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  1. lerl newmouse (Score:20) defeats Rising26 (Score:0) in duel to 20 on Blands Mid 
  2. Tf2 wins process 2-5 http://logs.tf/1846597#76561198098626589 tf2 wins gully 1-2 http://logs.tf/1846634#76561198098626589 tf2 wins badlands 2-3 http://logs.tf/1846660#76561198098626589 g g g
  3. 7:08 PM - Hopps: we forfeit 7:08 PM - Hopps: gg GG
  4. Process 3-5 This Team wins http://logs.tf/1820821#76561198098626589 Granary 3-3 Draw http://logs.tf/1820854#76561198098626589 (This game was 30 minutes the multiple pauses somehow messed it up) Granary Golden Cap Supa Strikas wins http://logs.tf/1820888#76561198098626589 Gullywash 1-5 Supa Strikas wins http://logs.tf/1820895#76561198098626589 (This game also should be 30 minutes) Supa Strikas wins GG
  5. Ya confirmed tomorrow 10:30
  6. TENTATIVE 10:30 Thursday 9:12 AM - lerl: ok 11:47 AM - noob noob: 10.30pm 12:59 PM - noob noob: Yeah. So we can confirm best time for my team is thursday (tomorrow) 10.30pm. Friday saturday and sunday is not good for us this week 6:22 PM - lerl: awaiting 1 more guys response SS bans Badlands TT bans Snakewater Order is confirmed to be Process Granary Gullywash
  7. Product 4-3 in favor of Supa Strikas http://logs.tf/1805620#76561198098626589 Process 5-0 in favor of Supa Strikas http://logs.tf/1805642#76561198098626589
  8. Gullywash 5-2 in favor of Supa Strikas http://logs.tf/1802899#76561198098626589 Snakewater 5-4 in favor of Supa Strikas http://logs.tf/1802918#76561198098626589
  9. 5:59 PM - lerl: ok 5:59 PM - lerl: we can play tomorrow thursday 9pm gmt +8 6:01 PM - lerl: can you guys play? 6:02 PM - hikoku: ya 6:03 PM - lerl: ok 6:03 PM - lerl: we can use hatena btw 6:03 PM - lerl: for the match 6:03 PM - lerl: tom is match right? 6:04 PM - hikoku: yes Match confirmed for thursday Aug 10 9pm gmt +8
  10. Badlands 2-2 Tie http://logs.tf/1785993#76561198098626589 Snakewater 6-2 Supa Strikas win http://logs.tf/1786025#76561198098626589
  11. Name: LERL Team Name: Supa Strikas Team Playing Against: Team Fortress 2 Server Area (SG/HK): SG Server # (0/1/2/3/4/5): 3 Booking Start Time: 10pm gmt +8 friday july 13 Booking End Time: 12pm gmt +8 friday july 14 Any Remarks: wew
  12. Match to be played tomorrow at friday 10 pm gmt +8
  13. SUPA ... STRIKAS

  14. Ever since Nasi Ayam Babi achieved 6th place in Division 3 under the team "what the fam!", I have always dreamt of playing alongside him. The first time I PUGged with him, I began to silently ridicule his gamer tag, telling myself he was an idiot for naming himself after a food. As soon as the PUG commenced, however, I was at. Loss for words at the seemingly limitless aptitude he possessed within his control. With every situation, whether it be disadvantage or advantage, 2 down or 2 up, he would always act with aplomb and confidence. Directly after the PUG, I added him on Steam, telling him that I wanted to trade, but secretly hid my true agenda. As soon as I had the chance to get to know him more, I arranged a meet-up with him in Singapore along with a bunch of other nerds. As soon as I met him at the rendezvous area, I was astounded at how well-groomed he kept his hair. It was a beautiful clump of black cranial wheat fields that branched out towards three different directions. Even up till now, I still stay up at night, thinking about that wonderful hair. I really hope he joins my team.