful/indecisive leader would simply stall or take too much time calling strategies. In competitive 6's, time is of the essence and it is not as abundant as the number of arrows your medic missed while you're standing still. Aristocracy/Aristocratic You have two or three main callers, this in theory would be better in leading the team but becomes a logistical nightmare in game. In TF2, several players would act on different motivations in several different ways. Say you are 2v5'ing and you have an uber advantage against the enemy team of 30% (You basically have uber). You are alone with your pocket medic and you are a soldier. You have gunboats and a full clip of rockets. The enemy is chasing you and approaching fast, the question becomes will you go for the offensive or defensive? Some would say that they would rather fight, kill the medic and retreat; but others would not stop there, they would still attack the other 4 in hopes of equalizing the number disadvantage as they are scattered across the bomb avoiding the invulnerable combo. This is the main problem, the variety in solving TF2 is numerous and in these happen in seconds. Having multiple main callers would be detrimental to your team as they would be forced to call and options would only confuse the remaining players. They would not know who to follow like an ant who has lost its way to its colony. Motivational Who is this leader and why is he so noisy? This leader is the morale booster of the group, he does not really take a high command on strategy but rather on emotional factors. TF2 is essentially very stressful and demotivating if losing. Some would say that this leader is essentially useless but I'd digress. This main caller simply is unfazed by all of his surroundings and is the most calm/consistent player of the group. This leader is the guy that rises the morale of the team for you guys to fight longer. In war, it is common to see routings (disorganized retreat) made by armies disheartened/demotivated to fight. This is why the motivational main caller is such an important type of main calling. Republic I mean, coming from its name, its members have a say in matters but have different abilities. In theory, this type is where it follows three branches of its main calling. You can diversify and create more branches but that is up to you. It is the offensive, defensive and judicial branch. As a general rule, it should only be delegated to three people. The offensive branch would take the most active role as they would call the strategies for attack and where the attack will originate from. The defensive branch is in charge of escape/retreat. The judicial branch exists only to tell the final call, if and only if, both branches oppose each other; otherwise, they would not act. This is definitely a more structured approach since once the offensive has been called, retreat cannot be called by the front lines. The main caller included in the defensive branch would simply wait for the opportunity to speak if the battle has gone out for too long and it is not going to their favour. On the chance that both would call for attack and retreat at the same time, the judicial branch would merely scream, "MARCH YOU FUCKING LOSERS" or "WHAT THE FUCK, ARE YOU RETARDED? GET OUT" Mobocracy All 6 of you are the main callers, you care fuck all of the strategies and would like to destroy your team cohesion in an instant. If you would like your team to die, this is the route to choose. This is the best type of main calling that literally involves all six of you screaming at each other trying to project your ideas. If you pick this, I sincerely wish your team to die. Main calling is complex subject to touch on because all teams have players that others do not. They all have this certain characteristic of individuality that makes each team special. In adopting these styles/types of main calling, it is advisable to not be limited by these and try to find a type that fits for your team. *continuation coming up because im bored*
  2. what did you say about my boys
  3. fucking ancient post
  4. i am going to kill you.
  5. Sup boys, I'm making a meme frag movie. What I'm accepting is clips from all divisions... PUGS (If and only if the clip is fucking lit yo) Scrims Matches (pls tell me if its casted) Failures (e.g missing 25 shots on a standing still medic as sniper in a div 3 4v6 mix in a casual server) Send your clips to this email : [email protected] Format: Link : (demo link or attach it to the email) Name : Team Name : Tick : Description : (describe it briefly pls) oh btw here's the trailer sorry just gotta get some fuel for the meme war that will commence.
  6. calling it right now kachow fan club will die because they all died to a car crash.
  7. 24 teams in div 3? are you fucking joking me.


    this is the greatest season of afc.

  8. inb4 only 3 div 1 teams join and we force div 2 players to play in div 1.



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  9. tfw reckoner isn't removed.
  10. looking

    I don't exactly think that advertising yourself as a shit player would help you in your future endeavours in finding a team.
  11. DISCLAIMER: The respective admins of AsiaFortress have the right to change the rules to the AFC regular season (although they should put it in the rules but this is why i'm here so yeah xd) Recently, I have noticed the Division 1 Match (AFC11) between BBQ and BBT that BBQ has used two postpones(or it looked like it from their comment on the match thread). This made me question the rule stated in section 3E. Now this certainly was alarming to me. Under taking consideration the two postponements of BBQ, I realized that if the rules were clarified/enforced (depends on how you look at it) more, the match between TDi and CtZ wouldn't have been so disastrous. TDi losing their main caller and their roamer, they believed that they were forced to play the game without the chance to postpone and I wouldn't blame them. At first glance, it is certainly one postpone for the entire season... or is it? My Main Qualms with the Rules It is not explained in detail. Since AFC follows two tournament types per season, it is unknown to what extent these rules can still apply. Some of the rules can easily be exploited. Here is a rule stated in 4J. This is an example of another ambiguous rule. Case and point, the phrase "exhibit technical issues". Clearly exhibiting technical issues that inhibit their gameplay, it seems like a logical rule but once you notice that the only way to do that is to actually FPS or Internet lag. I want to provide a viable solution/suggestion to this rule. It being this... Anyway, it's late and I will fix this sentence maybe tommorow but here are its' main improvements... Pauses are made to aid the teams that utilize them, that is why they need to have the power to determine when and what to pause on. The pauses are not going to be exploited because the moment the pause exceeds four minutes, both teams have the power to unpause. Overall, I believe that limiting pauses for VISIBLE technical difficulties would be a huge mistake since pauses are made to ensure that the quality of the game is to be maintained consistently and as fairly. There are many gameplay inhibitions that exist in the gaming world, that is why limiting the acceptance/tolerance to pause through only two reasons is absolutely mind boggling to me. Next is the rule in 4C. I know it's a nitpick but I believe that we need to explain or clarify what we mean by mercenaries here. For experienced/old players, it might seem obvious but definitely new players still mistake mercenaries/mercs' original meaning. The rules are here to clarify things, not to put even more fog in the mix. The next on the agenda is the rule in 4IC. The least fleshed out rule in my opinion, reason being, that there is no golden cap configs/specifications. I am under the impression that both Shana and AsiaFortress (main servers being played on AFC) have a config specifically designed for Golden Cap (If there is, then I stand corrected). It is imperative to have configs designed for this because what most teams usually do is run the Golden Cap with another normal/default AFC config. The problem occurs is when the whole 30 minute mark comes down and the game ends. If the enemy team capped four points, do they have to reset? What if the enemy team was pushing last and was about to win then suddenly the timer ran out? I think the best solution for this is by adding another rule. It's 2:37 AM in the morning right now and I'm ready to discuss this in the comments below. Also, I'll add more tomorrow or later. I can't do it now because I'm tired. EDIT LOG 5/1/17 Clarified the situation of BBQ using two postpones 5/1/17 Added a disclaimer 5/1/17 Changed "forfeit" to "postpone" 5/1/17 Added the Edit Log 4/30/17 Fixed spelling mistakes
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  15. teejay come to exp mentorship, you need to join.

  16. tfw the succ is too much.

    the fucc is too stronk.

    the ban is too cronk.

  17. feeling banned

  18. Please help me become an ingame god xddd just kidding, i'd like to be a peasant forever.
  19. Team Feminmeninists has forfeited Reason : Not enough players are online or ready to play within his roster.
  20. Team Varrain has forfeited. Reason : His team was incomplete and was forced to forfeit.
  21. If I have possible players to add to my team, where should I put these additional requests?
  22. Recruiting

    Hey. I need each of the classes listed on the title. I would also appreciate if he/she has any experience being with a team. Please add me for more information. ifun http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030880491/ Don't be shy, I don't bite. -UPDATE- The only available slots are.. -2 SCOUT [sUBSTITUTE] -POCKET [sUBSTITUTE] -ROAMER [sUBSTITUTE] -DEMO [sUBSTITUTE]
  23. Hello, my name is ifun. What I main is soldier and engineer, I decided to get involved in AFL pugs because some say it's a different experience from the other pug servers I've been to. Well, as I said before, hello and nice to be in this community. [sorry for the double post, my internet was failing. Will delete asap, if I figure out how to do it]